Russian hacker gang robbed Russian banks with over one million hacked Android phones

“On Monday, Russian officials announced a successful series of raids against a hacking gang who plotted to rob banks around the world,” Alfred Ng reports for CNET. “The gang, named after their malware ‘Cron,’ infected more than a million Android phones in Russia and stole more than 50 million rubles (roughly $892,000, £685,412, AU$1.2 million) from bank customers, according to the Russian Interior Ministry.”

“Russian hackers have made headlines in recent months,” Ng reports. “In March, it was revealed that Russian spies were involved in the historic breach of 1.5 billion Yahoo accounts, and the US continues to investigate Russian hackers’ interference with the 2016 presidential election. This latest arrest is a reminder that Russian citizens also have to deal with hacks from their home country.”

“Cron, the Android-based malware, took over a person’s phone, allowing thieves to send text messages to the victims’ bank and ask for it to transfer an average $140 per victim, according to Russian cybersecurity firm Group-IB. The virus would then hide any incoming notification from the banks on the infected phones,” Ng reports. “With more than 2 billion devices in the world and fragmented updates for security, Android users were a prime target, Group-IB said.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TJ” for the heads up.]


  1. “The Russians did it!” – Democrat operatives

    Translation: We forced a historically bad candidate into the nomination via backroom deals, epically miscalculated public sentiment, took crucial states for granted, overlooked the voters’ appetite for more years of crooked Clinton escapades, and lost because of it. So, instead of taking sober stock of what happened and setting about fixing our party’s issues, like the Republicans would do (and did), we just invented an excuse, blaming it on “The Russians,” so we can still try to get jobs running campaigns (into the ground) for years to come!

    1. Obama is a neolib maniac who has expanded the number of illegal wars waged, carried out illegal totalitarian executions of the citizens of the USA without trial, persecuted journalists more than all previous presidents, combined, greatly expanded illegal drone program, as well as Orwellian spying powers of the Deep State.

      And, of course, Obama has supported right-wing/neo-Nazist/Wahhabi-Salafi-terrorist regime change coups and proxy wars in Honduras, Libya, Ukraine and in Syria.

      Hillary has promised all of that, but even more hawkish. Trump has given up to the pressure of the Deep State in just few months and has resumed the program to fund and train Wahhabi/Salafi terrorists in Syria as a tool to overthrow the secular non-sectarian government there as it benefits Saudis, Qatar, Israel and Turkey.

      1. Oh, if only we could have some fine, ethical and noble president like — ummm — Steve Bannon or — Rush Limbaugh. Maybe Kid Rock. Yehhh. Awesome.

  2. All those affected appear to have downloaded the Cron embedded apps from 3rd party sites and installed ‘fake’ apps. Those novice enough to never turn on “access 3rd party” app stores appear to be unaffected.

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