Microsoft faulted over massive ransomware cyberattack

“There’s a blame game brewing over who’s responsible for the massive cyberattack that infected hundreds of thousands of computers,” Dina Bass reports for Bloomberg. “Microsoft Corp. is pointing its finger at the U.S. government, while some experts say the software giant is accountable too.”

“The attack started Friday and has affected computers in more than 150 countries, including severe disruptions at Britain’s National Health Service. The hack used a technique purportedly stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency to target Microsoft’s Windows operating system,” Bass reports. “It effectively takes the computer hostage and demands a $300 ransom, to be paid in 72 hours with bitcoin.”

“Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith blamed the NSA’s practice of developing hacking methods to use against the U.S. government’s own enemies. The problem is that once those vulnerabilities become public, they can be used by others,” Bass reports. “In 2014, Microsoft ended support for the highly popular Windows XP… Security patches would be available for clients with older machines, but only if they paid for custom support agreements.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Pay a ransom to the feckless Microsoft or pay a ransom to hackers or finally smarten up, stop paying The Microsoft Tax, and get a Mac.

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  1. The main problem is a computer industry that relies on one OS provider to do everything.

    If it were Mac, we’d be having the same issues.

    The solution is to stop relying on one manufacturers OS to run everything.

    1. There are at least 3 problems:

      1. Microsoft OS & Microsoft Apps

      2. Third party PC makers who don’t care after the sale.

      3. CIA/NSA software vulnerability leaks

  2. Microsofts failure to secure their OS, historically, has a cost that is in the trillions. They only began to take sercurity seriously beginning with Win 7. Windows was not originally designed to be on a public broad network. They didn’t care. When you couldn’t even plug a PC into a network without being instantly infected (90’s-nearly 2010), they didn’t care.

  3. MSNBC reports: According to an unnamed White House official, President Trump, in clandestine texts with Vladimir Putin, has staged this massive internet blackmail scheme to finance their “Moscow Golf & Country Club” project in Red Square.

    The Kremlin and the White House have had no comment.

    “Evidence has surfaced that the upcoming presidential trip abroad is an attempt to deflect from our investigation,” New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer suggested Tuesday. The senator added, “The optics and timing of his trip are troubling.” Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) added, “Stay woke, muhfuh’s, stay woke.”

  4. some reality.. not their fault, the OS is clearly marked as unsupported.. if people didn’t want to move on, its not M$’s fault.

    what is a flaw in osx 10.1 was discovered that did the same thing? not apples fault now, only the idiots still running 10.2

    1. Once Microsoft was aware of the vulnerability in the software THEY wrote, old or new, why wouldn’t it be their responsibility to at least provide a patch? I’m not talking new features or better, faster drivers, I’m saying it’s software they wrote with a huge vulnerability. Shouldn’t have to pay for this, either.

    1. Probably they figured a lower sum makes more victims likely to just give up and pay because it’s not a bank breaking sum. People just want it over with and to be done with it and in operation again without data loss for “only” $300—businesses just fold and do it.

  5. Let’s blame gun manufacturers for making guns that people can use to kill – people. Blame the Chinese for gunpowder.

    There. Microsoft makes software with a flaw. Actually it was the NSA that found the flaw. North Korea turned it into a gun and the script kiddies pulled the trigger. So yes Microsoft is about on par as Winchester.

    Just another perspective for the immature. Oh and yes Trump was spilling secrets to prove a point and then said, he meant to do it. He’s a stick of lit dynamite. And the pervs, I mean the people too ignorant to understand the complexities of the world, thought that voting in “any” outsider was better than a woman tangled in a web of strings. Ha ha you lose. We all lose. We are losers anyone who lives within our borders. Our lives will be hell.

    Where’s my hand basket?


      1. Fine, if you say Trump is a warrior, okay, go on with that assumption.

        What side is he fighting for?

        The only ones to benefit in any way seem to be his immediate family members, grifters, and the usual DC swamp creatures.

        1. Oh don’t worry, Trump will deploy his usual smoke and mirrors to make up ludicrous reasons for his immature actions.

          Reporter: “what happened?”
          Trump: “whatever your sources say happen did not happen. Its fake. Its a lie.”
          Spicer:”The president believes that what happened has the backing of a lot of citizens. I have now answered all of your questions.”
          Conway:”who do you think you are asking what the president does? That’s inappropriate!”
          Trump: “well of course i did it. As president i can do whatever I want. I am acting great.”
          Pence:”The reports of what the president did are not accurate.”
          Reporter: “could you please then give us an accurate account of what happened?”
          Trump:”since i shoot first and think later, my administration cannot possibly give you perfect answers of what happens”
          Staffer:”He told me to write it”
          Comey (under sworn testimony): i was ordered to stop investiating the many ties to Russia or resign.”
          Russian ambassador: “the dumbass brags about what great intelligence he receives, tells us all of it, and then decides not to use the information to make any decisions.”
          Trump: “Squirrel!!!!”

      2. What little you know. I’d be a great companion in a foxhole. The issue, don’t find it necessary to be in one. I am responding to hypocrisy and people’s unwillingness to see it. Protect 2nd Amendment, which is okay, but slam Microsoft. Exploits are munitions too and it’s use is good for intelligence gathering. ” Fishing with dynamite,” as the NSA put it. My judgment is not against the “things” we create, but at the vitriol that is tossed about these pages without any consideration it deep thought at all. Then I take it one step further and suggest that this mentality didn’t bring about a great leader, but a man child who can’t function at any level. He has to be “watched” by his own people to “save” the rest of us, that’s you and me. It’s ridiculous. It’s a naked king who knows nothing outside of 5 feet from his own fat tummy.

        Botvinnik, I actually like you, but I am sick and tired of this affaire. I am looking forward to a nice resignation speech. If not that, a nice impeachment and whatever comes after that. I suggest a re-election.

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