Samsung under fire: Galaxy S8 owners angry over ‘red tint’ display problems

According to a pair of Korean tech site reports today, ‘Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S8 is facing complaints from some customers who say the display panels of their new phones have a reddish tint. The problem may be caused by the color balance of organic light-emitting diode panels,'” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“The report further notes that ‘Some customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy S8 wrote on online communities that their new phones have a reddish screen that did not improve even after correcting color display settings,'” Purcher reports.

“Unlike LCD smartphone panels using three subpixels — red, green and blue — the Galaxy S8’s OLED panel uses two subpixels — red-green and blue-green. This may pose the risk of having a color balance problem because there are two greens,” Purcher reports. “Therefore, Samsung developed deep red OLEDs to strengthen the color and the reddish tint might have resulted due to the new process.”

Samsung under fire for Galaxy S8's reddish display panel flaws
Samsung under fire for Galaxy S8’s reddish display panel flaws

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MacDailyNews Take: You sure they’re just not catching on fire?


Don’t be stupid. Don’t waste your money. If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

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  1. So much for OLEDs being the bees knees of screens as some would bleed endlessly. If even Samsung feels they have to fiddle to compensate for inate inaccuracies in the design to make them ‘better’ to the eye then it seems there’s a lot of development still needed.

  2. LOL, So all that samsung’s design department does it to watch for the next iPhone rumor and implement all that in hope they beat apple to the market with some new feature?
    When are people going to learn? If apple has not implemented something is because it is not ready for mass market, not because they did not think about it first.

  3. Wow. You guys are clueless aren’t ya? You do know where Apple will be getting displays for the Oled iPhones correct? Lol. And don’t tell me about Apple quality control after I went through 4 iPad Air 2’s before getting one that didn’t have monstrous light bleed.

    On another note, oled is the bees knees. I have a tab s3 and any color or tint issue can be adjusted with the built in temp control. This way you can have the tone you want. Companies other then Apple let you mess with that. My iPhone 6 that I’m writing this on has an unnatural cool/blue tint that I can only change by enabling night mode and getting an unnaturally yellow tint lol. Pssh.

  4. Wouldn’t that be something if they exploded as well! I would hope that they tested the heck out of it, but another site said the battery looks virtually the same!

  5. Maybe Samsung fixed that explosion/fire problem and made it so the Galaxy S8 has a hotplate feature. Thus the nice warm pink glow. Put your coffee cup on your Galaxy phone and keep your drink piping hot!

  6. This will probably blow over just as fast as the iPhone tint problem some had due to solvents used for manufacturing the display. Problem went away a few weeks later when the solvent dissipated.

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