It’s just plain old iPad, and it’s cheap – starting at just $329!

“We’ve had the Pro, the Mini and the Air,” Jessica Van Sack reports for The Boston Herald. “But this new tablet is simple called iPad.”

“Starting at $329 for the 32-GB Wi-Fi-only version and going up to $559 for the 128 GB, Wi-Fi + LTE model, this is the best deal Apple has had in years,” Van Sack reports. “It’s got a fast A9 processing chip for graphics and games, touch ID fingerprint sensor and access to over a million apps. It’s light and thin, at just 7.5 mm deep.”

Van Sack reports, “This is now the best entry-level tablet on the market but make no mistake: The most exciting thing about the new iPad is the price.”

Apple's new 9.7-inch iPad, starting at just $329
Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad, starting at just $329

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s the iPad for everyman and everywoman and it’ll fly off the shelves!

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  1. It’s a fantastic value, but I still have my doubts that the majority of people are doing anything more than content consumption/ light web browsing/ light gaming with them. And for that it would seem that the iPad Air 1 is plenty.

  2. I won’t change, neither buy a new iPad till the day i get access to the file system or any ersatz alternative.
    And please DO NOT mention iCloud.
    On my epitaph it will be written “I’ve never been in the cloud… Currently in the sky, didn pass by any cloud!”

  3. My 2nd get iPad died a peaceful death last November. I used it for email web browsing when on the road and games all the time. I decided way back then to wait for the new models I believed would be launched in March.

    My new iPad, at $329, is way more powerful than my 2nd gen, and feels like half the weight. June quarter units are likely to increase YoY, but revenue/ASPs will decline.

    Glad I waited.

  4. Hardly “cheap.” My daughter’s Kindle Fire 7″ was cheap at $36 two Black Fridays ago, and it’s still going strong. As much as I loved my iPad when I had one at work, this Kindle Fire comes with far superior parental controls, and I could buy 9 of them for the price of this new “cheap” iPad. Guess which way I am leaning? Still have iPhone, Macs, etc. so don’t write me off yet, but maybe soon. Chromebooks are taking over schools from iPads, and I also have seen that light– Apple is not keeping up.

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