David Gewirtz: I’m calling it. No spring Apple event this year

“In the past ten years, Apple has only held two product launch events in April. The most recent was seven years ago,” David Gewirtz writes for ZDNet. “While there’s still a statistical chance, based on Apple’s history of launch events, that it will hold a spring event this year, it’s now vanishingly small. Apple has only once, ever, announced a spring Apple event after April 1.”

“Based on my analysis, then, I’m calling it,” Gewirtz writes. “Don’t expect a big product announcement event this spring. It ain’t happening. Of course, I’m basing my statements solely on a relatively finite data set, and Apple can do whatever it wants, so I could be wrong. That said, those of you hoping desperately for a new, big announcement to fill in the gaps in Apple’s product line will probably be terribly disappointed.”

“Apple has announced products solely by press release before, most notably for the 21.5-inch 4K iMac introduced in October of 2015. So there’s still a chance for those of you hoping that Apple will not bequeath the entire commercial desktop computing business to Microsoft through its apparent apathy or unwillingness to update its Mac product line,” Gewirtz writes. “…Those of us who use Apple products for more than playing casual games and emoting emojis have a lot to be concerned about.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Behold the sheer power of what Steve Jobs built! It can power along like a tremendous machine, rolling up record sales and profits, even while misfiring on virtually all cylinders as its caretakers seemingly just sit around.

Here’s hoping Tim Cook et al. decide to wake up, roll out of bed, and GTF back to work soon!

(That said, here’s hoping we see special event invites this week!)

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  1. I contend WWDC will preview a revolutionary transition in Apple products — something that affects every product, perhaps associated with AR or cross-product functionality.

    If it’s not that it’s the transition in Apple Park.

    1. I don’t expect any new Macs *at* WWDC either.

      Apple exceedingly rarely announces new Macs at WWDC and when they do it is usually a technology preview of something that will ship in many months (like the Mac Pro in 2013).

      WWDC is a developer’s conference primarily and a software conference secondarily. Hardware is an afterthought at WWDC.

  2. All that cash and bonuses won’t spend itself. I suspect most of the management team is busy spending the millions Steve Jobs made them all…

  3. As usual, MDN is as twitchy as a teenager on a caffeine binge. As long as you’ve been following this company and you haven’t learned that Apple doesn’t adhere to your schedule? Do you honestly think for a second that because Apple isn’t throwing an event according to the tech press’s assumed Apple cadence, they’re just sitting on their hands doing absolutely nothing? Consider that they’ve got several massive milestones in the next couple of months – WWDC and the opening of Apple Park. They’ve proven time and time again that they do things their way, when they’re ready to do them. They have no need to rush an announcement right now. They’ll tell their story when, where and how they want to tell it.

    1. Apple needs to improve it’s customer treatment. Many use multiple Apple devices, and many endure challenges to their heritage for being Apple Fanboi’s. (Yes we can handle that). What we don’t like is having buyers remorse. Apple is suppose to be selling premium products to premium customers, except that significant portions of their products no longer meet the criteria for being premium products. Once these folks move to other products then there goes much of the stickiness of the Apple experience. My 2011 iMac needs replaced, if I have to go windows 10, there will be no upgrade to iPad or Apple TV. Rest assured, I’ll not pay iMac price for 2 year old system.

  4. Once I laid off the coffee and raw meat and youtube reviews, I recently noticed something…

    The new 2016/2017 MacBook Pro with touchpad is quite possibly the finest personal computer I’ve ever owned, desktop, laptop, or tablet, PC or Mac.

    Sobriety brings clarity.

    Apple knows what they are doing.

    1. If the late 2016 MacBook Pro had shipped in early to mid 2016 with 2016 technologies, I would have agreed. As it is, currently, the late 2016 MacBook Pro is a full generation behind the curve.

      Apple could ship a new, early 2017 MacBook Pro today and update almost everything inside that enclosure. They would have a truly state of the art machine.

      Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll be waiting until July or August at the earliest for any new Macs — and possibly not until October or November.

      I don’t eat raw meat or watch youtube videos. But if you try to take away my one cup of coffee a day there might be violence. It’s part of the sacred morning ritual.

      I’m not so sure anymore that Apple’s senior staff know what they are doing.

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed.. hopeing Apple is not in the process of cutting its own Legs off just becouse it has something nice in Its hands: the iphone and its derivatives .

    Cutting its own legs off while at the same time betray their most loyol and strongest advocate; the power users who have invested in this platform and have trusted Apple with their investment in the platform.
    For now they have been flagrantly/ audaciously kicked to the curb by Apple.. with no explanations or future guidelines

    What a huge mistake it will be if Apple abandons these group of people. And the destktop pro/power user/environment …. abandoning the foundation of threir ecosys and platform.

    Apple you can call yourself whatever you like… but you are a computer/IT company at the end..
    And without showing your absolute technological superiority and prowess With a comprehensive lineup of products showing off the latest and the greatest..covering the whole specturm… you will lose your credibility and image as the ‘Best’ …

    ‘Best’, what so far has allowed you to enjoy the premium u charge.
    ‘Best’ , what we are willing to pay a premium for.

    ‘Best’… not mediocracy and a disjointed product lineup…..

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