Apple unveils three new TV ads in Twitter-themed ad campaign for iPad Pro

Apple has unveiled three new television ads for iPad Pro on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

The three ads follow along in Apple’s Twitter-themed campaign for iPad Pro.

In “Light and Powerful,” Apple says, “Your computer could be light and powerful, if your computer was an iPad Pro.”

In “All Your School Stuff,” Apple says, “Your computer could be your notebooks, textbooks and more, if your computer was an iPad Pro.”

In “All Day Battery,” Apple says, “Your computer battery could last all day, if your computer was an iPad Pro.”

MacDailyNews Take: Three more winning ads for Apple’s powerful iPad Pro!

(We know they’re winning because this campaign keeps growing with regularity.)

Apple debuts two new TV ads in their Twitter-themed ad campaign for iPad Pro – March 3, 2017
Apple debuts new Twitter-themed ad campaign for iPad Pro – February 17, 2017


    1. The marketing guys have taken over. I’m on a vacation in the south right now. I only have my 12.9″ iPad Pro and my iPhone. Left the MacBook Pro at home.

      I am handicapped. I try to do even basic productivity things and it’s ridden with problems.

      -Filling out an important form online was almost impossible because of incompatibility issues with mobile browsers.
      -Typing on the keyboard cover sucks. Keys are too small and it’s loud.
      -Having to touch the screen when you’re trying to use it like a laptop is horribly inefficient.
      -It’s not lapable!
      -Only one degree of freedom on the keyboard cover. This is terrible.
      -Again and again, iOS sucks for productivity.
      -Mobile versions of Websites suck: stripped down.

      These ads… please don’t buy this. Buy a laptop with precise input, real applications, and a real operating system.

      iPad Pro is going on 18 months old. Tim Cook, “… he’s not a product guy.” Steve Jobs bio.

    2. My MPB wi Sierra won’t play these videos, even when I OK all the permissions that pop up. Screen is black.

      Having a lot of videos on the web, including YouTube, that won’t play. Some will, some won’t.

  1. That’s right Apple… new adds for more than one year old iPads.

    The marketing and bean counters are 100% in charge.

    I’ve been complaining about this with regard to Apple for well over a year. I had hoped that I was wrong. I had wanted my suspicions to be unfounded.

    But, with every passing event by Apple the fear is supported and amplified.

    We no longer have the Apple of even five years ago.

  2. I like this new campaign. They show what an iPad can do, why they are better than a laptop. The beautiful ads are nice, however they just sell to the base. “Sound & Color” was a great looking ad; however you had to already know that the iPad Pro had a new amazing screen and four speakers to get the ad. The new ads have the throwback look to the “get a Mac” ads, with enough difference that they’re fresh.

  3. When most of the world doesn’t already have an iPad, and those that do, mostly have 5-year old iPads, it doesn’t matter that some of the models are a year old. They are still good devices.

  4. Now..if they would just update iWork to support the pencil..

    That said, my Pro is my laptop replacement. Gave the MacBook to my wife. It ain’t perfect, but does enough things better to fit my needs perfectly. Good to see they are still thinking about this. Other than the smaller pro..they just kinda dropped it on us then left.

  5. Apple, like most companies, ramps up advertising on old stock to clear out inventory that just isn’t selling well.

    Also — the iPad Pro is not powerful. It does not replace books. Its battery would not last all day if you perform significant computing tasks on it.

    I wish Apple would just make great Macs again.

  6. If you are using your laptop to watch videos on a flight in won’t matter too much if your laptop dies as of iOS 10.2 AND 10.3, you can no longer watch stored iPad videos on an iPad without an active wireless Internet connection.
    Apple STILL has not fixed this issue in the latest and greatest iOS 10.3!
    Plus, with the laptop ban on air flights in effect, you won’t have any tablet OR laptop to use on a flight, anyhow!

  7. I have a iPad Pro 12.9 and I love it for certain uses like reading magazines (my local library is on Zinio and I get access to hundreds magazines like Architectural Digest , Popular Mechanics a month for free, pays for the iPad pretty quick). The iPad Pro hardware is very good, fast.

    But the iPad lacks a Pro OS. No where close to my Mac.

    – using iTunes, iBooks as hub is a pain. Especially if you have to move all types of different files.
    And work arounds like Dropbox aren’t super convenient either.

    – a proper folder system.
    For complex things like graphics you might need a hierarchy folder system for example : Scene Elements/ Organic/ Trees/ Different Tree Types / Leaves, Branches etc.

    A pro might have hundreds of these folders. (and they need to access and be able to move stuff around in these folders even from different apps easily. On a Mac you don’t have to switch on the app to get access to the folders)

    – a better multi tasking system
    – native mouse input.

    there’s probably more needs before the iPad can be fully ‘Pro’. (some of my examples might already been solved as I’ve not really tried to use the iPad as a work machine after a few tries some time ago but I think my general argument that the OS needs work for high end pros stand. )

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