Antivirus software won’t save your Mac from future malware, but a variety of other protective software could prevent incursions

“Apple has managed to avoid attacks that first appear in the wild, usually nipping them in the bud either through advance disclosure from security researchers or the sheer difficulty of exploiting a flaw that’s revealed before a patch is available,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. “It’s also never had a long-running exploit that was known to exist, wasn’t fully patched in old releases, and had a large number of users still running those old releases.”

“This makes Apple’s OSes seem more invulnerable than they are,” Fleishman writes. “But is an anti-virus package the answer? In my view, and that of many security experts, including those who have found vulnerabilities in macOS and iOS, no—in most cases.”

Fleishman writes, “The biggest risk to Mac users is the rising tide of a specific kind of malware, called ransomware, which you can defend against using targeted anti-malware software that doesn’t rely on virus definitions.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We also use Little Snitch, Little Flocker, and Block Block on our Macs. More infomation and links for each are in Fleishman’s full article.

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  1. This may be a dumb question, but how does ransomware encrypt your hard drive if you’re not logged in with your admin id? Wouldn’t encrypting a drive require an admin password?

  2. There are no active exploits for Macs, and NO software will ever stop a determined hacker from guessing your password. Now go look at any Mac AV supplier’s support page and see how many issues their offerings cause. In the end you will be inviting a slew of problems for nothing more than vapourous claims of security; they prey on irrational fears and make money, lots of money. THere’s a damn good reason Apple doesn’t recommend any of their products.

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