“A use-after-free vulnerability in the X.509 certificate validation functionality of Apple macOS and iOS has been identified which could lead to arbitrary code execution,” Talos reports. “This vulnerability manifests due to improper handling of X.509v3 certificate extensions fields. A specially crafted X.509 certificate could trigger this vulnerability and potentially result in remote code execution on the affected system.”

“On Apple macOS and iOS, most client applications (e.g. Safari, Mail.app, Google Chrome) use the built in system certificate validation agent to validate a X.509 certificate. An application that passes a malicious certificate to the certificate validation agent could trigger this vulnerability,” Talos reports. “Possible scenarios where this could be exploited include users connecting to a website which serves a malicious certificate to the client, Mail.app connecting to a mail server that provides a malicious certificate, or opening a malicious certificate file to import into the keychain.”

Talos reports, “This vulnerability has been responsibly disclosed to Apple and software updates have been released that address this issue for both macOS and iOS.”

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