Back up all your data – all of it – to your NAS box without installing any software

“NAS is storage that you attach via ethernet or Wi-Fi and access across the network,” Jon L. Jacobi writes for TechHive. “What that doesn’t tell you is that most NAS boxes have the smarts of a PC, with a full-blown app environment that includes extensive backup abilities.”

“But there are two things that even NAS-aware users might not realize: First, many NAS boxes are perfectly capable of backing up data from PCs running any type of operating system (e.g., Windows, OS X [sic] [recte macOS], or Linux) from anywhere, using nothing more than their integrated utilities,” Jacobi writes. “All you need to do is configure the PC to give up its data, and then use the NAS box to grab it.”

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“Second, most NAS boxes can also sync with OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox and other cloud services to keep your mobile data backed up, too. Sadly, Apple’s iCloud is one of the few services that is not widely supported. But there are ways,” Jacobi writes. “Apple doesn’t allow access to iCloud from anything other than its own apps. If you’re an iPhone user, I recommend using DropBox.”

“The simplest way to back up computers on a local network is via SMB. It’s the standard network protocol for Windows PCs, and is what is used by Windows simply as file sharing. But it’s also supported by Macs and Linux PCs. In fact most NAS boxes run some form of Linux,” Jacobi writes. “[Versus a Windows PC], it’s even easier on a Mac as almost everything is already shared by default…”

Much more – including easy-to-follow instructions – in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Better safe than sorry!

For those using NAS, which brand/model and how does it play with your Mac and/or iOS devices and the Apple ecosystem?


  1. I tend to use time machine, cloud backup to backblaze, followed by rotating backups to external drives. On top of that I have dropbox and iCloud data which covers my documents and photos.

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  3. Was looking at Synology but went with WD My Cloud Mirror as it is designed as easier to use but still powerful, comes prepopulated, and made by the folks who make the drives. If you like to spend extra time fiddling with things then Synology is probably perfect. While I *can* do all of that just fine, I prefer to spend my time on other hobbies and the WD was pretty simple. I can still do a lot more with it if I choose to later.

    I moved from a Time Capsule that was used for Time Machine and also shared as an iTunes library on the same single partition. This same setup with the WD is even easier and now my backup is mirrored. I haven’t yet needed to use it for other Apple ecosystem purposes but mirrored backups and media storage is all I really need and it works great.

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