U.S. private sector job creation booms in President Trump’s first full month as employers add 298,000 jobs

“President Donald Trump’s first full month in office coincided with a breakneck pace of job growth, according to a preliminary jobs report published Wednesday by the ADP Research Institute,” Andrew Soergel reports for U.S. News and World Report. “Domestic employers generated 298,000 new positions last month for the country’s best pace of job gains since April 2014. Small and mid-sized businesses with fewer than 500 employees led gains, accounting for nearly 76 percent of the employment additions.”

“The service sector again drove the economy forward with 193,000 additions, but the real story came from the goods producing segment of the economy. Such employers accounted for 106,000 of last month’s gains,” Soergel reports. “Since May 2002, the earliest month for which such data is available, there has never been a better month for job creation for those who make things in America.”

“Construction outfits added 66,000 positions – their best performance since Feb. 2006,” Soergel reports. “‘February proved to be an incredibly strong month for employment with increases we have not seen in years,’ Ahu Yildirmaz, vice president and co-head of the ADP Research Institute, said in a statement accompanying the report. ‘Gains were driven by a surge in the goods sector, while we also saw the information industry experience a notable increase.’ Such a sterling report caught analysts off guard, as most were expecting gains somewhere around 190,000 – an undershot of more than 100,000 jobs.”

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“The total shattered market expectations of 190,000, according to economists surveyed by ADP,” Jeff Cox reports for CNBC. “The blockbuster report also solidified market expectations for the Fed to hike interest rates next week. Probability for an increase jumped to 91 percent after the release, according to the CME.”

“The report encompassed the first full month under President Donald Trump, who has pledged to rebuild the nation’s aging infrastructure system,” Cox reports. “Job creation was fairly evenly distributed across business size. Companies with 50 to 499 employees added the most with 122,000, while small firms added 104,000 and large contributed 72,000.”

Cox reports, “The big number could cause economists to adjust their expectations for Friday’s key nonfarm payrolls number from the Labor Department.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Analysts were caught off guard? Whodathunkit?

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    1. If anyone is dumb enough to think in the space of 28 days a govt policy could create tens of thousands of jobs or companies could plan, interview and hire them..all in a month ..well you deserve Trump. This is Obamas jobs you are lauding doofus.

      1. Sorry about that, but you are dead wrong. There is nothing about this that is from Obama. The business sector was weighed down with red tape, restrictions and promises of no where to go, until the new administration. I might not be to your philosophical liking, but it is to businesses. The sudden business resurgence is directly related to the promise of relaxed red tape (laws) and restrictions. You are not in the real business world or you would know and see this.

  1. Welcome to the newly renamed:

    Republican Propaganda Daily News

    Look elsewhere for Mac daily news.

    (Oh and a begrudging thanks to the Obama Administration for the carpet of ‘job creation’ on which the Trump Administration is currently flying. Watch Trump take credit for it).

    1. You delusional Libs are quite humorous. Eight years of stagnation and malaise under the feckless Obama have ended!

      President Trump is killing the regulatory state and is tilling the soil for a massive economic boom, complete with record job creation!

      1. If anyone is dumb enough to think in the space of 28 days a govt policy could create tens of thousands of jobs or companies could plan, interview and hire them..all in a month ..well you deserve Trump. This is Obamas jobs you are lauding doofus.

        1. Look and see how effective those Reagan tax cuts were in creating jobs. They balooned the federal debt and unemployment shot to almost 11% before Congress reigned in the disastrous Reagan economic plan.

          Obama inherited the greatest economic recession in two generations and after the Bush bailout, he somehow managed to slowly reduce unemployment for the last 6 years of his presidency.

          What exactly did you want, another economic bubble?

          1. “Balooned the federal debt and unemployment shot to almost 11 percent”

            You gotta be kidding me. Obama took office at 8 trillion debt and left it at 20 trillion, more than all the others combined. And that is with printing money to make it look like he was accomplishing something. AND the millions of people out of a job that have been out of a job so long that they don’t count against the “unemployment” rate. IF the millions that were out were counted, O’s would be much higher, plus O’s count in the work force those who do part time jobs. Reagan’s didn’t. This is comparing apples to oranges, not reality.

  2. Cause and Effect are rarely understood casually.

    Just because a leaf falls from a tree when I walk outside once does not mean leaving my house causes leaves to fall from trees.

    From the time the economy turned in Obama’s First Term the economy has shown growth and more jobs were created by far during his Presidency than under either Bush. The growth was mostly in service sector jobs, but nonetheless was positive.

    Add in the gobs of cash pumped in under QE by the Fed and numerous foreign Central Banks. The inflow of foreign capital to the US has been tremendous- especially in real estate.

    We have also seen a relatively steady and cheap price for most energy from Natural Gas to Motor Fuels for a very long time. And very cheap interest rates.

    Another thing to consider is that reports regarding employment are subject to revision and usually are off by some margin in initial reports. later this year we will have a better idea of February 2017.

    What do you think is going to happen when the Fed raises interest rates and credit prices start to rise across the economy? Same for fuels- the vast oversupply of petroleum products has kept prices down, but production cuts and increasing demand portend an increasing cost of energy inputs throughout the economy. And do too forget that Natural Gas and Oil are the source for many important base chemicals that are in almost every consumer product.

    Finally, wait until they see Drumpf’s Budget Deficit. The deficit has been falling steadily under Obama but will increase sharply should he get his tax plan and spending increases. In a tighter credit market that could make for big changes in the economy.

    1. Another factor: In most of the U.S., this was the warmest February (and the warmest Dec-Feb quarter) in history. Outside work boomed as a consequence. That is reflected not only in direct construction job growth, but also in the industries that supply the construction industry, and those that supply food and services to the construction workers.

      President Obama couldn’t always provide warm weather. Sad.

  3. More good-paying jobs means more people with discretionary income which means more people making discretionary purchases, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TVs, Apple Watches, etc.

    1. So we should have fitness tutorials as well since it will promote a longer life, so buying more Macs….gimme a break, this site is now trump central for the offspring of ratfuckers.

  4. And that makes his sexism, racism, homophobia AND xenophobia any better?!? President Pussy-Grabber here is going to deport many innocent immigrants because they aren’t white enough, yet he is still a hero. Please don’t get me started on his stance AGAINST autistics and disabled people. Please look at the bigger picture here!

    1. For a minute I thought you were talking about Bill Clinton with the pussy grabbing crack seeing as he was king of same while in office. Neither liberals or conservatives have much to be prideful of in our elected leaders.

      1. LOL… so in your mind someone that likes women and will have sex with them is the same as an admitted sexual predator that will solely on his own whim grab some strange woman’s pvssy? And feel he has the right to do this sexual assault.

        1. Worked for Bill Clinton who was much more of a sexual predator than Trump. I’ve worked for a similar Democrat Congressman who also thought any pussy coming in their direction was theirs for the plucking. Don’t kid yourself Bunkie.

          1. So, as long as something has happened before, it’s ok? 🙂

            “Hey, Cain killed someone, too, and that was in the Bible, so is Dylan Roof really all that bad?” LOL

          2. Fallacious nonsense…enough with anecdotal selectivity…three wrongs don’t make a right, they’re all examples of inexcusable, preposterous and predatory behaviour and should be condemned as such.

            1. Nothng fallacious about my experience or Bil Clinton’s sexual predator history. More fellatious in regards to their behavior. I’m not debating the morality, just the fact many politicians in both sides indulge, so nothing to be proud of here or maintain a higher moral ground on. Plenty of liberal testosterone mischief out there as well.

          3. I don’t kid myself. If you lump someone that just likes sex in with someone that BOAST that they have free reign to sexually assault a woman then we probably don’t have much to talk about. I get it. I have my share of affairs with employees and other women down through the years. I enjoyed every one of them also but, I never considered it my right to walk up to a woman and grab her pvssy. To commit sexual assault and like I said, if you see the 2 as the same, what can I say?

            Then again, it seems like tRump sh!ts golden turds which his followers eagerly eat so…. why am I not surprised.

            1. Bill Clinton, JFK and Donald Trump had the same kind of “free reign.” It’s the Bill Cosby kind of free reign that gets you in prison. These other women either participated of their own free will or if they didn’t it’s called rape or assault.

              Politicians and successful businessmen often engage in unreported sexual assault, or un-encouraged attention, as well as affairs. Goes with the territory.

              Obviously they’re not the same Sherlock. One is mutual and consensual and the other is not.

            2. Well thanks for making my point. I not sure why you see the 2 as the same. Consensual sex and sexual assault. Perhaps i should date your daughter and when she introduces me to your wife, I’ll grab her pvssy. Seems to be ok to you.

            3. He did NOT see the two as the same dimwit! Can you not read his comments?? The point he made was obvious about the differences between consensual sex and sexual assault. A point few would disagree with. You’re fucking nuts. I’ll just bet you’ve never been guilty of sexual assault. Your comments betray you as unnecessarily aggressive, just like how you treat women I’ll wager.

            4. Sure man. Seeing as Clinton, JFK and tRump are all the same… Sounds like the same to me. Consensual sex is much different that walking up to a strange woman and sexually assaulting them.

              You can bet I’m fucking nuts and I have never been guilty of sexual assault. What is so amazing about that?

              No, my comments “betray” me as someone that is flabbergasted that someone would support and incompetent, lying, quite likely mentally incompetent, sexual predator.

              Perhaps it’s your reading comprehension that needs some work.

            5. It’s male sexual behavior that can be a constant to a greater or lesser degree, not personalities. To not acknowledge that makes you look foolish. Some men behave themselves and some don’t. Men in power often don’t restrain themselves. What statement did I made that supported this kind of misbehavior? (Must be some trick since that thought never crossed my head but you’re looking for a fool’s fight.)

              I merely report on the behavior and that it is existent in men on both sides of the political spectrum.

              Reading comprehension is not something you should bring up because so far you exhibit no ability. If you read what I said you wouldn’t be on this misrepresentation path. You are hearing what you want to hear, not what I said.

            6. “f you read what I said you wouldn’t be on this misrepresentation path. You are hearing what you want to hear, not what I said.”

              Absolutely correct!

            7. Thanks for freely admitting you are plainly insane. I don’t normally call someone out here in the interests of being actual adults and polite decorum but you are a major Mother Fucking Asshole. You are the worst case scenario of everything that’s bad about the politically retarded.

            8. Yikes! Your right about customer interaction, seemingly a potential for disaster. Hopefully CX is better selling computers than politics.

              Reached out a couple times asking if he was serious, but to no avail. Insults, lack of facts, all Dem dogma talking points, same old, same old …

            9. Let’s hope the light of day revealing his true identity might bring forthwith better behavior but I doubt it. Once a polititroll always a polititroll. I just don’t get his abusive angle except to cause inflammation of the meme. Some of the comments from “others” above suggests he uses multiple identities anyway and will no doubt just hide under another one’s skirt. Pretty pathetic.

            10. I don’t think CX has the mental capability to understand the distinction you correctly pointed out. He enjoys far more shouting ‘pussy grabber’ and ‘trumpanzee’ and seems to delight in a useless exercise of free speech … whatever. 🤔🐒

  5. Delusional and fallacious arguments from supporters of the right are a disservice to the values they purport to hold dear. It’s a pity that they are simply hoisting their own petards.

  6. Do you want to lose your audience?

    Because this is how you lose your audience.

    MDN has been getting progressively worse in terms of the comments section. There are only a few people here who have anything worthwhile to say and a lot of idiots who’d rather talk about politics.

    Now MDN is pandering to the politics by posting articles that have nothing to do with Apple.

    Great; so be it. Real conversations about articles concerning Apple are taking place on https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/

    1. MDN’s politics have always been extreme right – large pictures of Limbaugh graced the pages many times. It has just gotten much worse with 2014 blah blah and drone bot.. the two of them are clearly sitting around in dirty boxers ready to pounce on any MDN related article that has a tangential relationship to the so called president. Nonstop espousing their kooky deep state crap must release large amounts of endorphins.

      1. I don’t mind MDN having political bias and expressing it in their commentary, but things are so far off-topic right now due in large part to the people you mention and baiting them with articles that aren’t remotely related to Apple is just making it worse.

  7. It is hilarious to read left-wing posts denying the undeniable. 15 days of stock market records in a ROW are also undeniable.

    The Trump effect! Getting better by the day … 👍🏻

    1. oooh, 15 whole days! amazing.

      Problem is, this is exactly what happened for practically every presidential election year EXCEPT the year when Georgie Bush left the economy in freefall in 2008-2009.


      Note that in the 1928 presidential election, Hoover enjoyed a 43.6% S&P500 bump when first elected. But being a laissez faire trickle-down proponent, his administration sat and watched it all turn into the greatest depression in modern US history.

      The sane among us prefer a wisely run marathon, not a series of sprints and crashes.

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