Apple took 79% of global smartphone profits in 2016; Samsung in distant second with only 14%

“Apple Inc. captured 79.2 percent of global smartphone profits last year, according to the latest research by Strategy Analytics on Wednesday,” Yonhap News Agency reports.

“The global smartphone industry was estimated to have posted total operating profits of $53.7 billion last year, with Apple’s operating profit standing at $44.9 billion, the research showed,” Yonhap reports. “Apple’s operating profit margin stood at 32.4 percent last year. In comparison, Samsung Electronics Co.’s smartphone business posted an operating profit of $8.3 billion last year, accounting for 14.6 percent of the global profits… The South Korean tech giant’s operating profit margin stood at 11.6 percent last year.”

“Huawei posted an operating profit of $929 million last year, accounting for 1.6 percent of global profits,” Yonhap reports. “OPPO took 1.5 percent of the global profits, while its rival Vivo accounted for 1.3 percent, according to the research.”

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  1. Something smells fishy with this report. Thought Samsung had something like 11% of the smartphone profit in 2015. So in 2016, their major smartphone gets taken off the market (in Q3 2016?), and somehow they increase to 15% of global profits? Color me confused…feel free to enlighten me. Obviously I need it.

    1. I suppose it is possible for the iPhone sales to be a new high while at the same time sales of the older models fell more dramatically compared to prior years. The resulting lower total iPhone sales over all models could have plausibly worked to lower Apple’s slice.

  2. Fake news…While Apple’s slice of the profits has fallen from the 92%+ it has achieved in previous years, it still hit an impressive 79.2% last year, reports Korea Herald.

  3. What a load of crap. Apple is the only one making profit on “smart” phones. Samsung has billions in losses in their smart phone division. The only way they make profit is on “feature” phones. Somehow these fake news reports combine feature phones and smart phones together to come up with whatever will make headlines. Figures lie and lier’s figure.

    1. Because Huawei, OPPO, Vivo are all Chinese companies selling domestically, I can see them making a pretty good margin vs iPhones that would need to pay taxes when crossing international borders even while costing less to the consumer. Samsung on the other hand could be speculated to have had a bumper year in their non-Galaxy lines.

  4. People are saying that Apple profit percentage declined from previous year, but that may be misleading. Previously the total was stated 110% of total profit between Samsung and Apple, with others losing 10%. Apple was 90 out of 110, and Samsung 20. This year, it is 79 out of total 100 for Apple, so the proportionally Apple is higher. Thus years, others have made 7%of the profit, meaning, Samsung + Apple is about 93%, of which Apple is 79% and Samsung is 14%.

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