Apple’s 2017 iPad event to be held on April 4th at Apple Park’s Steve Jobs Theater?

“We’ve been hearing recurring rumors that a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, a possible 10.5-inch iPad Pro, a revised 9.7-inch model to replace the iPad Air 2, and even a 7.9-inch iPad mini update might be announced soon,” Steve Sande writes for Apple World Today. “Perhaps Apple’s event is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4, meaning that the new device would have ‘same day’ availability after an announcement.”

“This makes sense for one more reason as well,” Sande writes. “At Apple’s last event at 1 Infinite Loop, Tim Cook noted that it would be the last one at the current Apple headquarters.”

“We now know that Apple Park is scheduled to open in April, 2017,” Sande writes. “t could be that Apple will have the reveal of the new iPad lineup in the 1,000-seat Steve Jobs Theater onsite.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Filed firmly under speculative rumor, but we hope it’s so because we’re very much primed and ready for new iPads!


    1. The iPad is just boring right now. With no power features being offered and zero innovation in the last 7-years, if you already own an iPad there is absolutely NO reason whatsoever to upgrade… unless you’re such a huge Tim Cook fan, you want to boost the stock, and otherwise have good money to waste.

    1. Let’s hope not. IOS will never replace my Mac. Unfortunately, if Apple keeps refusing to make better Mac desktops, Wintel might replace my Mac. All because Apple can’t keep up with hardware design.

    1. It’s not the software. Pixelmator on my iPad has all the same functionality as it does on my Mac and it’s much more intuitive to use on my iPad. The real bottleneck is when you attempt to bring your normal workflow from your Mac to your iPad. It’s just a different way of doing things. Yes, there are going to be some applications that require a much more powerful computer, that’s normal. Just as someone who uses a super computer can’t expect a PC to do the same things, you can’t expect a tablet to be able to replace everything a PC does.

      Also, even a “real” computer needs peripherals to make them more productive; my iMac has a mouse and a keyboard, without them, it’s useless. My iPad has an (optional) Apple Pencil and Logitech Create keyboard and guess what, with those you can be just as productive.

  1. The iPad mini desperately needs an update.

    If Apple could get an updated iPad mini with an unlimited data plan on an Apple embedded SIM it would be a revolutionary thing. The mini should have a Retina Display that supports the pen, the latest Chipset and high quality WiFi & LTE Radios instead of being a low cost option. With WiFi calling now supported by all major carriers it could become a phone replacement for millions.

    These days more people communicate by Messaging Apps, some of which also carry audio and video, than use regular telephony. Maybe we have come to the time when Apple should take a step forward and allow iPad to function fully as phones and include the iOS apps currently only on the iPhone.

    Call the mini a super Phablet or a small tablet, but bring it up to spec.

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