Know Your Mobile reviews Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus: The best camera phone. Period.

“Apple’s decision to move to a three-year hardware cycle has been met with a lot of resistance. Many feel the iPhone 6 design language the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are based on are tired and in need of a refresh,” Damien McFerran writes for Know Your Mobile. “Whether you agree is entirely subjective. Personally, I don’t mind the way they look…”

“Save for size, I cannot think of a good reason not to get the Plus over the standard model,” McFerran writes. “Case in point: for the first time ever, shipments of the iPhone 7 Plus model have out-paced the standard iPhone 7 model.”

“The 7 Plus is packing a second 12 megapixel, f/2.8 telephoto lens which gives x2 optical zoom and works in conjunction with the other camera to create some impressive depth-of-field effects,” McFerran writes. “If imaging is important to you, then the iPhone 7 Plus, while expensive, is definitely one of the best options on the planet right now.”

The top rear of Apple's new iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black
The top rear of Apple’s new iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black shows the dual-cameras and Quad-LED True Tone flash

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