How to delete your online existence, while saving your data

“Sick of Snapchat? Tired of Twitter? Fed up with Facebook?” David Nield writes for Gizmodo. “This is a great time to completely eradicate yourself from social media.”

“All of these online services let you scrub out your accounts if you want a cleaner, leaner life online,” Nield writes. “Even better, plenty of them let you export your data for safekeeping before you do.”

“So you can always remember that time The Rock answered your desperate tweets or your roommate plastered your Facebook wall with photos of your dog,” Nield writes. “Here’s how you can delete, and back up, accounts from most major social media services.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Number of MacDailyNews staffers with personal Facebook accounts: Zero (0).

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  1. I have tried to “reduce” my digital footprint. Though you may achieve success in some areas. Others are impossible as the host doesn’t even try to care. Having unique un-identifying IDs is a good way to start. Therefore you may abandon that ID without having to worry it will bother you later. I mean it’s not an excuse to troll, but it’s a way to keep your DFP in control and purge when you feel like it.

    Tell this to your children. They need to know before they ruin their life, as the term goes.

  2. I decoupled from social media after going gangbusters on it for a couple of years. I decided no social media for the summer, and my god it was nice! So I deleted nearly every account I had except one:

    I have deleted all the content from my Facebook but I haven’t deleted the account. Why? Phone numbers change, emails change, addresses change. Facebooks, on the other hand, remain the same.

    I was once in London where an old friend had moved. I didn’t have his new number and he had always used work email accounts. So after jumping on Facebook, getting in touch was very straightforward.

    Until someone can tell me how to do that without a Facebook, the account will sadly have to remain.

  3. “Until someone can tell me how to do that without a Facebook, the account will sadly have to remain.”

    @ So,

    I cut myself from social media years ago and I went back to focusing on my family and core friends. You can use a phone, email and face to face interactions. I even forced myself not to respond to many of the taunting posts on this website. Just do it.

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