Desperate Samsung stoops to fake news

“Samsung just released a press statement declaring its Galaxy S7 edge as winning the best smartphone award at Mobile World Congress 2017,” reports Matt Burns for TechCrunch. “That didn’t happen.”

“GSMA is the trade organizing that hosts Mobile World Congress and every year they host an awards ceremony for achievements of the past year,” reports Burns. “So for this year’s awards, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge was nominated alongside the iPhone 7 Plus, Pixel Xl, Huawei P9, and the Moto Z. The Galaxy S7 edge won The Best Smartphone 2016.”

“But that’s not what Samsung said in a press release,” reports Burns. “Samsung stated ‘The Galaxy S7 edge Named Best Smartphone at MWC 2017.’ Or, said a different way, never mind our terrible showing at the world’s largest mobile show; the S7 is the best phone here!”

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MacDailyNews Take: As per Samsung, the reporter’s surname is quite apropos.

The iPhone 7 Plus is unmatched. It was obviously the best smartphone of 2016. No other phone assembler, certainly not a corner-cutting South Korean dishwasher maker, can compete with Apple’s 64-bit A10 Fusion SoC + iOS + Jony Ive design (not even close) and the Mobile World Congress — which Apple routinely ignores because it’s nothing more than a showcase for patent- and trade dress-infringing iPhone knockoffs, wannabes, also-rans and roadkill saddled with off-the-shelf processors + a one-size-fits-all fragmented, insecure mess of a so-called operating system + a hardware design ethos of “copy whatever Apple does” — knows it. It’s a congress of thieves peddling derivative crap.

The Mobile World Congress is a farce precisely because the King of the Mobile World is one Apple Inc., which is so utterly dominant they doesn’t even bother to show up to lord over the festival of dreck paraded annually in front of the blind eyes of the world’s ignorati.

Apple took 92% of smartphone industry’s profits in Q416 – February 7, 2017

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


        1. I love how when the ‘flakes have nothing of substance to add, they declare trump will be impeached or ‘behind bars’ for treason…. of course being behind bars isn’t the punishment for treason, but we are talking about fake news, so…..

            1. Is he an ape? Yes, but Clinton was many times the criminal he is. Your problem is that you are still taking the office of the president seriously. Washington doesn’t give two s**** about you except for how they can placate you. If the election had gone the other way, we’d just be complaining about different stuff. Our government is utterly ineffectual beyond the local level. The less federal oversight into state’s business, the better.

          1. Interesting how the entire election Trump insisted Clinton should be locked up. Now in power, Trump runs the leakiest and least secure communications in recent history, and can’t seem to come up with any substantiate evidence to bring up charges against Clinton for supposedly leaking government secrets. Meanwhile scumbags with proven security lapses like Petraus and Flynn walk free and professional liars distract the public from the severe damage that Bannon and his cronies are doing. The future of this administration will include plenty of screw ups as bad or worse than iran-contra, false wmd claims, and other warmongering lies that each republican administration brings.

          1. Like Obama had any respect for the office or the country. Voted for him once, the first term, then he showed who he really was, and what he stood for and he never got my vote again.

      1. botty — “elections have consequences.”

        Yes, they do, as the more desperate and less informed electorate is rapidly discovering, often to their dismay.

        Your glee in winning the recent Presidential election and controlling both the House and the Senate may soon dwindle. After all, the obstructionist GOP is now responsible for actually *doing* something to address the many ills that Trump identified or exaggerated or fabricated during his campaign. You will be held accountable, and the results will not be pleasant for you. Sooner or later, Trump will devastate the GOP and the aftermath will last for many years. Remember Bush? Donnie will be even worse.

        If only the rest of us didn’t have to live with your mistake.

        1. Melvin, I know constitutional law is not your forté, but any impeachment charges, even your rainbow & unicorn drivel, must initiate in the House of Representatives. The Republican Party owns the House…

          …and the Senate

          …and the White House

          ….and next month, The Supreme Court

          …and the Governorships

          …and the State Houses.

          Melvin, your party of marxists have no power. None. Nada. Zip.

            1. Bot – I’d guess you favor a party of fascist better than marxist? Just want to make sure we know your philosophical/political leanings so we don’t call you out for being something you aren’t.

          1. All thanks to gerrymandering since Newt Gingrich, and solicitation of the so-called silent majority. Our democratic “experiment” is being manipulated, undermined, and ruined from zealots, ignoramouses, and cretins from within.

          2. Well i tell u what Buttvinnik trumps own party is watching his every because they know the reason why trump lavishes so much praise on Putin is because he desires to have the same type of power putin has in Russia to govern America.

  1. Your comment is as delusional as those from Samsung, you little Android lover. Had you chosen to speak truthfully, it would have gone something like this: “My name is Christopher Paul Whitney, and I am still in denial about Trump winning the election because I’m a nothing but a whiny adult baby. Hillary lost — waaahhh, waaahhh, waaahhh! I want my mommy!”

    1. Hillary is a good lawyer and bureaucrat, but a very poor political candidate. In addition, the Democratic campaign was ill-conceived and poorly executed. Give Donnie credit, he knows how to influence people. He saw the weakness in the rustbelt and he spoke to the fears and desperation of those working class people. But he sows a lot of FUD and promised a lot – far more than he can deliver – and those same voters will soon resent him for failing to fix things. That is the way of politics and karma.

  2. How is this fake news? I could see if Samsung had stated instead “The Galaxy S7 edge Named Best Smartphone of 2017 at MWC” that it would be fake. But as they stated it, their statement fits the facts of the award.

        1. Because we all know that there is only one homosexual, and one Muslim, and one Christian and they individually speak with their own singular voice.
          Fortunately that is not the case. You Botty, however are like Tigger. You’re the only one.

  3. Some REAL (karmic) news:

    Samsung’s acting head indicted on bribery charges as scandal grows
    Lee Jae-yong will almost certainly face trial amid corruption claims that have already led to the president’s impeachment

    Lee Jae-yong and four other Samsung executives will almost certainly face trial over accusations that South Korea’s biggest conglomerate donated millions of dollars to foundations run by a close friend of Park’s in exchange for government favours.

    Later on Tuesday, Lee, who is officially Samsung’s vice-president but has in effect run the company since his father suffered a heart attack in 2014, will be charged with bribery, embezzlement, hiding assets overseas and committing perjury before parliament, prosecutors said on the final day of their investigation into a scandal that has rocked the country’s political and business worlds.

    The four executives, who all face the same charges as Lee except perjury, are the Samsung group’s vice-chairman, Choi Gee-sung, and president, Chang Choong-ki, as well as Samsung Electronics’ president, Park Sang-jin, and executive vice-president, Hwang Sung-soo.

    Some of the executives will resign and leave Samsung, but Lee is expected to stay on as de facto head of the company if there is a trial.

    Poor, sad, pathetic, corrupt, criminal ScamScum.

  4. They gave me an S7 at work, it lasted about 16 hours. Was sitting on my desk most of the time. The glass over the camera lense cracked from the inside.

    Common issue from what I could gather online.

  5. There is no such thing as “fake news”. I can’t believe people repeat such a nonsensical phrase. Either it is factual news, or it is PROPAGANDA and LIES. News by definition must be factual. Events reporting, in the current era and repeatedly in the past much like Hearst and other professional propagandists, is just brainwashing people into narrow worldviews based on FUD. Fox, Breibrart, you name it: every new show is a narrative that sells fear based on what happened in the last 24 hours, not well researched investigation that provides all aspects of a situation in context..

    Companies — including Apple and Samsung — seldom make daily news. But increasingly we live in a society where corporations and special interest groups daily drive their propaganda and lies into what used to be news publications. The lazy press, seeking ad revenue above all else, doesn’t bother to investigate as deeply as they used to do. Sadly, the average undereducated citizen can’t tell the difference between a statement of opinion and a statement of fact.

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