Apple CEO Cook is ‘very optimistic’ about post-Brexit UK

“Technology giant Apple is ‘very optimistic’ about the UK’s future post-Brexit, its boss has told the prime minister,” BBC News reports. “Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook met Theresa May at Downing Street and said he thought the UK would be ‘just fine’ outside the European Union.”

“His comments came as the US Chamber of Commerce said US firms had been delaying UK investment decisions. It has thousands of members in the US, including many large multinationals,” The Beeb reports. “However, at his meeting with the prime minister, Mr Cook said:”We’re a big believer in the UK – we think you’ll be just fine. Yes there will be bumps in the road along the way but the UK’s going to be fine.’ In a statement following the meeting, Apple said: ‘We are proud that Apple’s innovation and growth now supports nearly 300,000 jobs across the UK.'”

Battersea Power Station project
Battersea Power Station project

“Apple’s new UK headquarters will be in the redeveloped Battersea Power Station. Last year the company said it would move 1,600 staff there in 2021,” The Beeb reports. “Mr Cook described it as a huge headquarters and said the company was ‘leaving significant space there to expand.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: The UK’s post-Brexit future is bright.

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  1. Not too many people can say the same about Post-Trump USA. Many people around the world are doing a boycott on American products, yes that includes Apple, to protest Trump’s insane policies. I like Apple, but until they permanently move to Ireland, then I’m not sure I can still support a company associated with a fascist regime. Really wish Canada’s Blackberry was still in existence.

    1. The people of the free and civilized world are optimistic, heck I am. Don’t fret about people around the world doing a boycott on products from that terrorist nation, that terrorist nation is doing boycott on the world and that’s reason for optimism.

      A wall to the south and a trench to the north to keep them inside is a cause for optimism.

      You can relax about Apple being associated with a fascist regime, cause that fascist regime is associated with a global loving company. Apple will endure and survive and thrive. That’s what happens when you keep your moral and ethical compass in working order.

      1. WTF is that supposed to mean?

        Obama collaborated with the world as opposed to giving every other nation the middle finger. So you heap scorn on him for being a good diplomat that leveraged international relations instead of continuing to ratchet up the USA’s self-chosen policeman status for the world?

        You can stop sucking Trumps little weenie any time now, thelonius.

  2. Who the hell cares what Tim Cook feels about Brexit, I want him to start thinking about getting Apple back to where they are producing and delivering incredible products on time, it’s time to let Jony Ive EXIT and let someone who has vision so Apple will start wowing people again

  3. Unless Tim Cook is suddenly an expert on the British economy then his opinion is worthless.

    The EU is the largest single market and it’s very close to Britain. Furthermore, after decades of EU membership, British industry, services and agriculture is optimized for this market.

    Britain must find new markets to equal what the will lose just to break even. Most economists think that is impossible.

    As yet there is no actual strategy to find those new markets. A quick look at a globe of the world will tell you that there is not much in the way of big markets outside the US, China and India. All three are problematic for the U.K.

    Tim Cook should stick to running Apple on his ipad.

  4. Obama lectured England on this issue, classic arrogance from him, and he was WRONG. I wonder what else Neo Liberals are preaching with arrogance that they are dead wring about?

    1. The UK created Colossus the first programmable computer. Built by Tommy Flowers at the Post Office research establishment at Dollis Hill London, it was used for code breaking at Bletchley Park during WW2.

      1. And they castrated one of the smartest people in math, in the last 200 years, the brain power is there, staying in a business that actually builds things since WW2 is the problem.

  5. Cook should stick to his job – properly running Apple – and leave the politics alone. His record of producing quality products on a timely basis is horrible, not to mention his lack of innovation.

  6. Tim Cook seems to be the sucker-up-in-chief to any political idiot crossing his way – first so utterly shameful to the Big Fart (Trump), and now to the Mayhem woman. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to boycott Apple, because there’s no alternative to turn to.

    1. I know, right. I do know that Ubuntu is based out of Britain, so that is a good alternative to at least try out. I just wished more countries would make their own OSes instead of piggy back on the America made Windows/Android. We don’t need anymore of America’s technological imperialism. America already stole the lands from the Indians and Hawaiians, they don’t need to steal the spotlight from foreign made computer systems.

      1. Trump has signalled that he doesn’t respect Native Americans, and he probably doesn’t have much regard for Native Pacific Islanders either, or anyone else that happens to stumble into the path of his imperial chariot. They could have come over on the Mayflower and still qualify for deportation according to his miff list.

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