With Eero, you can kiss slow Wi-Fi goodbye forever

“Even in my 1,800-square-foot, one-story house, I’ve always dealt with a number of dead spots for any Wi-Fi signal,” Brent Dirks reports for AppAdvice. “Over the years, I’ve tried a number of different solutions including purchasing different routers or extenders and trying to place the device in a more central location in my home. But each time, I failed to make much of a difference.”

Eero wants to throw the idea of using just a single router out the window,” Dirks reports. “In its place, the system is designed to create an enterprise-like mesh network around your home using multiple access points. One device is recommended for every 1,000 square feet.”

“The installation process was simpler than I could have imagined,” Dirks reports. “Using the free companion app, you’ll then set up a network and create its SSID and password… Along with creating a specific network just for guest access, a new addition is Family Profiles. As you could probably tell by the name, the feature allows you to create a specific profile for everyone in the household, set schedules for individual device access, and completely pause the Internet if needed with one button press.”

Blanket your home in Wi-Fi with Eero

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re in the process of replacing our older Apple Airport Extreme (which Apple released on June 10, 2013 and is still inexplicably calling “all-new” on their website) based Wi-Fi systems with Eero mesh units in our homes and offices. We’re seeing significant, very noticeable increases in Wi-Fi speed and range. Eero is the Wi-Fi system that Apple should’ve made.

Mossberg: Eero makes Wi-Fi simpler and stronger – February 23, 2016


  1. The Indians are restless….

    Just for fun, today I looked on Apple website for a wired numeric keyboard with usb 3 ports (or usb-c!), no luck. Is the wired Apple keyboard really 10 years old?

    Wireless networking from Apple? we can only wish….
    Matching Monitor? wcow
    Printer? forgetaboutit

    Compact Business Mac with i7, two SSD/HD slots, changeable GPU, and plug in RAM? I’m laughing.

    Rack mounted file, print, email, and website server for a business of 5-20 people? What in the world is that? (wouldn’t that be nice in the closet with a network attached back up drive, a nice high speed network switch, and a router? All running for months quietly, reliably, with very little management….so much so everyone would forget it is there. Is that too much to ask?)

    Yearly updates on laptop and desktop computers? Who would do that?

    Come on Apple, take my money……

    1. “wired numeric keyboard” AND with the original key height!!!!

      I still have one, and my typing errors are FAR less than the silly new flat key models.
      (Johny Ives, are flat keys one of your fashionable but less functional design foolish obsessions, just asking?)

      Seriously: I also work in a school system with 12,000 plus computers and the overwhelming response from students is that they hate the flat keys because when you are typing, it is very easy to hit the adjacent key causing a mis-type. That happens much less often on the old “tall key” keyboards. (which you can only buy used now)

      Granted, the spelling and typing skills of high school students is much much less than 20 years ago, but why make it harder just to have “fashionable” keys?

  2. With my Apple Airport my WiFi is faster than my fingers can move, faster than my ears can hear, faster than my eyes can see. It is faster than the fastest possible human brain response. To need anything faster is beyond reason.

    1. Every airport network and route can be extended with an added airport of any vintage – eero is nothing but the same, without the rock solid Airport reliability…

  3. If it aint broke don’t repair it. No issues with my 4 Apple routers. 200mbit download 40Mbit upload, as advertised by my internet provider.
    Even on the second floor still have >100Mbit download and >20Mbit upload. Not bad.

  4. I’ve been setting these up for clients the last few months, and they’ve been working out really well. Super easy set-up, excellent coverage. Let’s see how they hold up over the course of the next 2-3 years, but so far, the signs are encouraging.

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