Apple supplier Sharp may begin building $7 billion U.S. plant in within months as Japan PM meets President Trump

“Japanese display maker Sharp Corp may start building a $7 billion plant in the United States in the first half of 2017, taking the lead on a project initially outlined by its Taiwanese parent Foxconn, a person with knowledge of the plan said,” Makiko Yamazaki reports for Reuters.

“A decision by Foxconn to give Sharp the lead would come as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prepares to travel to the United States to meet U.S. President Donald Trump, who in his inauguration speech vowed to put ‘America first,'” Yamazaki reports. “In a package Tokyo hopes will please Trump, Abe will unveil investments to create as many as 700,000 U.S. jobs, people familiar with the matter told Reuters earlier.”

“Terry Gou, the chief executive of Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics maker, last month said he was considering investing around $7 billion to build a display-making plant in the United States, but did not elaborate on any time frame,” Yamazaki reports. “He said the issue came up when business partner Masayoshi Son, head of Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp, talked to Gou before a December meeting Son had with Trump.”

U.S. President Donald Trump and Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son in December 2016
U.S. President Donald Trump and Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son in December 2016

“Trump has raised concerns in Japan by criticizing the scarcity of U.S. cars in its auto market. He has also accused the Tokyo government of using monetary policy to devalue its currency and has also lumped Japan with China and Mexico as big contributors to the U.S. trade deficit,” Yamazaki reports. “Abe will visit Trump at his private Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida over the weekend, where the two leaders will play golf, following a meeting on Friday in Washington.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like things are moving along quickly on this deal.

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  1. Original Headline: Japan’s Sharp may break ground on $7 billion U.S. plant in first half: source

    MDN Headline: Apple supplier Sharp may begin building $7 billion U.S. plant in within months as Japan PM meets President Trump

    Suggested headline for those who aren’t arrogant and insecure: Apple supplier Sharp may begin building $7 billion U.S. plant in within months as Japan PM Shinzō Abe meets President Donald Trump.

    Careful that last headline might be perceived as a threat to a certain nation’s insecurity. Everyone knows that a level playing field and respect for others requires a working moral and ethical compass.

          1. further:
            “President Donald Trump accused Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of trying to send America the “next Boston bombers” in an excoriating phone call between the two national leaders to discuss Australia’s plan to send refugees from Manus Island and Nauru to the US.”

            “This is the worst deal ever,” Trump REPORTEDLY told Turnbull

            gee, how did the New York Times ascertain the text of this classified call between two world leaders?

            fake news.

            1. Australia already took in over 200,000 refugees.

              These are 1,250 people who were on the islands of Manus and Nauru.

              As for the phone call: “The details of the call were confirmed by a senior administration official with direct knowledge of the exchange who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly discuss the diplomatic talks.”

              This is how legitimate news outlets quote sources who wish to stay anonymous. Mind you, nobody in the administration denied the substance of the article (nor did the denial come form the Australian side). They were just angry that it was leaked. In fact, the Australians had actually confirmed the authenticity of the article.

              Again, peddling “alternative facts”….

            2. Multiple outlets reported this from their own sources. Trump has a leak in the White House, that is evident.

              As for Trumbull, he did NOT deny the substance of the call: “These conversations are conducted candidly, frankly, privately. If you see reports of them, I’m not going to add to them”. That is NOT a denial; it is, in effect, a tacit confirmation.

            3. I haven’t felt this good about the United States since Reagan took over from another sad sac, spineless, crying all the time, do-gooder who made the country look feeble.

              To say that the way Trump is treating these “world leaders” is refreshing is just not enough. I prefer the word exhilarating. Australia has MORE THAN ENOUGH SPACE for the few refugees they want to push off on America so STFU and take them in and good on ya.

              All anyone has ever wanted for as long as I can remember is someone outside the political spectrum that we all know is a corrupt shell game. Now he’s here and all liberals can do is whine and moan and protest and whine and moan some more.

              FINE! No one cares! We are laughing at you! You the twidiots who man the twitocracy of threats and fear mongering. Keep it up. If the outcome of the last election doesn’t demonstrate the wide gamut of alienation you’ve created, maybe you’ll see it next time as your efforts are making it grow on a daily basis.

              The United States is standing up and straightening its tie. The running around from country to country to bend over and kiss butt is over. Our collective asshole is closed for business and we have a guy who isn’t offering it up with a grin while polishing his Nobel Peace Prize.

              Lie all you want.

              These are Good times.
              Good times.

            4. Let us not forget; there is nothing classified about these phone calls; they may be private, but there is a world of legal difference between private and classified. You can be charged with treason for revealing classified information.

          2. Please list all the post where I described that putrid nation as big-hearted. On second thought don’t bother cause I haven’t made any. Like usual you got it wrong again.

            Anustralia is pure crud, but they do serve an important function as your ally, they make your nation look good compared to them.

            1. If you go through the archives you will see their replies to similar posts of mine. Why else do you think that botvinnik brought it up?

              The born and bred true blue kind certainly care about their racial hatred, especially when it comes to loud mouth yanks.

              Then again you should be aware of how badly they treated the children from your nation.


            1. “Australia has resettled 2,000 refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict in almost a year, in the same time as Canada and the US have taken in 30,000 and 10,000 people respectively.

              Nearly a year after the former prime minister Tony Abbott announced an additional humanitarian intake of 12,000 Syrian refugees, just 2,000 have been resettled under the program.”

          1. The difference may be to subtle for you to understand (or acknowledge) but it is quite clear to everyone. The MDN’s headline doesn’t even bother to mention the Japanese prime minister’s name, while mentioning US Prez name, and the title is abbreviated. The tone implies that some Japanese PM isn’t nearly as important as Trump.

            I am not sure how deliberate, or significant, this subtle difference is, but it is quite clear.

            1. The brutal truth is that the Japanese PM is not anywhere near as important as U.S. President Trump.

              The most powerful office of the most powerful nation on the planet, run by someone who realizes and admits that power and won’t apologize for it trumps all else.

              The truth is the truth, snowflakes. You can try to hide from it all you want, but it’s still the truth.

            2. When you are coming form position of strength, you can be classy, or you can be an asshole. The position of strength by itself guarantees certain outcome no matter what, so it is simply reflection on your character whether you show class or not.

            3. When it comes to being a peace loving nation with ethics and morality Japan is way more important than the other place, which is near the bottom of the barrel.

              Of course when it comes to being an insecure attention whore, well Trump is at the top.

              Depends on what parameters you deem as important.

            4. Comparative to the other putrid war mongering nation that is the only one to have launched nuclear weapons on an unarmed populace, for sure. At least they had the decency not to sign the Geneva convention allowing them to torture people, unlike the other gutless cowardly nation that circumvents it by calling prisoners of wars, enemy combatants and by trying to refuse to take refugees into their country. That’s yet another violation of the Geneva convention.

              Today Japan is one of the top 10 nations in the Global Peace Index, the other place, somewhere in the lower half.

              I see this as a hopeful, maybe one day someone will teach this bully nation a real hard lesson in humanity and get them to leave their war mongering ways.

    1. It seems fairly clear based on everything I’m reading that just the actions of Trump to meet and highlight unfair trade practices in certain countries is having a catalytic effect on foreign U.S. investment.

      I have no doubt that the business attitude of Trump is making it easier for these investments to even be considered. I can only imagine the kind wall-of-social-justice-bullshit that they would or did run into under the Obama administration.

      Trump: Create Jobs
      Obama: We demand you hire so many of these here folks, so many of those, some of these, and a few of these, etc. In the event they don’t meet your requirements, we request that you lower your requirements. That was a repeated refrain throughout the administration. Diversity over quality.

      It is no accident that Trump becomes President and suddenly people see the U.S. as fertile ground for long term investments again. If these plans existed before Trump, you never heard a word about them.

      One President brings jobs, maybe tens of thousands. The other brings refugees that his own foreign policies (if you want to call that sham foreign policy) created.

      Whatever liberals. The world of delusion you prefer to live in is beginning to crumble and I’m enjoying your psychotic break every day as the guy lives in your minds rent free. Rent free? Hell the liberal “mind” is the newest acquisition of Trump real estate. Just watch out for the foundation of absurdity, hypocrisy, fear and hate everything there is built on.

      Next I’d like to seem him question the investments of Apple and Google in training engineers abroad while at the same fucking time bitching about their oh so precious H1B visa needs.

    1. Which part of “Abe will unveil investments to create as many as 700,000 U.S. jobs” didn’t you understand?

      BILL O’REILLY: You say you’re not getting a fair shot because you said, ideology drives the news coverage and it shouldn’t. News coverage should be news coverage, not ideological… But there are entities in this country that despise you and your administration. Can you, do you think you can ever convince them to take it down a bit?

      PRESIDENT TRUMP: Yes, I do. I think so. I think success will do that. I think jobs will do that. I think companies coming back into our country will do that. Yes, I think I can. Not all the way, I’ll never get all the way back… I don’t think it is fair… But I think I can bring it back. Yes. I think success, jobs, lots of other things can bring it back.

  2. Steve Jobs, “Those jobs aren’t coming back.” (Because hiring H1-B slaves at half the wages an American would get was good for the bottom line).

    Barack Hussein Obama, “Gee, okay.”

    Donald John Trump, “Bullshit. The free ride is over, Steve. Let’s get to work!”

  3. Is this something like sapphire being the next best thing to sliced bread and 10’s of thousands of people being employed growing sapphire crystals? The day Sharp/Foxcom build anything that employees more than a 100 or so robot technicians, is the day I switch to an Android phone.

  4. Yes…Trump is a miracle worker. Locating the land, surveys, environmental impact assessments, design, planning consents, contractor pricing, contract negotiations and financing….all sorted in two weeks. Claiming this a result of a new president is laughably stupid.
    Minimum time needed for such a project to get off the ground…two years and more likely nearer four.

    1. Are you unaware of President Trump’s former business career in which he excelled precisely at “locating the land, surveys, environmental impact assessments, design, planning consents, contractor pricing, contract negotiations and financing” very often ahead of schedule and under budget?


    2. Exactly. From the moment of initial concept to the time the new Apple headquarters is fully staffed will have been well over six years, and that building is about half the cost of this claimed new facility.

      Further, 700,000 new jobs? Even counting secondary and tertiary jobs (e.g., delivery people and people working at restaurants and shops near the new facility) the claim of 700,000 new jobs is laughable, truly laughable. Most states use a work force multiplier between 4 and 8 when considering working with a new, high tech facility start. Even if we assume a force multiplier of 10 that would mean that this plant would have at least 70,000 direct jobs (or as many as 175,000 direct jobs for that 4:1 multiplier). That is a ludicrous number.

      No modern display manufacturing plant is going to employ over 70,000 direct jobs. Each and every new display manufacturing plant to be set up over the next few years WILL BE highly automated. You can’t break even (or even hope to make a profit) if it’s highly dependent on touch labor.

      1. And just for reference, I’m currently working two projects with the U.S. Government. I’m the lead on one and a member of the team on the other. They’re $1.5 billion and $1.3 billion each over four years from start to full operations. Neither of them will employ over 2,000 people each (or with an 8x work force multiplier about 16,000 people) spread over multiple states at multiple facilities.

        One of those projects has been in the works since the 90s and will kick off in the next couple months. The other has been in the works for a slightly shorter period of time and will kick off before the end of this calendar year.

        So… Having spent the last couple of decades working on large, complex, high tech projects, I know that things like the implied timelines and the stated number of new jobs are both pure fantasy. Anyone who believes either is either purposely lying to themselves (and everyone else) or is naïve in the extreme.

    3. Some people like to point out that economic conditions favor U.S. investment now. This is true. It doesn’t cost much more to hire a U.S. worker, and the cost of moving products around America by rail and truck is probably much cheaper than International air cargo. But it has been this way for a while and a guarantee you they were waiting to see which way the economic/political winds would blow in the U.S.

      Under an administration that is more worried about the skin colorsof employees than creating employees, one can probably expect much irrational bureaucracy.

  5. Here’s to hoping the USA succeeds in Trumps vision. Two reasons: 1] People get jobs; and 2] Neo-liberals wake up the the reality that they aren’t the geniuses they thought they were.

    [this coming from an old-school liberal who believes in crazy things like tolerance, peace, and the USA]

    1. If you are an old-school liberal. I submit you’re possibly a “classical liberal.” Classical liberalism has nothing in the world to do with contemporary liberalism which is primarily socialism and identity politics. Classical liberalism touts freedom, individualism and equality under the law, not government enforced equality of individuals. Classical liberalism is tolerant of all people, not specific groups.

      Under contemporary liberalism, people have become drones who cannot see past their political identity, much less exercise tolerance.

      Classical liberalism is basically what modern libertarianism has become and it crosses over into conservatism.

      1. Well I’ve read some vacuous brain dead postulating political theorising but you take the biscuit.
        “Classical liberalism is basically what modern libertarianism has become and it crosses over into conservatism.” Pure unadulterated drivel.

  6. Wonder what happens if you actually beat him at golf, there is a certain ‘Blofeld’ -ish feel about all these meetings. 700,000 jobs created, crikey puts Campus 2 into perspective, can’t wait to see how those figures are backed up with facts mind.

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