Apple Music appears to be the most artist-friendly streaming service

“Apple Music continues to pay more cash per stream to artists than Spotify, even as the latter service is putting pressure on labels to reduce what it pays even further, that’s the cold, hard, truth about music streaming according to artist-rights blog, The Trichordist,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must.

“The blog tells us Spotify’s average per-stream payout has fallen by 16% since 2014, generating just $0.00437 per stream for the label in 2016, down from $0.00521 in 2014,” Evans writes. “Apple, in contrast, generated $0.00735 — 68% more than Spotify.”

“Apple Music executives have been toiling across the interview circuit recently, and with its second anniversary approaching in June,” Evans writes, “this suggests some major changes in what the service offers, not least introduction of original TV and movie content.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Apple Music has rendered Spotify’s future decidedly dimmer.

The best customers are those who pay. As demonstrated by years of data, form disparate sources, those paying customers are also significantly more likely to be iPhone owners than those who’ve settled for poor iPhone facsimiles. A healthy portion of these coveted customers will leave for Apple’s comprehensive offering which offers better family rates, more music, likely exclusives, and seamless integration across all Apple devices. It’ll even work with crappy Windows PCs and Android phones eventually (not that those are likely to be Spotify’s paying customers, but whatever, some of them will join Apple Music and maybe even graduate to Apple devices because of it).

Spotify could quickly be left with an unprofitable system, with a dwindling music library because they cannot afford to pay music royalties. — MacDailyNews, June 9, 2015

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  1. RE: MDN Take..Spotify isn’t perfect but Iovine Apple Music is nowhere close to Spotify’s usability. iTunes is an unusable clustf***.of strung-together elements–none of which do anything well. It’s unfortunate that no one now at Apple has the vision to fix it..

  2. Tidal’s MQA first stage software unwrap of many albums that have been MQA mastered sounds truly awesome for streaming that’s played through mediocre equipment with a good DAC.

    $20 per month.

  3. That’s nice, but it doesn’t change the fact that payment for streams on all platforms is sh*t. If you aren’t hugely successful, they almost might as well not bother. Enjoy that pack of gum you can buy with your royalties, everybody that isn’t Beyoncé.

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