President-elect Trump meets privately with Apple CEO Cook, tells tech leaders: ‘I’m here to help you folks do well’

“Ringed by tech’s elite, President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday promised to do ‘anything we can do’ to help the industry he often baited during the presidential campaign,” Jon Swartz, Jessica Guynn and Edward Baig report for USA Today. “‘This is truly an amazing group of people,’ Trump said at Trump Tower to kick off a meeting with Silicon Valley’s top leaders. ‘I want to add that I’m here to help you folks do well.'”

“Trump wants the tech industry ‘to keep going with the incredible innovation,’ he said on live television. ‘There’s nobody like you in the world. There’s nobody like the people in this room,’ Swartz, Guynn and Baig report. “‘We’re going to make it a lot easier for you to trade across borders,’ said Trump, who was joined by his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Trump was flanked by Vice President-elect Mike Pence and venture capitalist Peter Thiel, one of his few vocal supporters in Silicon Valley.”

“About a dozen tech A-listers — Apple CEO Tim Cook, Alphabet CEO Larry Page, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, among them — are sitting down with the president-elect to discuss jobs, immigration policy, free trade, cybersecurity and taxes,” Swartz, Guynn and Baig report. “Cook and Musk were scheduled to meet privately with Trump later.”

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MacDailyNews Note: In addition, it was announced today by the Trump transition team that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk will join an advisory team for President Trump.


    1. This group of assclowns have made billions of dollars while outsourcing good paying jobs to other countries for far, far too long. And some of these companies like FB and Goog built their empire harvesting our personal information while pretending they give 2 shits about their customers or employees. You know what? Fuck them. And Silicon Valley all backed the wrong fucking candidate. Cry me a fucking river they now have to eat some humble pie and visit Trump to talk about jobs. Yeah American jobs. Enough of the liberal new world order, politically correct bullshit that was a ruse and distraction to make the elites rich on the backs of the rest of us.

      1. I must admit, you are not entirely wrong. You have a colourful way of putting it, but in this Trumpian, Fuck-’em-all era, it seems entirely appropriate. In order to prepare myself for this brave new world of communicating, I have acquired a scholarly treatise, The Vulgar Tongue: Green’s History of Slang. I highly recommend the book to anyone wishing to refresh his arsenal of invective. Repetitious attacks become tiresome, lose their steam, and appear weak; if you intend to insult someone, don’t merely lash out; devastate them with panache.

        1. Mr. ‘X’ is correct.
          May I also offer three points:
          1. Political correctness has to die and it has to die *now*.
          2. Apple and the rest have made billions on cheap labor (in communist regimes where human rights are unknown) while American jobs have been mostly in retail. That has to change.
          What DT has done is opened the door to discussions on exactly how jobs are going to return, something no American president in recent memory has had the balls to do.
          3. There is no reason Trump had to meet these guys. IF he were the moronic bigot the leftist media portrayed him as this would not have happened. I have followed 7 elections. Trump’s not even sworn in and is already at work.

          1. I think you are seriously misguided. Trump is at work doing exactly what he has been doing before: promoting himself. The “moronic bigot” (your words) is a self-obsessed narcissist who cannot live a day without seeing his name/face in the media.

            That, however, doesn’t really matter much, if what he did (in order to get his name/face in the media) was also smart and good for America. That remains to be seen, but the signals are troubling.

            In the last few days, Trump’s notorious tweets have caused stocks of two major companies to drop (Boeing, Lockheed Martin). His rather careless (reckless?) tweets tend to have serious consequences.

            In this meeting with tech leaders, four of his children were present as well. If this doesn’t present a serious breach of ethics and conflict of interest, I cannot imagine what does. Unless Trump sells of all of his holdings, and turn his company over into a true blind trust (i.e. people, or entity, whom he does NOT personally know, and NOT his children!), he is now taking advantage of the office of the presidency to hold a meeting with the tech CEOs that has massive potential benefit for the companies that his children are running (since there would be no chance they would every be able to organise such a business meeting on their own).

            In other words, we can genuinely hope and believe that his intentions for this meeting were truly good (for America), but it is quite difficult to understand why he brought the children into the event. As the president-elect, he isn’t yet legally (or morally) responsible, but since he cannot appoint any one of them into any position in his administration, what then is the purpose for them to be present at this meeting, other than to benefit Trump businesses.

            The amount of issues which present grave ethical and moral conflict between Trump, his business, his children on one side, and the US government and interests of the American people on the other, is seriously troubling.

        2. Not entirely wrong? I don’t read anywhere in your post saying X was wrong. Quite the contrary, everything stated was correct. If it helped you to get over your election loss, so be it.

    1. It’s worse than that. He’s being told that he will no longer be able to cash in on those bogus carbon credits that have been his company’s main source of revenue (a crony capitalist gift from Obama).

      1. No consumer industry has been gifted more federal assistance than oil companies. As for cronyism, it’s on full display with every move trump makes. He’s a putin wannabe

        In less than 4 years you will be longing for the honesty and dignity that Obama offered. America just got hoodwinked by a snake oil salesman.

        1. I don’t think your assessment is accurate Mr Anon.
          Mr. Obama’s alleged “honesty and dignity” was brought to you by the media’s bias and uncritical fawning perspective.
          If I may say, it is you that was hoodwinked.

          1. Media bias is the favorite story line of trump. No freedom of expression, just dictatorial ‘do as I say’. This is the furst step to putin-stule USA. If you’re not with Trump, you’re against him. He and his family are the next Castros, Putin/Medviedev tandems, etc. dynasties.. This will no longer be the country we know – our rights will be curbed for the ‘greater good’, media scolded when it critisizes him, circles of oligarhs formed around Donald and blossoming under his rule in exchange gir deals for his family businesses. Then thise who do not bend to the Donald will be fucked. This is how it is in the countries we hate. Just give him a year and he’ll rule with intimidation and disregard of law. And change it to his liking by a congress that will run scared. Welcome to the bew USA

            1. Oh dear, the next Castros? Really Mr. Seenthis?
              What, is comparing him to Hitler out of fashion now?
              If anything I foresee a Trump presidency that will operate without the media’s consent, but that’s about it.
              Inventing things to be hysterical about before the man is even sworn in is a bit much.
              My dear chap, make yourself a nice cup of warm milk and put on some Handel.
              Everything will be ok.

            2. I admit his view is a bit grim and totalitarian, but it isn’t that far fetched. Trump has shown a remarkably strong propensity to inventing facts to suit his message and audience (he even invented a definition for it: “truthful hyperbole” an oxymoron to end all oxymorons). While all politicians lie, the average amount is about 20 – 30% of the time. Trump pushed the needle way beyond that, into uncharted territory, to over 80% (according to several independent fact checkers). We simply don’t know what Trump means, since four out of five “factual” things he says are in fact non-truths; from his personal wealth (less than a third of what he claims), to unemployment statistics for America (a well-researched and well-documented data), to so many other easily verifiable facts. When you know that someone just makes up stuff four out of five times, you really can’t know which four out of five of his promises he has no intention of ever keeping.

              There is a large percentage beneficiaries of the Obamacare who are Trump voters. They are among the 20 million who have, for the first time, been able to get proper and regular medical care for their families. They voted for Trump because of their low-paying jobs (he promised them he’ll “bring back jobs from China!”), but they firmly believe he will NOT repeal Obamacare. He hasn’t even taken office yet, but the movement is already in place to completely gut the entire law (and take that health coverage away from those 20 million people). It is entirely unlikely these people will vote for him again in four years, just as it is unlikely that jobs will be coming back from China.

              Bottom line is, there was never a president of America who has built such a massive oligarchy of massively wealthy men in his cabinet. Not since the 19th century, at least. It is truly difficult to imagine how people, whose primary driver to success has been greed, would suddenly become altruistic and start working for the benefit of some unknown group of people (middle class, or the poor).

            3. Indeed, not much unlike the self-serving politicians.

              There is, however a slight difference: the interests of self-serving politicians won’t necessarily be at the expense of the middle class or the poor; by the nature of the representative democracy that America appears to be, they often do need to say and do things that will get them elected. While campaigns are financed by the big donors, votes are still cast by little people, so saying and doing things that will make little people to vote for them is an important part of their daily work.

              On the other hand, we have these extremely wealthy businessmen who built their business empires largely by uncompromisingly and ruthlessly eliminating any competitive threat from other similarly wealthy businessmen and their businesses. For them, the opinion of middle class or the poor is of absolutely no consequence. Rex Tillerson will always have one priority in his mind, and it is to further interests of Exxon-Mobile. If that means, as the Secretary of State, making deals with Russia (in order to extract concessions for their natural gas for XOM), while ignoring the slaughter in Aleppo, than that’s fine with him.

              Let us observe how these mega-rich CEOs will behave once they are extricated from their businesses and plopped into public service. I am a bit skeptical.

            4. Obama’s views are more in line with Castro. Obama even went to Cuba to kiss Castro’s butt and pose for pictures in front of a giant image of the evil, murderous Che Guerva.

            5. Your statement makes no sense.

              For various political reasons, American policy towards Cuba was totally out of step and inconsistent from the policy towards most other countries of the world. The total political and economic isolation (based on the principles of human rights and freedoms there) stood in contrast to the complete openness towards positively medieval regimes such as Saudi Arabia, where the state can still legally stone a citizen to death for most inconsequential offenses, and half of population is denied quite many most basic human rights — situation far worse, from human rights perspective, than Cuba. Let us not mention other dictatorships of the world, also with significantly worse track record than Cuba, that enjoy lively trade relations with the US.

              The reality of it is that an American swing state (Florida) had a complete choke hold on the country’s official policy towards Cuba, due to the power of a small group of Cuban immigrants with outsized political (and electoral) voice. As that voice started to weaken, the rest of the country started noticing this anachronism in the nation’s foreign policy and realised that there are far better ways at dealing with dictatorships than isolation.

              Nothing topples dictatorships better than the invasion of Holywood and Macdonalds culture. Numerous other former dictatorships clearly demonstrate this.

    1. It seems clear that Trump was briefed beforehand on the importance of not pissing off the people who created most of the new wealth in this country since the decline of manufacturing and the rise of agribusiness. To be fair he may already have realised that and simply employed a different line of argumentation during the campaign, one more resonant with the prejudices of voters. All politicians prevaricate, but Trump dares to be blatant. In his world view, consistency and hypocrisy are for pussies: just change your mind, and move forward, all right? We don’t care about that any more, right? It’s strangely refreshing.

      1. Being briefed is not a bad thing now is it ?
        and as for hypocrisy… well…..thats the realm of politics.. left or right .

        “but Trump dares to be blatant. In his world view, consistency and hypocrisy are for pussies: just change your mind, and move forward, all right? We don’t care about that any more…….”

        Change one word in the above sentense… and suddenly you have a worshiped prophet . >>>. change Trump to Steve…..;) ….. uncanny ..ha ? (if you have studied studied the maestro )

        ” It’s strangely refreshing “… could not agree more !

    2. I have been impressed with your comments occasionally (about 10%). This isn’t one of them.

      The good that may come of this vulgarity thrust on mankind may be that people respond with kindness and respect to the present crassness of conservative, self centred, hateful political garbage.

      1. you have been very hostile towards me for what ever complexed reason you may have or feel challenged by .. …. and talking me down and going out of your way to discredit me…
        i suggest you avoid reading my posts… pretty easy to identify…. wouldn’t u say.

        have a good life.

  1. Tim Cook doesn’t deserve to sit at the same table as Bezos, Musk and Page. Sad to say. When I look at the photo all is see is a guy letting the world pass Apple by. Years between product updates. Marginal phone update, same form factor now for 3 years, wasted SIRI AI opportumity over 5 years ahead of comp, no streaming. No more routers, nor more external monitors, more pro products, no ,no movie unlimited and awful awful supply chain managent. Sad. Terrible management. Will drive Apple into the ground.

    1. You assclown. Tim Cook has made more money than the rest of the table counted together. He is the person who created the money making machine that Apple is when he was COO and he continues with the success now when he is CEO. You don’t get it, that is your own fault. Rest of us understand what Apple Manufacturing System is and how excellently Apple does things. Few hiccups might be there. The BIG picture is the huge thing.

  2. Funny thing is, people claimed the voted the “anti system, not sleeping with Wall Street” President, and who calls him to work with?
    The CEO of Goldman Sachs, one of the guys responsible for the 2008 economical debacle. Who can be more Wall Street than him?

    The American people got conned.

    1. I admit that it looks fishy. But in my childlike world of hope and pity, I clasp my hands in prayer that the Master Businessman is fully engaged in the Art of the Deal. The Con can work both ways: as a way to relieve you of your wallet, or to relieve them of theirs. The Sting is one of Donald’s favourite movies.

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