Apple’s iPad is the ‘new stethoscope’ and every doctor needs one

“You can choose to ignore it, but the move to put iOS inside healthcare is gathering so much momentum it’s a triumph of ignorance over good sense to do so,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“With over seven million electronic healthcare records (EHR) in its iOS-compatible medical platform, ‘drchrono’ illustrates the growing status of iOS-based solutions in modern healthcare,” Evans writes. “I spoke with COO and co-founder, Daniel Kivatinos.”

“‘Every patient in the world should be able to access their medical record from their phone,’ he said,” Evans writes. “‘We see a healthcare renaissance happening. With thousands of new companies modernizing the healthcare space, from app companies, to hardware companies pushing the boundaries of what doctors can do, there will be a future modern medical toolkit for doctors, with iPad and iPhone in that tool set,’ he said. In other words, iOS devices are becoming the new stethoscope.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s a huge improvement over yesteryear’s bunch of poorly- or even non-connected Windows pieces of crap.


  1. It’s good to see some institutions doing the right thing. I had a conversation with our IT leadership a couple of weeks ago and was very disturbed with their recent decisions. I’ve been trying to establish an ‘iPad at the bedside’ program for our ED facility and was told that it isn’t gonna happen because we’re a ‘Microsoft institution’. They’ve invested heavily in Microsoft products, including Office 365, Sharepoint and WebFocus, among others. Welcome back to the 90’s.

  2. What a laugh. I’d hardly think most doctors will have an iPad hanging around their necks. Apple will never be a leader in health care. Health care facilities, hospitals and clinics will likely opt for a far cheaper Android device. They’ll need lots of devices and won’t be able to afford Apple’s skyrocketing prices. Apple will never dominate in any market with its high and mighty attitude. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I’m only saying as other companies bend over backwards to capture market share, only Apple will never give in. I’m not certain what the end result will be, but based on current results it doesn’t look good for shareholders.

  3. As great as the headline sounds, it will never be a strategic goal for Apple. The essence of this lies in the strategic decision Steve Jobs made long ago (and Cook continues to follow) that pursuing enterprise market, regardless of which industry it is in, severely shackles innovation. The only reason Apple was able to swiftly and radically change its platforms is because it wasn’t mandated by its large enterprise customers to keep legacy code supported. We have seen many such moves in the past: 68k to PPC switch; System 9 to OS X; PPC to Intel; 32-bit to 64-bit… In each instance, the switch was quite rapid, it gave developers a very short period of time to port their products, and as the big ones (MS, Adobe, QuarkXpress..) came along (kicking and screaming), so did the smaller ones. None of these transitions was smooth, and at every instance, there was some attrition of users, but that was quickly neutralised by the steady growth of market share due to the measurable superiority of a platform that wasn’t hobbled by massive amounts of legacy code and support for long obsolete technologies.

    If past is any indicator, Apple will never make any moves for the purpose of specifically attracting enterprise market alone. While they love talking about IBM switching its workforce from Windows to Mac desktops, and even working with IBM on enterprise solutions, none of these decisions will affect Apple’s ability to simply kill the present version of MacOS, for example, in order to pursue a different desktop computing path, if it promises greater performance, stability and user experience.

      1. I just said this. It is my personal opinion (not a verifiable fact), and I am basing it on 25 years of observing Apple, and reading opinion of others, more qualified than me.

        I like hearing other opinions as well, especially when they agree with mine … 🙂

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