Apple CEO invited to attend tax ruling hearing in Dublin

“An Oireachtas committee has expressed confidence that Apple’s Tim Cook will accept an invitation to respond to the European Commission tax ruling which has cost his company €13 billion,” Harry McGee reports for The Irish Times.

“John McGuinness, chairman of the Oireachtas all-party Finance Committee has written to the global technology company’s chief executive in California inviting him to attend a hearing next month, along with other senior executives,” McGee reports. “The committee will hold a module in late January examining the decision of the European Commission and its implications for Ireland.”

McGee reports, “The Commission ruled that the treatment by the Irish authorities of Apple’s tax affairs amounted to an illegal State aid.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good luck.

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        Actually, the statement aligns perfectly with your species (the Borg), as they believe in other-species annihilation via assimilation.

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  2. …European Commission tax ruling which has cost his company €13 billion

    NO. It has not cost Apple anything as of yet. The ruling is being appealed. And even then, all Ireland has to do is tell the EU to stuff it and ignore them. Ireland’s legislature has already voted to disagree with the EU.

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