Inside the secret meeting where Apple revealed the state of its AI research

“Apple has long been secretive about the research done within its Cupertino, California, labs,” Dave Gershgorn reports for Quartz. “It’s easy to understand why. Conjecture can spin out of even the most benign of research papers or submissions to medical journals, especially when they’re tied to the most valuable company on the planet.”

“But it seems Apple is starting to open up about its work, at least in artificial intelligence,” Gershgorn reports. “On Dec. 6, at an invitation-only lunch at an industry AI conference, the company’s new head of machine learning, Russ Salakhutdinov, and other Apple employees gave a wide-ranging talk detailing the problems the company is using AI to tackle, according to nine slides from the presentation obtained by Quartz.”

“A bragging point for Apple was the efficiency of its algorithms on graphics processing units, or GPUs, the hardware commonly used in servers to speed processing in deep learning,” Gershgorn reports. “One slide claimed that Apple’s image recognition algorithm could process twice as many photos per second as Google’s, or 3,000 images per second versus Google’s 1,500 per second, using roughly one third of the GPUs. The comparison was made against algorithms running on Amazon Web Services, a standard in cloud computing.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Anyone who underestimates Apple’s prowess in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks (connectionist systems) is a damn fool.

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    1. Was that supposed to be some form of wit? To apply the topic above to something completely irrelevant? It’s sucks that Apple has not updated the Mac Pro. And I feel sorry for people who are stuck and unable to do anything but wait… and wait… and hope.

      But how about adding something to the conversation at hand? This whining on EVERY FREAKEN post about the Mac Pro is asinine and juvenile. It doesn’t foster sympathy it really makes me hope that Apple decides to NEVER update the Mac Pro again. Just so I can turn around and be just as juvenile and laugh in your face.

      1. Dear Michael:
        You have to think before you shoot yourself in the foot. YOU will complain if the last Apple tech you bought was from 2013 and today you have nothing else, nothing new to address your growing needs. You are not more loyal to Apple than those who have waited 3 years and maybe are still waiting. And what you are saying is not clever.

        You are clearly frustrated, it shows. But you can’t wonder why others are so frustrated.

        Well Michael, look how frustrating is to have a real situation to deal with, and is not something you read on the internet.

  1. Where’s the artificial intelligence when it comes to tapping out text on my iPhone? My experience is horrendous when writing on this device. I constantly have to reread everything I type (including this text) on the device. Just getting this far I’ve had to make probably at least 10 corrections. No AI to be found here!

    It is it just me? Am I really that bad on a virtual keyboard?

  2. before going too far, for starters, lets see some of that prowess applied in more rudimentary applications.
    Like Apple’s dismal spell checker and contextual word recognition and data analytics.
    To see the difference type some heavily misspelled sentence with some bogus grammer in an Apple software and let it give you a suggestion of what you may have meant.. Then go do the same exact thing in google…
    I hate google passionately… but got to give credit where credit is due… I Pray someday i can completely put google aside… but for that to happen Apple has to Up its AI game. massivly .

  3. If you want a demonstration about how Apple is approaching AI, play with the image search facility in the IOS Photos app.

    Your IOS device analyses photographs without you having to do anything and you can simply search your albums for images that match key words, such as ‘snow”, ‘SUV’, ‘Birthday’ or ‘Christmas”.

    It’s taking advantage of the power of Apple’s ARM chips and doing the process entirely within the device without sending the images back to a server for analysis like others do.

  4. If Apple AI is so good, why does Siri seem so useless? My wife uses her all the time for reasons I don’t get, but every time I take a shot at it, she always comes us with something wrong or just “not great.” I’m guessing Apple’s not using Google to come up with her answers?

    A simple Google in Safari on the iPhone usually gets me what I need so much faster and easier.

    If Apple is plunging into AI and is going to be great, why isn’t Siri better?

    What am I missing?

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