Apple iPhone tops sales charts across most of the world

“New research data shows that Apple’s iOS saw a significant sales percentage boost with the release of the iPhone 7 family, with year-over-year sales growth in a three-month measurement period ending in October,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“In the US, iPhone sales grew 7 percentage points year-over-year in a period measured from Aug.1 to Oct. 31, from 33.5 percent of smartphone sales to 40.5 percent in the three months ending October 2016, according to Kantar Worldpanel,” Wuerthele reports. “This represents the strongest rate of growth seen by the analysts for iOS in more than two years, as well as the highest share seen since the three months ending January 2015.”

“Android remains the dominant mobile OS in the US, holding 57.9 percent of smartphone sales —but falling. The data collected by Kantar represents the fifth consecutive year-over-year period decline for Android,” Wuerthele reports. “iPhone 7 family was in the top 10 smartphones sold in all regions of the world but Spain.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No surprise, given that Spain’s economy has just recently begun to rebound from deep recession and high unemployment, that the country is infested with Android settlers (91.7% vs. just 7.9% iOS users). Apple really should get to work in Spain now that the country’s economy is showing signs of life.


  1. Most of the articles on the internet only talk about Apple cutting back orders for the iPhone 7/7 Plus, so it’s unlikely there’s anything for Apple shareholders to find pleasure in. As usual, only Apple is the major tech company to generate bad news for shareholders while rival tech companies are being upgraded.

    I can’t even imagine what Apple would have to do to increase iPhone sales in the U.S. If consumers are only willing to pay a certain amount for a smartphone there’s no way Apple can reach those consumers. There’s just too many low-cost Android smartphones to attract consumers away from iPhones. Google’s giveaway Android OS has to be one of the best strategies any company has ever thought of to totally dominate a platform. Based on consumers’ penchant for cheap goods, there’s no way Apple can ever gain significant market share with even a nearly perfect iPhone.

    1. Yeah it’s just a damn dirty shame Apple still takes all the profit out of it from all of it’s competition save for a few bones to one or two slavish copiers. What else can a company ask for beyond 100%+ of the total profits? At some point even Android will probably see major players dropping out due to lack of profit (which is business oxygen). A matter of time. Nokia’s Android phone will be a flop of Ballmerian proportion. Amusing but sad to watch.

    2. You write as though you believe that if it’s said on the internet, then it must be true.

      I’ve lost count of the number of times over the years that the narrative on the internet has been that iPhone sales are collapsing and then when Apple releases the actual sales figures, the sales were doing really well all along. Before iPhones, we used to see the same false claims about iPod sales collapsing.

      It’s pretty obvious that there are smartphone companies that try to massage sales figures to make their performance temporarily look better, but there is no way that Apple can do that, especially when you look at the magnitude of the profits that Apple consistently generates. It’s your choice. Do you trust rumours, or do you trust actual results which can be verified?

      Apple is not looking to increase sales by targeting the people in the US who buy cheap Androids. Apple will never sell rubbish handsets at rock bottom prices. There is no profit in doing that, the bottom end of the market is never of interest to Apple. They never did that with Macs either when the world was going mad for Netbooks and all the analysts were insisting that Apple needed to offer a low cost Netbook.

      Instead, Apple is looking to maximise their sales in the profitable sector of the market. Further expansion in the US will primarily be by converting people who had previously bought high-end Androids. They had already spent almost as much as an iPhone would have cost, so the cost difference will be small, but the value for money greater.

      The myth that market share matters is still doing the rounds, even though we have seen that those manufacturers who enjoy the greatest market share are mostly operating at a loss, while Apple accounts for close to 100% of the entire profits for the global smartphone industry.

      If you were running a business, what would you choose, bragging rights and losses, or all the profits for the entire industry?

  2. That you Samsung. The galaxy 8 was going to kill Apple this year until the battery fiasco. And yet THOUSANDS of iPhone 6 people have to PAY to get their flawed design phones fixed.

    iPhone 7 sales are about to nosedive. The fans boys pretty much got theirs now. Calendar 2016 is going to be painful for iPhone.

    And when those Chinese phones come out it’s going to be BRUTAL for Apple.

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