Samsung said to copy Apple by axing 3.5mm headphone jack

“Samsung plans to take the ‘courageous’ step of copying Apple next year by ditching the headphone jack on its flagship smartphone,” Buster Hein reports for Cult of Mac.

“The most recent rumor about the upcoming “Galaxy S8” claims the device will use USB-C for charging and for headphone connections,” Hein reports. “Other new feature on the Galaxy S8 are rumored to include a 2K-resolution super-AMOLED display. Instead of using a PenTile pixel layout, though, Samsung will allegedly switch back to RGB.”

“Even though the iPhone 7 just came out a few months ago,” Hein reports, “rumors are already heating up that the device may get a major design change with a curved glass body, improved cameras, slimmer bezels and supercharged internals.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shocking.

What’s next, is the slavish copier going to put Apple logos on the backs of their iPhone wannabes, too? They might as well, the “justice system” wouldn’t give two shits.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


      1. That’s, from what I hear, why Samsung is removing the 3.5 mm ear phone jack and replacing it with a miniature fire extinguisher. Think of it as a Samsung Galaxy internal sprinkler system!

      1. Get what to work? The AirPods? Anyone with half a brain could probably guess that Apple is pushing allocation of the W1 chip towards Beats products first. When people think of headphones, they think Beats way before Apple and since this is the holiday season, getting more Beats headphones onto the market means many, many times more sales.

        Most people who want Apple’s AirPods, will wait for them.

  1. Noooooooooooo
    iCan’t fathom the loss!!!!!
    Cry me a Fukien river.

    GMAFB! ScamScum a tech Leader!?

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

    Yup, ScumScam follows. As predicted.

    Pathetically lame.

  2. Can’t wait to see with echo chamber says.
    Will Nily Patel of the Verge make a drunken post about how it’s a crime against humanity and only Hitler and Apple would be so degenerate.

    1. botvinnik does not cultivate groupies. He is a one-man show. He is not a troll, but rather simply an isolated, aggrieved and opinionated man. He would prefer to persuade you to his way of thinking, but is more often tempted to mock your misguided ideas instead, preferring the visceral satisfaction of putting you down.

      I can’t condemn that, not when I see the exact same behaviour replicated left, right, and centre. I have done it myself. Whosoever is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

      1. Please permit me to disagree. Potty carries it way too far. He is sick. None of us deserves it. He has derailed too many emerging discussions to be given pity for his immature comments. He needs to grow up. Or preferably go away and leave the rest of us interested in Apple news in peace. Lastly, you might reconsider your position on tolerating extreme inanity.

      2. Love your posts, Herself! You remind me of hannahjs/janeshepard, who departed the MDN forum after what she described as a “…ceaseless pattern of harassment.” I miss her a lot. She was one of the good ones along with ChrissyOne. They became more like family after a while, but the jerks chased them away. That is why I despise what this forum has become. I, myself, am patronizing other Mac forums and visiting MDN less and less. When I do visit MDN, I often skip the comments, especially if botty or Fwhatever appear early on.

        botty may not seek to cultivate groupies, but he has shown that he loves their adulation and support. However, you nailed it when you called him an “… isolated, aggrieved and opinionated man.”

        In addition, unlike you, I can condemn his behavior. All boorish behavior is not created equal. Some people sin more than others, and some should receive a few additional stones.

        1. Don’t know if you’ve noticed KM that MDN did finally kick out the most egregious troll who was highly disruptive, insulting & abusive, majorly Tim-hating and adopted pseudonyms faster than a new version of anything by Microsoft needing to be patched.

          It’s actually been getting back to more normal here lately once that drooling idiot was grabbed by the scruff of the neck, given the bum’s rush & drop kicked out on his keister. I would also have preferred he was “shot down in flames.”

      3. botvinnik is a troll, pure and simple. he/she/it is a juvenile, vindictive, argumentative, fact-free bigot who would rather bully people on the internet than engage in civil discourse. In the real world, he/she/it is self-isolated and despised by those around him because he/she/it refuses to think of anyone but him/her/itself. But since MDN shares some of these less than noble qualities, and actively pushes this forum to clickbait for political non sequitur rather than sticking to Apple issues, botvinnik is allowed to ruin these forums and shout down any sharing of ideas.

        what botvinnik doesn’t realize is that he is attracting no one to his ideas — he his actively showing how shallow and misguided he and his evil twin first whatever are.

        A person who cares about society and the future of mankind would actively condemn those who abuse the right of free speech with such extremist and hateful behavior. The solution to bad behavior is not to withhold the stoning, but to actively intervene and provide psychological counseling to the brain damaged members of society who have drifted off the deep end.

  3. Apple establishes a standard some take some dont,.. look back at the floppy disc, usb, mouse and even removal of features apple does goofy thinhs and the competition follows most of the time. Firewire not included,…

  4. IF you had a really really powerful antennea how far could you be from a bluetooth enabled phone or headset and still be able to pick up the radio transmission between the receiver and the transmitter???

    1. Bluetooth has very short transmission range. In addition, an antenna is not the limiting factor. Bluetooth by design is supposed to be a low power user. It still sucks a lot of juice but modern mobile devices get by with a relatively weak transmitter. Just a few watts power. In comparison, an FM radio station is more like 50,000 watts or more.

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