15 of the best Mac hacks to simplify your life

“Now is a better time than any to upgrade your digital world with a new computer and all the necessary apps that will simplify your life,” Sarah Brown writes fro Intego. “If you decide to use a Mac, you may end up confused after your first attempt at navigating macOS — Apple’s latest operating system.”

“Instead of reverting back to your old computer setup, read through the following Mac hacks and discover more productive ways to get things done in no time,” Brown writes. “The list below covers the basics for Mac newbies who are using Sierra, the most current macOS.”

1. Set Up a Smart Folder
2. Get to Know the Dock
3. Say Hello to Siri
4. Learn about Spotlight
5. Tackle Tasks with iWork
6. Use Up Your Free iCloud Storage
7. Learn Trackpad and Mouse Gestures
8. Do More with Keyboard Shortcuts
9. Embellish Your Text with Special Characters
10. Speed Up Your Mac with Purge and Activity Monitor
11. Use Hot Corners for a Smoother Experience
12. Connect Your Mac and Other Apple Devices with Continuity
13. Do More with Universal Clipboard
14. Multitask with Ease Through Window Snapping
15. Auto Unlock Your Mac with Your Apple Watch

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MacDailyNews Take: Somebody should make a side-by-side video of an original mac user (from way back in 1984) versus, say, a teenager who’s been using a Mac for five years doing the same things. We bet the different paths they’d likely take would be illuminating.

In that same vein, we’d like to see a a side-by-side video of a longtime Mac user with five years of iPad experience vs. a teenager who’s only ever used and iPad (and iPhone). The proficiency and productivity of the teenager, we guarantee, would be stunning to those brought up on mice and trackpads.


    1. Think about it. Your watch would keep the iPhone open continually. You can close the lid as on a MB, nor to you leave you iPhone unattended on a desk for hours at a time. Is grabbing your iPhone with your thumb on the sensor too much effort?

  1. 10. Speed Up Your Mac with Purge and Activity Monitor

    Most often, this will slow things down. You’re clearing cache which has to be re-read from storage. This cache is otherwise purged as needed.

    You’re also purging compressed memory, which then also needs to be compressed as needed and in the meantime consume memory that could otherwise be used.

    Really the only time this makes sense is if you’re running a errant app.

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