President-elect Trump invites tech leaders to roundtable in Manhattan next week

“President-elect Donald Trump has invited technology industry leaders to a roundtable next week in New York,” Jessica Guynn and Jon Swartz report for USA Today. “The invitation for the Dec. 14 summit was sent by Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, and transition team adviser Peter Thiel.”

“The tech industry which bet heavily on Hillary Clinton in the months leading up to the presidential election is looking to build bridges to the incoming administration,” Guynn and Swartz report. “The stakes are high after the industry-wide snubbing of the president-elect, who engaged in tweaking Apple and Amazon on his Twitter account.”

“Trump last week announced the formation of a business council chaired by Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of investment firm Blackstone Group and comprised of the leaders of major U.S. corporations including GE, GM and Boeing,” Guynn and Swartz report. “The only representative from tech was IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, who is not from Silicon Valley.”

President-elect Trump
President-elect Trump
“Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff congratulated Trump on Twitter and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella posted his congratulations on LinkedIn. Apple CEO Tim Cook called Trump to congratulate him, Trump told The New York Times,” Guynn and Swartz report. “‘Most of Silicon Valley is moving from the ‘surprised and in denial’ phase to accepting the change that’s coming,’ said Semil Shah, general partner at venture capital firm Haystack Fund in Menlo Park, Calif.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Lots of bridge-building to do!

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  1. Coming soon…back doors in everything made by Apple and Google.

    Trump is waiting for an event that will drive public opinion completely to his side to enact this for their “protection.”

    At first, back door spying will be used for “national security” purposes.
    And then they will be used for business competition reasons.

    Another reason I don’t put intellectual property into the currently-secure Apple “cloud.”

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Maybe I’m making an unnecessary connection, but something about Trump’s recent Boeing tweet challenge is curious, when I learn from this article, Boeing is on the “business council.”

      1. …and “no tech” (except for IBM…small compared to…) even though Apple, Goog, MSFT, Amazon, & FB are all in the top 10 for mkt cap rate. Smells like a favor list, vs a true board to gather broadly for the tops in sectors. GE is the only top-10 market cap company on his list.

      2. Just a small side note on the Boeing contract. 1) The $4B was an early estimate only and no manufacturing contract currently exists. Boeing is only on contract right now to study the requirements for the new planes. 2) These are very special planes with unique command and control systems, survivability modes and anti-missile countermeasures. 3) Those who criticize seemingly high prices for Government contracts might want to do a little homework by studying the FARS and DFARS buried within each Government contract. What the Government asks for will astound many here I’m sure. 4) Should this engineering and manufacturing contract come to pass, Boeing’s profit margin will be limited to around 10%. Those ready to castigate Boeing for price gouging will be sorely disappointed.

  2. God I miss this guy

    Say what you will, he was completely right and Trump is proof.
    Any other politician that paid attention could’ve won, but none did.

    So put THAT in your bong and trip on it…..

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