Samsung’s dangerous Galaxy Note 7 broke basic engineering rules, says damning new report

“A teardown of the Galaxy Note 7 may have provided insight into why the infamous smartphone was prone to explosions, causing Samsung to recall and eventually cancel the device entirely,” Andy Boxall reports for Digital Trends. “While it’s obvious the battery was a key reason for the device’s failure, a damning new report from a third-party shows what may be the underlying cause.”

“After acquiring a Galaxy Note 7 — no easy feat after the phones have been recalled — engineers with manufacturing technology company Instrumental stripped the phone down to see what was going on inside (and yes, they had a fire extinguisher nearby, just in case),” Boxall reports. “They discovered the battery was so tightly packed inside the Galaxy Note 7’s body that any pressure from battery expansion, or stress on the body itself, may squeeze together layers inside the battery that are never supposed to touch — with explosive results.”

“Delving deeper into the design, the engineers say the space above a battery inside a device needs a ‘ceiling’ that equates to approximately 10 percent of the overall thickness. The Galaxy Note 7 should have had a 0.5mm ceiling; it had none,” Boxall reports. “‘It breaks such a basic rule, it must have been intentional,’ says the Instrumental team, adding, ‘they shipped a dangerous product.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anyone who buys Samsung-branded products is a fool.

Samsung has no clue why their phones explode, yet they shipped replacements anyway, assuring their customers they were safe.

Samsung are not only thieves, they’re liars, too.

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  1. Yes American Government Agencies are slow
    Yes many American Government Agencies are bloated
    But cases like this is where they shine. There will be a HUGE smack down on Samsung in 6 – 10 months from the feds.

      1. There will be a law firm happy to take on a class action lawsuit for the sole reason that Samsung has deep pockets alone.
        The compensation to customers will be peanuts, but will make a law firm very happy.
        I think I never cashed any of my $10 dollar checks from any of the class action lawsuits won against BofA.

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  2. You do know that Scamsung is a major supplier of components to Apple. So, buying any iOS device is in part buying something from Samsung.

    Why Apple has continued to do business with this company is puzzling.

  3. That it had such a small footprint with such a large battery was one of the most often cited guesses I read immediately after the problem arose.

    Yes, I was one of “those” citing the galaxy note footprint as something Apple needed to work in to make a modern device. I Huess Apple had a really good reason for keeping their phones as large as they are. Safety first. A company like Apple with the sales it has vs the Note, would die with lawyers aiming furiously after tha stockpiles of money Apple has stashed away.

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