Demand for Apple’s new MacBook Pro shows no sign of slowing down

“Though Apple’s new laptops have been criticized from all angles for being overpriced and under-powered, Phil Schiller a few weeks back said that initial MacBook Pro orders were quick to set new sales records,” Yoni Heisler reports for BGR. “‘Our online store has had more orders for the new MacBook Pro than any other pro notebook before,’ Schiller said during an interview with The Independent earlier this month. ‘So there certainly are a lot of people as excited as we are about it.'”

“Not only that, but ongoing demand for Apple’s new laptops appears to be holding up as we transition head-first into the busiest shopping period of the year,” Heisler reports. “According to MacBook Pro manufacturer Quanta (via Digitimes), demand for Apple’s refreshed notebook line is not only strong, but will remain strong all the way through the first few months of 2017.”

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“Quanta Computer, the sole producer of MacBook Pro products, expects its notebook shipments to be better than expected in the fourth quarter of 2016 and will slip only 2-3% on quarter from the previous quarter, according to company vice chairman CC Leung,” Aaron Lee and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes. “Orders for MacBook Pro models will remain strong in the first quarter of 2017, stated the sources.”

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    1. Bullshxt.

      I went to BestBuy in a big city with demand for Apple, and they had MBPro Touch Bar stock. I never bought one. Another couple was there, close to buying one, and then eventually walked away too.

      While a limited sample, it makes no sense that this store would have stock and not be sold out with the traffic they get.

      My only conclusion so far is that there isn’t big demand for it. And the reason is because: it’s overpriced, underpowered, and the Touch Bar is a gimmick.

      I want a MacBook Pro:

      -With wireless charging.
      -Non aluminum and sans sharp edges.
      -Better GPU and CPU.

      1. No that’s not a limited sample, that’s a whole two potential transactions!

        I’m pretty sure everyone would agree that YOUR analysis of those two transactions outweighs some silly company in China that actually makes them. Hell, they likely make them then DUMP them in the ocean and then… umm, profit.

        In other news, man claims Trump couldn’t have won the election because “All the people in MY house voted for Hillary!” 🙂

        1. You fanboys are so dense.


      2.…a sample of 2 people.

        I went to my local Apple store, saw quite a few people look at the new MBP’s, saw a few buy one, asked the sales person about it, and they said it was selling very well. Again, only an anecdote, but about as useful as the Best Buy story.

        I do know a few businesses that have ordered the new MBP’s in pretty good quantities as well. My guess is that it is a hit and will generate a lot of profit for Apple.

        1. “wade” is really that cocksucker peterblood using a rating hack.

          Notice how everyone’s rating are 1-star but wade has a perfect 5-stars, even though he’s the only pro Tim Cook supporter on this site now.

          You pathetic fuck!

        2. How many of the Macbook sales are quantity orders from the likes of IBM, and other large corporate purchases, vs. how many of the sales are typical retail sales to individual purchasers?


    2. I don’t know if it’s pure BS or not, but there was a huge pent up demand. That’s just a simple fact and was expected based upon the dearth of new MBPs for so long.

      Further, the article even states that Quanta expects shipments to be DOWN 2% to 3% this fourth calendar quarter from the same period last year — you know, the quarter in which there were NO new MBPs! How does that indicate great sales?

      As I’ve said on this site before, let’s see what the sales figures for the new MBPs are in February 2017 after competitors have announced Kaby Lake based systems and significantly better specs.

  1. Let’s just take a moment to thank Tim Cook for all his contributions to Apple:

    The Apple TV 3.5

    The Uniport Netbook-Macbook

    The Mac Semi-Pro

    The Mac Minimum

    The 2016 Macbook Amateur

    The Pointless Apple Swatch

    Crapple Music

    The Apple Pencil

    Showing us the true meaning of the opposite of the word “Pro”

    Crappy updates and buggy OS releases

    Hiring and overpaying incompetent executives

    Lack of QA

    Announcing products and releasing them months later

    Botching every product launch

    Marching in every gay parade

    Preaching diversity when Apple is as white as a stick of chalk

    And finally, thanks for the billions of dollars worth of unnecessary dongles, Tim!

    1. I remember the iPad Pro (I have one btw) was also a big hit, backordered etc but when the quarter results came out the TOTAL iPad sales were down as Apple didn’t update the other iPads.

      We have to see TOTAL Mac sales to see the real impact of the new MBP .
      The new MBP is actually in my thinking a COMBINATION of high end Mac Air and MBP.

      Apple didn’t make a 16 GB touch bar ‘LUX’ Air and a 32 GB max features heavier MBP but LUMPED them together (probably bean counters trying to save production costs) so this might effect final tallies.

      AS an aapl investor though I really REALLY hope MBP is a big success.

        1. Have you used one? It’s a very fast, responsive machine with a great display. The people who say it’s under spec’d don’t know what they are talking about. Apple always gets more out of specs than Windows devices do. We saw this when Steve did his famous video the Megahertz Myth.

          As for the touch bar…again, have you used it. It’s very nice, in some apps quite useful.

          Most people who are criticizing the MBP have never used it, which tells you all you need to know.

            1. How long did you try it out? A whole two seconds?

              I don’t own one yet, but I have used one owned by a friend of mine for his business, for a total of a few hours. Even that’s not long enough to really get to know if the touch bar will work for you, but it’s more than just a drive by touch in a store.

              The first thing I noticed is that it is very fast…it’s total BS about it being underpowered. The screen is noticeably brighter…very nice if in a bright office or outdoors. It’s also a gorgeous screen with fine detail and color. Just the power and screen alone are worth the price of admission.

              But the touch bar is very nice, works buttery smooth, and for a few apps I really learned to like it and find it useful. If I used it on a more continual basis, I would like it even more. It’s a tool and you have to allow for time to learn the tool.

          1. This is one of the *extremely* rare cases where I agree with botty. (I think the number of times before equals the number of verified and validated measurements of magnetic monopoles in the universe.)

            I HAVE used one for more than a few minutes. For what I do (and in comparison to my expectations of what the new generation MBPs would be) it *IS* underpowered.

            That Megahertz Myth video was not a head to head comparison of Apple’s implementation versus implementations by others on the same processor, same RAM, same GPU, so it is 100% irrelevant to this discussion. Hell, that comparison included the SPARC processor!

            Yes, Apple can sometimes get more performance out of the exact same hardware than others by tuning the software to the hardware and vice versa (the initial PowerPC G3 implementations are a perfect example of that), but that has nothing to do with the simple fact that the top of the line new MBPs *are* underpowered.

            And, a “Pro” machine that cannot be upgraded in *any* way? That’s just a slap in the face.

    2. It’s funny to read someone say they don’t believe a pretty good sourced data point, when they have nothing factual to offer as rebuttal, only that the data doesn’t match what their want to believe.

      The only thing missing today is that if Steve Jobs were alive, he would have offered the same defense of the MBP as Schiller did, only Steve would have had the personality and gravitas to make the point more effectively.

        1. Again a non argument, just your opinion…which is fine if you present it as just a matter of personal preference.

          I like their products…but more importantly, the market of consumers vote. And judging from Apple financials, the market thinks highly of Apple’s products.

          So have your opinion…we all do…but in the end the financials will tell the story.

    3. I reckon the good sales are probably true, but I really wonder what sort of customers are buying the thing.

      Of course, there’s the pent-up demand because of Apple taking such a moronically long time to update it. And more sales will probably happen when USB-C hubs become available, allowing people to actually plug something into it.

      The main program I use is for Mac and Windows, is quite technical, and is used by many professionals including college/university professors and creative musicians/artists doing things way beyond what mainstream programs can do. There are NO flame wars on the forum – that sort of behaviour would be considered retarded. (Interestingly, there’s quite a few Logic Pro refugees there too,, many of whom arrived after Apple really made their intentions clear after buying Emagic.)

      Anyway, in the discussion about the new MacBook Pro, virtually all contributors are VERY disappointed, some are reluctantly sticking with Apple but only by using older hardware, and some are actually going (back) to Windows, i.e. not just threatening to. And there are questions about what Windows hardware would do what they need.

      I certainly won’t be getting one, one reason being the AU$2199 starting price for the most basic model plus about AU$350 for a hub so I could plug something in (once they become available).

      1. What is the program you are talking about…so we can read the forums and see what you see?

        As for the hub…what kind of hub is it that costs that much? I can buy most dongles for under US $50…even the best hubs I’ve seen by 3rd parties are more like US $100 or so.

        1. Dunno what’s going on but most of my replies don’t get through. The 12 port hub would be needed to replace what’s currently plugged into my 2012 Mac mini. And no, it’s not even USB-C. And dongles certainly aren’t always perfect, although they are always inconvenient. e.g. Apple’s Thunderbolt to firewire adapter (AU$45) has more 1-star reviews than 5-star. And it doesn’t work with my firewire audio interface.

  2. Creative and artistic prople dont like to be restricted ..they, by their nature, like freedom.. unfortunately Apples dogmatic and idiosyncratic ways are pushing this demographic away !..

    Apple the people you are ignoring are the prople who put you on the map !…

    Choice over Dogma!
    If you dont do it… MS will be more than happy to jump in and fill the Void.


      1. A cousin visited with us for a few days and she brought a Surface and, of course, I was curious. When trying to show me some plans for a new house she experienced numerous instances where the touch screen did not respond as expected or did not respond at all. She blamed it on herself as user error. But I didn’t see it that way. The interface was not smooth, not intuitive. It became clear to me after a few minutes that Microsoft has not thought through the interface very well.

  3. Put in an order for one over the weekend. No firm delivery date yet but no big deal.
    For the guy who wanted an non aluminum MBP, you must be freaking crazy. My current MBP (1st gen retina) is still looking like new and it is 4 years old. The previous MBP I had was showing wear signs after 2 years.

  4. I would love to replace my old mbp.
    But I will need to at least bump up the ssd-size at overprice.
    I use lpx with my current mbp but only for recording. Because it is not powerfull enough for mixing.
    But as a happy amateur I cannot justify the price tag on the new mbp’s. So no new machine for me.
    I do not like the removal of the magsafe feature. Make the feature combined with usb-c is fine by me.

  5. Pent up demand from people waiting a ridiculously long time for a real update. Same as iphone 6, same as ipad pro. The difference is, with the iPhone 6, Apple dramatically improved the iPhone and didn’t take anything away, then they priced it accurately. The ipad pro is a hobbled iOS device that can never do what a real laptop can, but Apple charges super premium prices for it. iPhone 7 and new MacBook Pro — even worse, users are seeing price increases but crappy configurations that add esoteric fluff while taking away critical features necessary in the real world. So Apple will see short term strong sales and rapidly declining sales thereafter. If it wasn’t for samsung, theiphone 7 would be dramatically underselling the sell rate of iPhone 6.

    I find the gimmick bar just as annoying as the microsoft ribbon. It distracts the user. Controls work better when they are on the screen and the user has super accurate control with mouse or trackball. 3d touch sucks. Apple’s thin keyboard is annoyingly loud and feels cheap. Pushing iphone technologies onto a laptop is not the direction anyone wanted Apple to go. And then we have the issue of not being compatible with any existing peripherals. Apparently Apple didn’t learn a goddamned thing from the trashcan Mac sales disaster. This company is lost.

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