What to expect from Apple’s next-gen iPad Pro models

“Let’s go over what we know, or think we know, so far about the upcoming iPad Pros,” Carter Reschke writes for AppleBlend.

“We will likely be seeing three different display sizes, 7.9-inches, 10.1-inches, and 12.9-inches,” Reschke writes. “The fact that we could be seeing a 7.9″ iPad Pro is disturbing, but it’s nice to see that a 10.1″ model will be introduced, catering to some users who’d like a smaller or more portable device.”

“We won’t be seeing headphone jacks on the new iPads, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise,” Reschke writes. “Another addition we will likely be seeing is a True Tone display on all models of the Pro.”

Every iPad model ever made
Every iPad model ever made

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MacDailyNews Take: A 7.9-inch iPad Pro? Seems specious. And, we’ve heard more about a 10.5-inch iPad Pro than we have of a 10.1-inch model.


  1. iPad Pro 12.9 owner here.


    -New design so its bezels are less.
    -Backlit type cover.
    -Quick charge.
    -Much better cameras.
    -Apple Pencil that holds a charge when dormant for much longer. And one with much better battery life.
    -Better screen (OLED) and less reflective.
    -More power (given).

    Even with all of this, it’s still just a hamstrung tablet. I use it for a very narrow set of things and that’s mostly reading and browsing the Web.

    1. IPad Pro 12.9 with LTE owner and iPad Air 2 owner.

      IPad Pro should either get a price cut or include the vastly overpriced pencil.
      iPad Pro 12.9 should include the new USB C 29 watt charger and cable instead of the 12 watt USB setup. The charges are too damn slow for the big boy.

      The big iPad can lose the back camera as I cannot imagine a need for it. These things do not look that much bigger in the store, but are noticeably bigger when you carry them around.

      A bigger version at 15″ without the rear camera and a built in shallow kickstand 20-30 degrees for desktop use would be very nice.

      They also need to cut the price on the iPad Pro keyboard and cover.

      As to the iPad mini, no Pro, but it should be brought up to date on CPU GPU and display.

      1. Good points.

        I agree USB C should be a given at this point. And a larger charger is a must. Also, the price os absurd. I mean my 128 GB is around $1200 CAD.

        For what? Something that is closer to the price of a 12″ MacBook and you still have to buy the keyboard and pencil. And it’s no where near as productive as a Mac.

        I’ve tried to use it as a second Monitor with Duet App: horrible. It’s pixelated and slow and stuttery.

        And don’t get me started on the App situation. There are hardly any good Apps that can be considered Pro. A person soon realizes that iOS is not a pro playground: it’s a basic consumer OS designed for underpowered, battery based portable electronics.

        1. Apple is supposedly cleaning house in the App store which they have let get out of hand. There are apps up there that do not support iOS 10 and some that have not been updated since before the launch of iOS 7. And many of these are from fairly large outfits.

    2. We need Apple to update its apps to be compatible..or take advantage of..the Pencil. If it wasn’t for Notability, I wouldn’t be able to use it for work due to lack of pen support in Pages, Keynote, iBooks, etc..

  2. I sold a macbook pro and went 9.7 pro with the keyboard. And I really have no hardware complaints for what I do.

    Just software.

    iOS is crippled for real work. No persistent background apps, no easily accessible file storage (Panic’s Transmit works ok, but such a kludge..)

    I got sick of carrying around the bloated macbook just for the few things I do mobile… But there are some quality of life issues in iOS that need serious attention.

    1. as i have written and Suggested for a year or more now.

      Apple needs to release an IOS-PRO…. with a full fledged , roubust, user managable file system and all… something that will also allow running full fledged applications not Fragmented App Snippets.

      All for a Charge!

      thise who care/need will upgrade(i belive millions will ) … those who dont wont. Simple.
      it will be a new revenue stream for Apple too.

      win Win…
      but eith the way Apple is behaving recently … im preplexed !

      1. Completely agree and that is what is holding back ipads in general, is the lack of a more serious/pro ios software. And your also right another possible revenue stream for Apple. Curious and this is no criticism to you as I see lots of people posting great ideas, but have you ever directly sent some of your great ideas directly to Apple? Because I hope Apple is listening/reading these good ideas, because Apple has the potential to be so much more than they are.

      2. Oops I just read one of your other posts and see that you do directly write Apple, that’s great as I do too. Also agree with you we need to bombard Apple to get their stuff together.

  3. FYI,

    If you have a Pro..and use it for work/school…you need Notability. Brought the Pro to a conference recently and it was only then that I felt my purchase was justified. It was made for multitasking while taking notes.

  4. I have coveted the 12.9″ model when it was just a rumor, but have held back as I’ve learned, the hard way, not to buy 1st generation products. Really wanting to know what the new model will do.

  5. Ipads of any size can never be pro. Ios is not a pro operating system. To those who abandoned the Mac because you thought carrying an iPad would be more convenient, you got fooled. Ios is and always will be amateur hour. Fine for phones, useless for any collaborative work.

  6. Use a 12.9 pro as does hubby. He uses it as a music board controller (xair). I use it to store and read curriculum in PDF Expert, take pictures/videos, make notes on pdfs using PDF expert, edit curriculum using google docs, study plants using Filemaker Go and Anki flashcards, play music, read the web, edit pictures because my PC has a horrible workflow and Photoshop is more complicated than what I need, and occasionally watch videos when working out.

    I would love a smaller, more portable and internally storable pencil, better workflow with copy and paste between apps, and better cameras with flash.

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