Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro (non-Touch Bar) is the new MacBook Air and should be judged as such

“The new 13-inch, non-Touch Bar Pro is not a ‘pro’ computer at all,” Nate Swanner writes for SlashGear. “Often, reviews append their long-winded ranting with that notation at the end, but it misses the mark.”

“We’ve (the royal ‘we’ here) also lost track of the biggest complaint about the Air: the screen. For so long the only thing the tech press wanted was an Air with a Retina screen. It would be the perfect computer, they’d say,” Swanner writes. “Then they got one — except Apple dubbed it a ‘Pro’ computer.”

“Instead of simply rebooting the Air lineup, Apple gave us a confusing Pro stable to pick through,” Swanner writes. “Apple calling the 13-inch non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro (and screw them for making me type that, it’s a stupid-long name) a ‘Pro’ at all is problematic. Instead of simply rebooting the Air with a Retina screen — you know, that thing we wanted — Apple rebooted the Air with a Retina screen and called it a Pro. Except it’s not a Pro. It’s an Air… with a Retina screen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple has always run hot and cold at product naming. Calling the 13-inch non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro a “MacBook Pro” is clearly an example of Apple misnaming yet another product*.

Regardless of Apple’s latest misnomer fest, the only real MacBook Pros are those with Touch Bars.

*See every iPhone “S” model ever named, which is basically Apple stupidly tagging their flagship product as “no big deal” every other year.

Analyst: Apple to dump ‘iPhone 7s’ and jump straight to iPhone 8 next year – April 22, 2016


    1. 1. Sell a sealed, stripped down Netbook with limited ports

      2. Use ports that are obscure and yet to be fully adopted, so you can over-charge for expensive adapters

      3. Use the word “Pro” to increase the retail price by 30% over a product’s predecessor

      All you have to do is look to the shitty one port Macbook and the new iPads for recent examples of Cook’s new strategy.

      I told everyone what Cook was doing when he eliminated the 30-pin connector and intentionally killed an entire industry 5-years ago, SOLEY to license lightning and rip Apple consumers off for billions of dollars in the process with pricey and unnecessary adapters.

      Ever wonder why lightning is still on on the iPhone 7 but theres no USB-C… you have your answer.

      I’m just so glad that this MBP incident has finally exposed Cook for the lazy, greedy incompetent he is, has always been, and always will be until he is removed as CEO.

      1. Shame. I’d prefer six ports on the left and, to balance them out, six ports on the right. And the bottom should have a handle, you know, like a vanity mirror. It would make it handy when taking pictures.

        1. I’m still confused about the fact that he apparently thinks Cook suddenly becomes competent once he is removed as CEO. Probably thinks the products he slams would be brilliant if they were made by Dell too I guess. That’s the weirdness of trolls.

      2. Another Tim Cook obsessor. All your points are jaded, invalidated by the corruption of Hate. You lose all credibility, plus you sound like a conspiracy theorist, completely irrational. Would I buy this computer? No. Do I think Tim Cook is some devious, greedy comic book villain? Not in the Real World.

    2. MacBook Air originally launched at $1,799, and was a Core Duo, slowed-down device to handle the heat. Amazing size, etc… but massively expensive. Yet this base model is $300 less than that and delivers a LOT of power.

      Note the article does not talk real-world speed (read and writes, the OS and app speeds). It’s a pro machine. The display is custom read like no other for photographers and beyond.

      1. The original 2008 MBA was indeed $1799, and that price point was also a point of discussion and consternation … and a year later when in 2009 Apple Updated the original MBA, it came with a $300 price cut to $1499. Other price cuts have since followed along, with the base 11″ model now at $999. Thus, a contemporary vs contemporary comparison is to use 2016 values for both…and that puts the MBP substantially higher than the current MBA.

        On how the 2016 MBP has better hardware specs …. but of course!
        As per Moore’s Law, that’s to be expected: more for less is what Moore’s Law is all about.

  1. Yet another link-bait article of ranting against Apple to get hits. BIG waste of time.

    NO speed tests in FCP with multiple monitors
    No color accuracy tests in PSD or speed tests with large images.

    N O T H I N G – Just ranting about slant. Nothing more.

    1. I agree. Terrible article.
      I looked at it twice to see if I was missing a paragraph that had substance or a legitimate argument and couldn’t find one.

      If people wanted a MacBook Air with a Retina display and this unit gave that to them, they should rejoice. If this unit isn’t up to the Pro monicure at least give a reason as to why not.

      1. It’s all arranged simply to try to make him look objective rather than churning out a hit peice. It didn’t work for those with even half a brain but plenty enough for the trolls to get off on, after all they are simple minded folk at heart. Some of us are old enough to remember this sort of confused stuttering bumfluff from the past when it used to be rampant. Seems to be one thing of a second coming sadly.

  2. I think the 12″ Macbook is the real Air replacement, the new Pro without Touch Bar is an in-betweener product that Apple is using to hedge its bets while gauging demand for Touch Bar models. What’s throwing everything off is price. The cheapest next gen Macbook is the $1299 12″. Hopefully Apple can get those down to $1099 or even $999 by the start of the next school year. Or maybe they’re just counting on the Rich Kids of Instagram buying a dozen 15″ Touch Bar Pros at a pop with daddy Sheiks Saudi oil money.

  3. With Cook at the helm, Apple has become just another corporation, with pleasing their stockholders as its main goal. Making innovative powerful computers is no longer their focus. Compare the new MacBook “Pro” with Microsoft’s Surface Studio computer. The Surface Studio is cutting edge in its innovation, powerful and looks like it something you’d expect Apple To have designed.
    I never thought I’d say this but Apple is losing its race now with Microsoft.

    Apple knows that the age of the personal computer has had its day. For the average consumer, a tablet or even a smart phone has more power than they will ever need. A few of us do need powerful computers. Expect the cost of these to skyrocket.
    “The times, they are a changin.”

    1. i am a stockholder and am NOT pleased with the bean counter world view that seems to have taken possession of the upper echelons of apple.

      there are higher values worthy of pursuit than the value of increased profit.

      you boys are losing the thread. badly

  4. MBA starts from 999
    MB starts from 1299
    MBP starts from 1499
    It’s hard to see that the MBA will disappear given that the MBA is priced so low in comparison.
    This entry level MBP is a bit little the older non-retina MBP. It fills the gap between the MBs and real pro machines.

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