Early adopters appreciate the Touch Bar on Apple’s MacBook Pro

“Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar notebooks swiftly surpassed sales of almost every other decent quality notebook in the first five days availability,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Apple has raised its part and component orders with its supply chain partners, telling them that it expects strong shipments to continue until at least the end of the year.”

“Interest in the new Macs appears to be driven by the introduction of the new Touch Bar, which is attracting attention among early adopters who are keen to put it through its paces,” Evans writes. “Thomas Grove Carter, a professional video editor who uses Final Cut Pro X at London’s Trim Editing writes: ‘The more I’ve used [the Touch Bar] the more I’ve replaced certain keyboard shortcuts. Why would I use dual-hand/multi-finger shortcuts if the button was there in front of me? And it’s contextual. It changes depending on what I’m doing. I’m editing picture; it shows me relevant trimming shortcuts. I’m editing titles; it shows me font, formatting and color options.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Touch Bar is a perfectly natural extension of Mac’s collection of input devices. Before long, we’ll wonder how we ever did without it!


  1. It’s a brilliant concept, only fools would claim otherwise (though we will see plenty of those here as usual) and it will clearly be copied by the PC brigade at which point those Luddites will conveniently change their mind though at this stage isn’t really relevant to any argument about whether laptops should have touch screens.

  2. Apple’s trying to spin this but everyone knows this product is a dog. Tim Cook really put Windows 10 in play, because the type of Windows machine you could buy for the price of this hobbled, gouge-ridden machine is simply unbelievable.

    Every Apple consumer now knows that Cook’s only goal is to rip off consumers at every turn.

  3. This happens with every new Apple product and product change. Everybody hates it until they try it just like the old ad for the cereal that the kids get Mikey to try . . . “He likes it!!”

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