Apple’s AirPods remain on track to launch this year, sources say

“Apple’s AirPods will ship before the end of this year, AppleInsider‘s sources have confirmed, dismissing a bogus supply chain report that surfaced early Tuesday,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“Supply chain monitor Economic Daily News reported on Tuesday that manufacturer Inventec would see quarterly profits jump in the quarter starting in January 2017 because of a shifted launch date. At the same time, the publication said that the fourth quarter 2016 profits would not be changed from the third quarter,” Wuerthele reports. “However, sources familiar with the company’s plans indicated that internally, there is no official delay until January for shipment of the wireless earbuds.”

“One person briefed on the matter said plainly that there was ‘no way that these are getting pushed to January,'” Wuerthele reports. “In addition, contacts at Apple retail noted that AirPods demonstration units are already available in some stores. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is great news for everyone – except for those trying (and failing) to compete with Apple!

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  1. IF Apple keeps playing around with these things people will simply buy Bose wireless products which are very nice as well….i’m jus sayin…..

    Money goes where it is treated best….!

  2. I appreciate getting it right before launching – I really do.

    But … this is a HUGE marketing/development/production blunder. They needed AirPods ready to go with the iPhone 7 on the day the iPhone was released. The further you separate the AirPod launch from the iPhone launch, the less likely some people are going to be to buy them. People will grow tired of waiting and buy some other bluetooth enabled headphone (I’m sure Beats will pick a lot of those people up, but not all of them).

    There is a large portion of the public that thought iPhone 7 did not ship with headphones, because they had heard the headphone jack was removed and didn’t understand that they would be given lightning EarPods with their new iPhone – these people would have bought/ordered AirPods with their iPhone 7. Now that they’ve been using the provided lightning EarPods for awhile, they may decided NOT to pay another $160 for AirPods.

    Will Apple sell a lot of AirPods? Sure they will!

    Could they have sold even more if they were available when the iPhone launched – I think they could have!

    Opportunity – missed!

    1. Very good points iFan. Of course we want Apple to release a ready product, but they totally blew it not having it alongside the iPhone 7 from the very start while making a huge deal out of dumping the headphone jack. Then they blew it by not delivering on the “late October” promise 7 weeks later. I’ll probably still get them, but my enthusiasm has been tempered a lot. I also expect them to work flawlessly. If there’s anything annoying about how they operate I’m returning them.

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