Horror stories from the flight ban of Samsung’s exploding phones

“On Saturday the federal flight ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones went into effect in the United States,” Rhett Jones reports for Gizmodo. “We asked our readers how this was working out around the globe and from the replies we’ve received, it’s safe to say that, so far, this sucks.”

“The Transportation Department’s decision to ban the Note 7 from all flights came just days after Samsung announced that it was killing the phone for good,” Jones reports. “That short window left little time for the manufacturer, wireless carriers, and airlines to present a plan for consumers—and it’s unclear if anyone even has one. So far, it seems that Samsung wants you to return the phone in this fireproof box, airlines say to leave it the fuck at home, and according to one reader, a wireless carrier suggested smuggling it in a sock.”

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t smuggle your POS Samsung in a sock (or anywhere else), risking blowing up an airplane full of crew and passengers, including yourself.

Jones reports, “Rahul tells us: ‘At the security checkpoint as a husband/partner was saying goodbye to his wife/partner, she gave her phone to him because she thought she couldn’t take it on the plane. It was a Galaxy S5 or S6, I couldn’t really tell, but definitely not a Note. So lots of confusion. Finally, we are putting a lot of faith in flight attendants who don’t know the difference between a laptop and a tablet let alone a nuanced issue like what’s happening with the Note. I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose access to our cell phones pre-take off again as a result of Samsung’s fuck up.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Tough shit.

If you wasted your money on a wannabe iPhone from an Intellectual Property- and Trade Dress-trampling South Korean dishwasher maker, you deserve your karmic desserts.

Next time, dummy, get a real iPhone.

Here’s what’s now etched into the collective mind of the public:

A plane full of Apple iPhone users:
iPhone 747

A plane full of Samsung phone users:
Samsung plane

Analyst estimates 5-7 million ex-Samsung phone users to switch to Apple iPhone – October 17, 2016
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    1. Compared to Apple, where in two instances I brought iPhone’s in with cracked screens and no insurance and both were replaced for free (even though I did not have insurance or AppleCare) once the rep looked at my account and saw how many devices my family has registered on my iCloud account.

      BTW, my neighbor went to replace her washing machine this weekend and was going to buy a Samsung (they also are an Android family) but had to pick another brand because either Samsung or Lowes has a sales hold on Samsung washers because of the pending recall on Samsung washers for fire danger.

        1. Maybe the link is fixed, I had no problem arriving at the seekingalpha.com article. You may want to check your browser of possible hijacking code if you continue to have instances where you’re redirected to a different site than you intended.

  1. Yes the authorities act quickly to prevent a potential disaster and all we get is there doesn’t seem to be a plan. Yep well a plan to cover for this manipulative, deceptive excuse for a business f..king up big time and trying to cover it up would have taken till Christmas to sort out so that everyone knows how to recognise between a phone and a disguised incendiary device. So best play it safe eh, rather that we have too many affected than too few surely.

    1. The current complaints are rather humorous in juxtaposition to the ones a week or two ago that were complaining that the U.S. government was moving too slowly in taking action.

      The classic no-win situation…

      1. I think that it will get more insidious when the airlines are too clueless or too lazy to differentiate between Samsung bombs and Apple iPhones. They likely will move to ban all phones on planes. It is also highly likely that we will see an rash of ‘new phone fires’ orchestrated by Samsung using iPhones that have been tampered with. I don’t trust Samsung at all.

        1. Samsung would be well advised to avoid any shenanigans. They’ve already been caught cheating on benchmarks, now they have QA issues… if an investigation into multiple fires points to a conspiracy by Samsung itself, they’re toast.

          Die-hard Samsung users might do it, of course, but after a month, with probably 10x the number of Note 7s ever sold, and no pattern of exploding iPhone 7-s to date, so a sudden rash now would be looked on with great skepticism.

    2. There is absolutely no way this can all be planned, communicated and everyone trained in less than a week.

      Planning requires organization, coordination and communication from the bureaucracies at the top of regulatory agencies, mobile carriers, and Samsung itself, to the lowest rungs of the ladder i.e. the staff interacting with the public to either refuse passage at airports, or handling returns at shops.

      Priority 1 was banning them from flights ASAP due to unacceptably high risk of them burning up. Any chaos or inconvenience this causes to owners and innocent bystanders is secondary.

      Anyone complaining about this “poor planning” being on the heads of authorities, you may as well whine about the authorities closing US airspace on 9/11 without a plan, including proper consideration for the people that would be stranded in airports abroad. The Note 7 is obviously not as bad an emergency, but it was an emergency order just the same.

  2. All the sign posts were there as a warning but clueless Fandroid & faux-iPhone buyers blundered ahead and now potentially to their own Darwinian end. Or at the very least being data mined out the ying-yang, fragmented & security breached. When is it enough for you to finally avoid Android phones altogether despite whatever imaginary “advantages” you’ve made up in your head?

    And when will Leo Laporte stop being a shill for Android and ill-advising people?

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  3. This is exactly why the US Gov must demand that carriers block access by ALL Note 7s, bricking them. Then the idiots that think they can endanger lives, and those who do not even know that they have a Note 7, will wake up and send or take these bombs back where they belong, in Korea or a bomb dump or whatever. The fact is that the FAA has banned completely the EXISTANCE of any Note 7 on any flight, regardless if it is turned on, checked or not, period. No where. And they should not merely confiscate but fine and file criminal charges against anyone, ANYONE, who tries to or does get one of these things anywhere near a flight.

  4. On AndroidCentral forums, there is (at least) one guy who declared that he will keep his device: “It is working perfectly fine, not even warming up, charging fine, nothing wrong with it, so I’m keeping it”. There is, of course, an abundance of responses advising against it (“It is already difficult to take it anywhere legally, as it is being banned from flying, and soon from trains / buses, and it is quite likely that the device will be blocked by carriers from accessing mobile networks…”). And the smarta$$ goes “I don’t care, it is the best phone on the planet and I’ll use it for as long as I possibly can. I’ll use it on WiFi…”

    Some people truly are sheep…

    1. To put this in perspective how do you think iPhone users would act if the same number of iPhone 7 Plus devices had the same problem that appears just as hard to replicate in the lab as Samsung is reporting. From articles I have seen the battery ‘solution’ was first announced since they could find no other problem and just thought they were safe with that assumption. Obviously with a few replacement devices also having the same catastrophic problem it was not just the battery if the cause was the battery at all.

  5. I have zero sympathy for these Samsung customers. If they were following the first recall story they would of known that Samsung cut corners and rushed that product to market. Upon learning this, they should of exchanged those defective Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones and purchsed iPhones. Instead, many of these customers kept their original Note 7’s, or they were foolish enough to trust Samsung again and decided to get the replacement devices. They gambled and lost.

    In addition, Samsung has proven twice that they can no longer build safe smartphones. As a result, anyone purchasing ANY Samsung smartphone should have no sympathy if that phone had issues or caused financial harm.

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