Apple is about to resurrect the dying PC industry

“Gartner’s latest PC market figures show global PC shipments fell 5.7 percent worldwide in the quarter,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Apple’s Mac sales fell much more, by a claimed 13.4 percent, from 5.7 million to 5 million sales.”

“Everyone on the planet who cares is probably expecting new Macs to make their first appearance pretty soon,” Evans writes. “When they do it’s reasonable to assume that a combination of Christmas consumerism, pent-up desire and the loosening of budgets for new academic and business years will help boost Mac sales.”

“I’m going to predict we’ll see Mac sales recover all their lost momentum and gain a few clicks. Why the gain? The iPhone halo, of course, as millions of new customers every year switch to the Apple smartphone, fall in love with it, and stick with the same company,” Evans writes. “Many tens of thousands, perhaps millions, of these newly hooked customers will want to ‘Get a Mac.'”

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  1. And meanwhile I, a freelance illustrator, will buy this year the new Wacom Mobilestudio Pro running Windows 10 so I can use Photoshop on the go. And unless Apple brings out a new Mac pro soon I will unfortunately have to totally abandon the Mac after 20 years and buy a Windows workstation for my 3D work at home. Thats around 12K of missed sales for Apple. I really dont understand while Apple abandons what was once its core audience.

    1. I truly sympathize with the pros. I have posted a number of times on this subject and I am seriously disappointed that Apple’s Mac update cycle has, if anything, slowed down as the company has grown.

      For those who have a business/profession to run and are unable to wait for a Mac refresh to obtain a viable machine…I understand and I am sorry to see you go. But you have to take care of business and I have never been one to push people to switch to the Mac or stay with the Mac if their need/inclination diverges from the Apple ecosystem.

      I hate to see pros “defect” from the Mac because the pros helped to popularize the Mac and sustain it through the dark years of the mid- to late-1990s. The pro aspects of Macs used to be celebrated – the flexibility, best-in-class software, cutting edge performance, etc. – and I felt that support gained legitimacy, respect, and excitement for the Mac brand.

      Apple, professionals need computers that provide flexibility and strong performance. They often have to buy quickly and cannot afford to wait for the release of a new model. That is bad enough when computers are refreshed roughly annually, but many Macs have lacked a meaningful update for much longer. The whole Mac lineup needs to be brought up to date in terms of processors, graphics, RAM, ports, displays, and storage. Apple has many strong Mac supporter, but we are Apple/Mac apologists. When Apple is screwing up, you will hear from us.

      1. Good post and you have hit on many points of what the ‘pros’ feel about Apple right now, present day.

        And it’s not good.

        I have been buying fully-loaded PRO MACS since the early 1980s.

        Unless Apple comes up (soon) with a superior PRO PRODUCT beating the competition, regrettably, going with the best out there.

        Apple, or not.

  2. This is waaaay premature. Macs now are so out of date that it is clear that the company no longer cares much about them. Apple has to re-establish trust that they care about the Mac. This type of neglect that we have seen the past several years is truly unprecedented. I’m a LONG time Mac user and I dont trust Tim Cook’s Apple as far as the Mac goes. Not one bit.

    1. I agree completely. But I would go further. It isn’t Tim Cook who’s responsible for these outrages. It’s Steve Jobs—and Apple itself—that can’t be trusted. Their special magic trick has always been to go their own lackadaisical way, pulling the rug out from under loyal users and developers. It seems sort of insulting, but it’s something Windows users and developers are used to…Microsoft could never be trusted. But somehow bedazzled Apple customers thought they would be treated differently. Like they were special or something.

  3. Just don’t worry about making a desktop computer 1/4 inch thick—just make it practical—you don’t really need to worry about battery life and weight on a desktop computer–pro or otherwise.
    1. Put a a USB Port or two and SD card slot on the front or side where I can quickly get to it–instead of the back.
    2. Give us a mini-pro Mac with the option to use SSD and/or regular HDs! I’d love to have an SSD boot drive and then a 2nd onboard drive for massive files and/or backup.
    3. How about a Fusion-Drive option for the pro-Mac!
    4. Time for Apple’s SSD price to come WAY down.
    5. USB 3 everywhere please
    6. Thunderbolt 3 everywhere or nowhere.

  4. The other thing is this: if Apple doesn’t want to invest in updating their computers every year—and i understand this given the lack of huge profits for the Mac division—then it would seem to behoove them to give us computers which allow us to easily upgrade RAM, HDs, and even GPUs. And perhaps allow Apple to swap out Intel’s minor CPU upgrades without a complete redesign.

    No, this type of desktop will not be as svelte as the current Macs, but then again, they don’t need to be. It’s a desktop, fer cryin’ out loud. I rarely move it, if ever.

    I certainly don’t need the 4 drive bays, 8 RAM slots, 2 optical drives, 4 PCI slots of my current 2008 Mac Pro tower–but I would want at least one user upgradable option in each of those categories!

    1. Hard to imagine Apple going backwards in time. I think you’ll either have to get used to buying a new maxed out computer every 3-5 years or buying a PC. Apple has run the numbers, giving people upgradeable machines that can last for 7 years isn’t as profitable. People will complain, but they’ll still mostly buy.

      1. True dat.
        But one reason I haven’t “upgraded” to a new Mac Pro in seven years, is because I can’t upgrade a new MacPro, which means I have to spend an absolute fortune to get a new MacPro with a Pro specs in RAM and the HD department. Plus, I’d have to have a dopey external optical drive.

  5. If Apple truly is thinking about dropping the Mac Pro, an alternative might be to “go out” on a high note that will keep on playing. Let me explain. If they don’t want to take up valuable design resources for regular refreshes aimed at the “smaller” pro market, why not give them what they want. Design a stylish / super-functional / upgradeable “tower” for them. The computer could have easily replaced components: logic board, memory, storage, video processors, other expansion slots etc… If it is a truly “timeless” design that Apple did not have to revisit for many years, except to produce new, upgraded logic boards, etc., then it would take much less design resources AND Apple would be giving the power crowd what they have been asking for for many years – a truly upgradeable product. Slide in new logic board with new processor, new video processor > new machine.

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