Beleaguered Samsung suspends production of fire-causing phones; carriers halt sales of Galaxy Note 7

“Samsung Electronics has suspended production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones following reports of fires in replacement devices, South Korean media said on Monday, a further setback for the tech giant trying to manage its worst ever phone recall crisis,” Reuters reports.

“Samsung’s decision to temporarily halt Note 7 production was done in cooperation with authorities in China and the United States, as two U.S. carriers have stopped exchanging or selling new Note 7 phones, Yonhap News Agency cited an unnamed source at a Samsung partner firm as saying,” Reuters reports. “AT&T, the No.2 U.S. wireless carrier, said on Sunday it will stop exchanging new Note 7 smartphones due to reports of fires from replacement devices that Samsung has said used safe batteries. No.3 wireless carrier T-Mobile US said it was temporarily halting sales of new Note 7s as well as exchanges while Samsung investigated “multiple reports of issues” with its flagship device.”

Reuters reports, “‘I thought the Note 7 matter was coming to an end, but it’s becoming an issue again,’ Alpha Asset Management fund manager CJ Heo said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Apple iPhone!

If the “justice system” won’t do it properly and decisively, inevitably karma will.

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  1. Trolls on MDN notwithstanding, I continue to laugh hale & hearty at SamSplode’s richly deserved misfortunes. The beleaguered Seoul Soulless finally get their karmic comeuppance. The complete market destruction of a product by their own hubristic & hasty hand. Tasty! I’d say the jinx is in and they’d be better off burying it – literally.

  2. 1. They cut corners and rushed a dangerous device to market.

    2. They lied to government agencies saying the problem was the batteries.

    3. They knowingly distributed maybe 2 million flawed replacement devices, putting innocent lives at risk.

    Why are ANY Samsung devices being sold at this point? Because of greed and deceit they have knowingly distributed millions of potential bombs to their customers and endangered the lives of innocent people. Will a coalition of nations gather to eviscerate these corporate terrorists?

  3. Samsung should be able to recover from the short-term reputational damage of the recalls, but fourth-quarter sales of the Note 7 would be hurt, he [Alpha Asset Management fund manager CJ Heo] added.

    Double recall of the same device for the same reason is NOT a recoverable event for one’s reputation. I’d feel sorry for Samsung if they hadn’t already proven themselves to be ripoff artists and purveyors of third rate products beyond simply the ‘smart’phone business. From the lousy reputation they had with me, even before their ‘smart’phone business, this nightmare event is NOT a surprise. I’d call it an inevitability from a company that is shoddy at the core and has always had a bad attitude toward both product quality and the benefiting their customers. They just want the money and take the cheapest route to get there, at the expense of everyone who deals with them, IMHO. I’m told that their chip making division is a different story. But I recall public controversy over their chips in the iPhone 6S series.

    Unless Samsung pull something spectacularly stupid at this point, this closes the sad tale of their ‘smart’phones from my perspective. They can do no right hereafter to make up for this wrong. So I consider it time to stop kicking them when they’re down. I’ll instead strive to simply ignore their sorry butts. 😛

  4. Wait, there are multiple reports of issues with the Note 7 with new batteries?
    Wait, they were still making them?
    Wait, carriers were still selling and exchanging them?
    Wait, there were customers who still wanted them?

    That’s it, I’m putting down my phone and going to wash some clothes. No . . . wait!

  5. I learned about shoddy Samsung quality years ago when I plunked down $3000 for a 55″ TV only to have it fail after two years. Then they wanted more to repair it than it would have cost me for a new TV.

    Then, I had a Samsung laser printer that failed before I even got to replace the toner cartridge. Of course, the warranty had expired by then because of how rarely I print…

    Samsung products are not built to last. Never again am I going to buy any of their garbage.

    1. Same with LG. Total garbage. I have a 47 inch smart TV they made in 2011, had to rebuild the PCB in the damn TV in 2014, all the surface mount components started to break free the damn board was so thin.

      Total garbage.

    1. Samsung’s executive team’s refusal to kill the Galaxy Note7 was due to quarterly profit concerns with public safety a distant second.

      Their customer’s safety is of primary concern NOT. Entirely fits expectations of these fat rats.

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