Beleaguered Samsung could face second damaging recall as U.S. probes burnt replacement Android phone

“Samsung Electronics Co. could face an unusual second recall of its Note 7 smartphones if one that caught fire aboard an airliner this week is a replacement device as its owner says, two former U.S. safety officials said,” Todd Shields, Mary Schlangenstein, and Alan Levin report for Bloomberg.

“The Federal Aviation Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are investigating Wednesday’s incident, when a passenger’s phone emitted smoke on a Southwest Airlines Co. plane readying for departure from Louisville, Kentucky. A flight attendant doused it with a fire extinguisher, and the plane was evacuated without injur,” Shields, Schlangenstein, and Levin report. “‘If it’s the fixed phone and it started to smoke in his pocket, I’m going to guess there’ll be another recall,’” said Pamela Gilbert, a former executive director of the consumer agency. ‘That just doesn’t sound right.'”

“Samsung has been engulfed in crisis since the Note 7 smartphones began to burst into flames just days after hitting the market in August. The Suwon, South Korea-based company announced last month that it would replace all 2.5 million phones sold globally at that point. Samsung said it had uncovered the cause of the battery fires and that it was certain new phones wouldn’t have the same flaws,” Shields, Schlangenstein, and Levin report. “The phone remains in the possession of the arson squad, which is trying to schedule laboratory tests on the phone. It hasn’t been determined where or when those tests will occur, Fletcher said. There was ‘extensive heat damage’” to the phone and the plane’s carpet, he said. Brian Green, the phone’s owner, told WAVE television news in Louisville that he got a replacement phone at a retail store after receiving an e-mail about the recall.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, that’s too bad. 🙂

If the “justice system” won’t do it properly and decisively, it looks like karma will.

It’s best not to mess with karma. – Steve Jobs

This is your plane full of iPhone users:
iPhone plane

This is your plane with just one bad Samsung phone:
Samsung plane

Hey, you guys, TTK!

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  1. You replace a mobile grenade with yet another mobile grenade you can expect the same explosive results. The time may be coming very soon when SamSplode will need to be officially classified as a terrorist consumer products company.

      1. If you just cast your mind into the near future, you can prepare yourself to hear about iPhones burning up on a plane (courtesy of Samsung skunkworks underhandedness) due to tampering by unknown players (Samsung or Google).

  2. I’m literally sitting on Southwest Airlines flight right now waiting to depart and attendant came on to announce about the Samsung Note 7 phone recall and to turn it off….”if you haven’t already returned your Samsung phone to the store for an iPhone that actually works please do so as soon as possible”

    You can’t make this stuff up 😂😂😂

      1. The entire plane cracked up along with some oohs and ahhs of “oh how harsh”. SWA flight attendants usually have some funny one liners. I was literally reading this MDN article and was like, the MDN readers will get a kick out of this.

        On another note I connected to the plane’s wifi during flight and out of curiosity did a LAN scan of all the devices connected. It gives quite a bit of info on other devices on the plane connected to wifi, manufacture, device info, etc. Low and behold some jack-hole on the plane was using a Note 7. Almost wondered if I should report to the flight attendant.

        1. Makes you wonder why they don’t scan for the same thing? And yeah you should’ve reported them in what could be a life or death problem.

          I was once on a plane flight the night after the SNL sketch on Flight Attendants saying an uncaring “Bah-Bye” to departing passengers and as we were disembarking on that flight the FA says over the com system “For those of you who saw SNL last night – “BAH-BYE!”

  3. At some point, all this disastrous PR for Samsung has to bleed over onto Android’s reputation in general.

    Average Android user: “I wonder if all Android manufacturers have similar bad quality in their phones?”, or, “if the most expensive Android phones can have such a severe problem, what about mine”?

  4. It seems that Apple’s relentless innovation, coupled with fanatical quality control, has pushed imitators beyond the edge of their ability to compete. Samsung races to go thinner and flames out on the curve…

  5. “Oh James, we’re locked in! How will we ever escape?”

    “Don’t worry Moneypenny, I’ll get us out of here”

    “James, what are you doing?”

    “Putting my Samsung note 7 against the door. Now watch!”


    “James! We’re free!”

    “Exactly. Now let’s get out of here Moneypenny”

    1. In the meantime, the single best stylus I’ve used is the NuScribe from Other World Computing /NewerTech. It has a small, more accurate nub that never wears out. It’s easy to hold. I’ve been scribbling with mine for years now. I even bought a second in preparation for when it wore out. It hasn’t worn out. It makes all the other styluses I’ve used (five other brands) look like cheap trash. AND it has a working pen at the other end. [Disclaimer: I don’t work for them, don’t profit from sales, etc.]

  6. Folks, I’m all for trashing samdung, but I have to tell you the pic of a plane crash site is a bit uncalled for. It’s likely someone associated with that event died on impact. Post the before and after Jeeps, garages, pants pockets, etc, but consider pulling the crash site. I’ve been a regular reader for a long time, and make my career at Boeing in Seattle. Any plane crash site has great reverence. Please consider the input.

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