‘Which?’ magazine’s iPhone battery life comparison ‘test’ is fatally flawed

Which? is getting lots of attention today on strength of its report that claims smaller batteries don’t last as long as larger batteries,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must. “That’s the only logical discovery the organization made in a flawed-by-design smartphone battery life test that’s being widely reported.”

“What the report’s headline doesn’t make clear is that the iPhone 7 in the test has a 4.7-inch display, while all three of the other smartphone models tested are larger (5.1-inches, or more), and equipped with larger batteries,” Evans writes. “In other words, the larger the battery the longer the battery life. Which? even admits this, saying, ‘it should hardly be surprising that one battery nearly half the size of another offers roughly half as much charge.'”

“It’s easy to imagine the test was set up precisely to deliver the conclusion the magazine chose to run as its headline,” Evans writes. “The test it ran is an unfair test, a perfect example of selective testing.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Which?‘s test is eclipsed in both clumsiness and stupidity only by the site’s name.


  1. Blatant fud.
    That would be Feckless Unreal and Dumb.
    Which about sums up Which as an organization.
    It goes along with their wood stove recommendations based on size and colour without mentioning heat output, efficiency or multiple fuel usage.
    Hatchback cars based on seating capacity and wow factor from passers by on the street with little to no information on fuel efficiency, pollution output, drivability or cabin noise.
    Washing machines based on colour and the size of the loading window without much consideration for water usage, quietness, repair costs or anti tangle features etc…and yes…Samsung came top of the list!
    Someone bought us a years subscription and I found so many reviews and recommendations were based on incredulously irrelevant metrics. Utter rubbish. The online site comments are also suspiciously glowing posts like “Thankyou so much for your top choice I am loving it”
    Complete sham organization.

  2. The real story is that customers want fatter batteries and longer battery life and couldn’t really give a toss about 1.5mm fatter cases to accommodate the battery -IF, they get a phone that lasts 3-4days per charge.

  3. The other phones had *much* larger batteries which renders the display size complaint trivial.
    Plus the article does not provide a link to the original article because it does not want you to find the truth.
    The HTC 10 has a talk time that is almost double the Apple iPhone 7!!! –and it gets a higher user rating!!!
    The LG G5 has a talk time 50% greater than the Apple iPhone 7! –and it gets a higher user rating!
    The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a talk time 50% greater than the Apple iPhone 7! –and it gets a higher user rating!
    The other truth is that Tim Cook is screwing Apple by not giving customers what they want. Customers want phones that go longer between charges; not phones that are mega-slim and stick you with iTunes and iCloud.

    1. It’s just too bad that battery cases do not exist. So, iPhone users who want longer battery life in exchange for a fatter phone just have no options, right?
      I mean, imagine if those cases DID exist! iPhone users would get a phone with amazing hardware and software working together, batteries that don’t explode, AND could slip it into a ugly battery case when they needed longer battery life.

    1. Well… Xiami’s Mi5 batteries don’t explode either and it holds 2 days of normal usage and 1.5 days of heavy load with a decent size


      In all fairness. I got these results after installing the official global Rom. The Chinese ROM was full of crapware that consumed a lot of power. Before that my battery was down after one day of normal usage.

      It’s the proof that it’s possible.

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