How to control your Apple TV with your Apple Watch

“Not so long ago the watch was what you used to figure out when you’d have the time to watch TV,” Jonny Evans writes for About Tech. “These days you use your watch controls what you’re watching, at least, your Apple Watch can (with an Apple TV).”

“Apple Watch has a Remote app and this can be linked to any Apple TV (including older models). Once you have this set up you can lay back on your sofa after a tough day fighting fires and use your Apple Watch to switch on your television and pick something good to listen to or watch,” Evans writes. “You can even use your timepiece to explore what’s available through apps like MUBI, Netflix.”

“The app lets you return to the menu, play, pause and resume music or other content as you wish,” Evans writes. “You can also work your way through your iTunes and Apple Music libraries.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Controlling Apple TV with Apple Watch is sublime. (And much better than having to use Apple’s awfully-designed Siri Remote – which you’re still stuck with if you want to use Siri on your Apple TV, which you should. Hopefully, Siri comes to Apple Watch’s Remote app sooner than later!)


  1. I like the Apple TV remote being radio and not infrared, and really like that it’s rechargeable. Button placement and orientation are not ideal though. My watch is easier to find!

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