Apple iPhones sold out during preorder with some shipments as late as November; did you get yours?

“Apple announced its new generation of iPhones on Wednesday during an event in San Francisco. The iphone 7 and 7 Plus—available in five colors: gold, rose gold, silver, black and jet black—will launch on Sept. 16 with preorders beginning on Sept. 9,” Susmita Baral reports for International Business Times. “Various models of the new Apple smartphones in jet black reportedly sold out within minutes, according to users on Reddit, leaving their availability up in the air.”

“Neither the jet black iPhone 7 (4.7-inch display) nor the jet black iPhone 7 Plus (5.5-inch display) are available for purchase in the original shipping date—Sept. 16,” Baral reports. “While certain models (128 GB and 256 GB, to be exact) of the iPhone 7 is available in ‘3-4 weeks’ at the time of publication, the iPhone 7 Plus is only available in jet black later this year in November. Users who want to get their hands on the device sooner may have better luck standing in line at an Apple store on launch day.”

“The source of the delay for the jet black iPhone 7s is unclear but not unheard of when it comes to Apple launching new devices,” Baral reports. “In this particular case, it could be Apple underestimated the demand or the novelty of the glossy black smartphone could have consumers buying the new color.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Did you get yours? If so, which iPhone model did you order, at what time, and when is your shipping date?

All of Apple’s Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus models are sold out, shipments slip to November – September 9, 2016


  1. iPhone 7 256GB Jet Black. The plus is just too big for my hands, although I do want that camera. I ordered it as soon as they went live and it will be delivered on the 16th. This is the first black faced iPhone I’ve had since the 4s and I am very excited about it, it looks beautiful.

  2. 7 plus 128 GB Jet Black from T-mo. Nov. delivery. Traded in 128GM 6 plus. All up cost $211.92 accounting for $650 rebate paid over 2 years which offsets almost all of my monthly payment.

  3. It’s because it looks more like an Apple product should look. Sexy.

    I got a matte black because I think it looks just as sexy.

    The changes in the design and color make the Ford Taurus iPhone 6 series, which is the antithesis of sexy, into more of a slick and sexy true Apple product.

    Doesn’t hurt the specs blow everything else out of the water either …

  4. Regular posters here on MDN will probably recognize my name. My wife and I presently own a little over 40K of AAPL stock, so we have definitely put our money where our mouths are—and no one in the wide world is a bigger fan of Apple and its product line than we. No one–and not for a longer period of time either.

    That said, this time we bailed on the early morning log-on fight for product “crumbs” and will wait as long as it takes for the company to fill is supply chain with a reasonable number of devices. We are sick and tired of having to wait MONTHS after every release of iPhones, iPads, Watches and accessories (cases, GelaSkins, cables, etc.) before we can have what we desire. Given Apple’s history of product fulfillment delay over the past decades, we’ve simply had it.

    For us, right here and right now, no more standing in line, no more logging on each and every day to see where our order stands, no more being disappointed that we simply cannot purchase in a timely fashion what we want from such a great company. Perhaps next year sometime. Perhaps not. We’ll see.

    1. My wife and I own more Apple stock than you. I began programming on the Apple II shortly after it was released, creating and selling educational software when I was in high school. My sister was one of the lead marketing managers during the early days of the Macintosh. I myself worked for Apple as a college rep. I later managed one of the largest Apple Authorized Service Centers. I worked with a startup in in the early-mid 90s that helped implement some of the technology that came out of Apple’s R&D labs. I produced TV and online reviews of Apple products. I’ve produced some top ranked Apple podcasts and live Apple webcasts. I then worked in an office where Apple products were designed off-campus (although I wasn’t a designer). I’m now the co-founder of a company that got some of its initial funding through Jobs. There are very few Apple products that I’ve ever owned.

      I could go on and on here, including saying that I’ve purchased each new iPhone on launch day, including camping out overnight for the original as well as the first few next generations (before pre-ordering was the way to go).

      Now maybe I’m not a bigger fan than you, but I hope I’ve convinced you of my credentials enough to offer you this advice (or talk you back off the ledge):

      For better or worse, Apple’s iPhone business has grown to a massive size globally. When you think about the position they’re in, it’s tough to see them doing anything any differently. The only way they could produce enough stock to meet demand would be to either over-invest in production, drastically raising costs, or run production lines months in advance of launch while maintaining tens of millions of units sitting in inventory. Neither option is practical or reasonable.

      From our perspective as consumers, we can start pounding away on the Apple Store at midnight, or wait in line on launch day…

      Or just take a relaxed approach with this.

      Within 15-30 minutes, the Apple Store was up and running smoothly. Orders placed then were getting various delays of days/weeks, but really what does that matter?

      If you don’t want to fight to be first, just go with it and leave the fighting to those who want it more than you do. Remember at midnight, there are millions of people around the world pounding away at the Apple Store, and your 40K of Apple stock doesn’t mean you want your iPhone more or deserve it more than they do.

      Just place your order as soon as it’s convenient, and instead of logging in each day to track it, just accept when its coming.

      Or as my Apple Watch will say, “breath”.

      1. Great advice. My wife is fond of saying “lets wait for the line to die down.” I always retort: “yes, but if I get in line now, I’ll still be out of it faster than waiting for it to ‘die down’.”

    2. Apple is better off making a quality (and cutting edge) product rather than rushing a product out to meet an arbitrary deadline . . . and then crashing and burning – literally.

      Or, you can wait till you make a boatload of them, like Steve Ballmer did with the Surface.

  5. With the iPhone 7 being offered for free after trade-in it’s a no-brainier for many. I’m getting three 128GB iPhone 7 Pluses and the total cost for the bigger phone and storage is $460. With tax it comes to $650. T-Mobile is also offering 3 shares for free, so that lowers the cost to $500. At the end of the contract I’ll own all three phones, which can then be sold. I’m also saving about $250 a month in connection fees, and now will have three unlimited LTE device connections with NO throttling (before I had like 10GB limit for three devices), one unlimited LTE hotspot (phones come with with 3G hotspot, but I want it faster), and yearly upgrades on the devices. Can’t wait to start playing with these new pocket supercomputers!

  6. I had and both loaded at 1:50am Central. I was going to go with whichever cranked up first. At about 1:55am, refreshed and was ready to take my order. All done at 2:01am. The fastest and easiest online iPhone order I’ve ever had.

    iPhone 7
    delivery on Sept. 16

    iPhone 7 Plus
    shipping Sept. 23-30

    I sold my iPhone 6 Plus last weekend. Using an old iPhone 4s now. Ugh. New one can’t get here fast enough!

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