Apple confident iPhone 7/Plus will sell out, will no longer release first-weekend figures

Apple Inc. has provided the following statement to CNBC:

We expect iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be incredibly popular with customers and we are thrilled to begin taking pre-orders on September 9. Customers will receive their new iPhones starting September 16. In years past, we’ve announced how many new iPhones had been sold as of the first weekend following launch. But as we have expanded our distribution through carriers and resellers to hundreds of thousands of locations around the world, we are now at a point where we know before taking the first customer pre-order that we will sell out of iPhone 7. These initial sales will be governed by supply, not demand, and we have decided that it is no longer a representative metric for our investors and customers. Therefore we won’t be releasing a first-weekend number any longer. We are reiterating the financial guidance for the September quarter that we provided on July 26.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, initial sales have been governed by supply, not demand for some time now. We’ll get iPhone’s quarterly unit sales numbers with Apple’s earning release in late January, as usual.


  1. Awww, this leaves nothing for the MDN trolls to disingenuously bitch about. So sad. It’s always been about supply since they can sell as many as they can make and manufacturing I’m sure commences as late as possible to work out any issues (unlike ShamSplode). You can be sure though they’ve already hit the ground running on iPhone 8. My guess is every phone now has about a two year lead in planning before release,

    1. If it has always “been about supply”, then why did Apple ever release the numbers, and why are they stopping now? IMO, it’s always been a somewhat pointless numbers in the grand scheme. It’s jsut that now for some reasons (maybe it wont top last year???), Apple thinks it’s pointless too.

      1. I agree they shouldn’t have since it’s only fodder for the anal-cysts to speciously speculate on. It may well be one of those “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” propositions. People read into it what they want to read into it either way. But usually the final numbers strike down any negative interpretations though the disingenuous damage is done. We are only guessing but my guess about iPhone 7 numbers wouldn’t be on the low ball side.

  2. Been an Apple fan and long time shareholder (I’m set for life, thank you). The decisions that Tim Cook & management make, makes me scratch my head. The iPhone sales use to be sell-through not sell-in. Maybe I am mistaken. But not giving sales data is not investor friendly. I can say the decisions that are being made now have made me and a lot of the people I know who own Apple products to question whether to stay with Apple products. As another posted on this site has stated, when will they upgrade their other products? They are not staying with the tried and true, proven to work (increase in sales), predictable upgrades. It seems to me that they focus only on one item at a time. They need to wake up. My daughter switched to Android, time will tell if she made a mistake. That in and of itself makes me wonder about my apple stock holding. She would only own Apple products. She is in her mid 20’s and this is a very important target market. As for the diehard Apple fans on this site who are going to bash me. I’ll just smh and say get your head out of the sand.

    1. Glad you are set for life with Apple stock. If that is the case you may want to start switching out the stock and bank those profits. The market is stupid enough to punish you for holding on. I wish I had been able to buy more stock and had bought it earlier than 2006. Still up a 1000% so no real complaints there.
      I agree that Apple need to increase their efforts on other products including Macs. Sounds like the music app will be improved in iOS10. iBooks definitely needs some effort – it is ridiculous that you can’t search by authors easily or have favorite authors or select an author and see what books they have written or get notifications that a favorite author has just published a new book. Also the size of a ebook is tiny. Why not just download everything you have ever bought? Very useful if you do not have data access when on vacation and you forgot to check if a book was downloaded.

    2. You’ll have to excuse me I have a bit of a taste for troll this morning and I saw you, so please take it personally, even though you sound like you’ve posted from a script.

      An Apple fan and long time shareholder. Uh huh. Funny I can’t recollect seeing you here before and I go back to Zune Thang. Funny that you aren’t a registered user. You do know that real Apple and MDN fans register here. It helps give consistency to their identity and who you are.

      I’m Road Warrior, some folks love me, some folks hate me but I am what I am. If you have any sort of insight into Apple you’ll know that they get bash around a lot. They made a decision not to release the sales figures about the iWatch. That was a signal of more to come. They are legally required to release quarterly figures but Apple doesn’t live or operate that way. Get used to it. If you don’t like it, sell off your stock and go invest in a company you can sing praise about.

      The folks that I know who own Apple products are still drooling over their Apple products.

      If you are a long time shareholder, you should darn well know that that Apple will upgrade their products when they are darn well and ready.

      The icing on the cake, you are wondering about your Apple stock holding because your daughter switched to Android? Oh please asstroll, put your money where your mouth it, cash in your stock and go to the greener pastures you imagine.

      Since I’m a livesoft fan I’m not going to bash you, heck I won’t even whack the door on your fat ass on the way out. I will point out that that keeping one’s head in the sand is an expression of free will, just as typing from a script is an expression of lack of free will.

      Go on, sell your stock be gone have a great day, put a smile on your face, enjoy your family, look at the bright side of life, dance, sing, smile, be original, whatever you choose to do.

      1. So glad you and your friends are still drooling over a product. You are more an ass wipe than I am an asstroll. Unlike the real trolls who change there moniker all the time. I post with the same name. Although very infrequently. You have some real anger issues. Did your mother not give you some love or was it some one spanked your mother instead of you when you were born. Just because you were not smart enough to buy Apple stock why bash some else who did or are you just jealous? You should take your own advice and “look at the bright side of life, dance, sing, smile, be original, whatever you choose to do.”

        1. A troll does not necessarily have to change their moniker all the time to be a troll. I’ll take your word for it that you don’t post here often, I too have gone through long periods of time where I don’t post at MDN, but my handle is still registered.

          Let’s see the rest of your post, feeble attempts at insulting me, and my mother, the latter will get you cement shoes in some parts of the world… ah here it is.

          I never inferred that I was or was not a stock owner but since you brought it up, erroneously I will point out as I have pointed out several times at this site that I am a stock holder of Apple stock. I’ve been buying Apple stock back when Gil Amelio was the CEO. So nice bang but a total miss.

          I also took my own advice, why do you think I gave it? In fact I did a little bright side of life today when I was meeting up with a bunch of students, you know just starting back to the path of higher education. One of them brought up the topic of the new iPhones and were they ever well versed.

          It kind of brings me back to your original point, which is regretful because your reply is really nothing but an insult without any attempt to move the topic forward though one might consider that feeble blind shot in the dark about me not owning stock to be such an attempt. So it is back to your original point, about the Apple stock.

          As you said “My daughter switched to Android, time will tell if she made a mistake. That in and of itself makes me wonder about my apple stock holding. She would only own Apple products. She is in her mid 20’s and this is a very important target market.”

          If that is the sole reason that makes you decide to whether or not to keep your stock then your method of evaluating situations leaves much to be desired. I’d say the subsequent erroneous mud slinging without any further follow up on the issue are another good indications that such is the case.

          You are however right on one thing, I’m a real good ass wipe, my ass is so clean my gal can eat off of it, and she does like to do that. Asstrolls on the other hand, ewwwwwwww. Keep it up and you might end up being as good as a broken clock. They are right up to twice a day, a 100% improvement over you so far.

    3. I am wondering why they sell the first batch in so many countries? Normally The Netherlands get the iPhone a couple of weeks later. So Tim is sure they can’t ship enough, but still sell them in more countries than usually. I think they want to sell out, and they want to know as fast as possible how many they should manufacture, because I think they don’t know. It could be a good seller in some countries, but it could also be less than they expect. Because of the strong dollar and insane premiums and taxes, prices are getting ridiculous here in Europe.

  3. In other words, “We expect orders to be low, so we have purposely not made enough to fill the orders we expect. This way we will once again “sell out,” but rather than give the press numbers that look relatively poor, we will not be releasing any actual numbers. Sell out a million, sell out half a million, it’s still a sell out! As our gal Hillary would say, ‘What difference does it make?’ “

    1. In OTHER WORDS, they expect to sell an huge number and even with that they will have more demand than supply. That is how I would read it. However, I am baffled by the foolishness of AAPL keeping the numbers secret, which do fuel such speciulation. They have now traded wise secrecy – products in the pipeline – for follish and useless or worse secrecy, sell-though numbers for the Watch and now the new iPhone.

  4. iPhone 7, 256 gb Black…… the que at

    The “tell” will be the delivery times and model availability “slippage” that always occurs at 12:01 am Cuppertino time on pre-order night……

  5. I thought I’d heard how Apple reached some sort of buy point but it appears to have been a sell point. I really don’t quite see how the keynote event is driving down Apple’s share price since the rumors pretty much covered everything so there weren’t any surprises.

    Supposedly, expectations were low but now Apple’s current share price is already baked in. Apple stock really isn’t worth owning for anyone new coming in. Tim Cook isn’t doing anything to increase Apple’s overall value. I can’t see anything fundamentally wrong with the company but the value never seems to increase like most tech companies do. Everything Apple does seems to drive the share price down further. Apple is really performing far worse than any other tech stock.

    I see little purpose in Apple divulging first weekend sales numbers because it really doesn’t mean much in the long run. Sales for a full quarter is good enough for me. Besides, investors are never satisfied no matter how many iPhones are sold. Apple simply never sells enough of them to boost the share price. It’s just downright weird to me how Apple is being valued when compared to other tech companies.

  6. I’m def awaiting the 8… Nothing earth shattering for me to switch. I ALWAYS use Bluetooth wireless earphones anyways… The most exciting announcement for me was…. MARIO RUN!!!! LOL! Although no price point yet….. Hmmmm will lack of iPhone sales make Mario more expensive in the app store?

  7. I’m glad they are doing this because no number that they ever announce is good enough for Wall Street even thought they sell many times as many new design iPhones than Samsung does of their new models but It is never enough. Samsung said in the recall that they had to recall around 1 million Notes and apple will sell that the first second this is available.

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