How to profit if iPhone 7 ‘disappointment’ hurts Apple stock

“Apple is expected to trot out the iPhone 7 in the coming weeks, but if the iPhone 7 is like its predecessors, the iconic computer maker’s stock is likely to face static on the day of the new,” Dawn Kawamoto writes for TheStreet.

“Over the last five years, with the exception of the iPhone 5 announcement in 2012, Apple shares have dipped on the day of the announcement, compared to the previous day’s close, according to Apple’s historical stock figures on Yahoo! Finance,” Kawamoto writes. “Despite investors historically pulling back on the day Apple unveils its latest shiny smartphone to its rabid, adoring early adopters, Wall Street watchers point to an opportune time to snap up more Apple shares on the dip.”

“While Barclays sees the potential for a post-iPhone 7 selloff following its introduction, the analysts do not anticipate a sizable drop,” Kawamoto writes. “Here’s one reason why: ‘If investors start to recognize the hand-off to the next mega cycle (iPhone 8) is not that far away (i.e., C2017), the post product announcement selloff may not be as severe, particularly if growth trends are only sluggish but not exhibiting any downward spiral,’ [Mark Moskowitz, a Barclays hardware analyst wrote in a July 27 report].”

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MacDailyNews Take: Scheduling our rabies shots now.

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  1. Honestly, what more do we need our iPhones to do at this point? The larger screened 6+ and even better camera satisfied all my problems to that point. I’m more interested in software, iOS is stale, no real excitement there since the iOS7 redesign. Hardware wise I want to see the new Macs, but I think it’ll be crickets in that dept.

  2. Nick. That’s a telling comment.
    Remember days of yore, when Apple announcements were tantalizing and thrilling? We’d mark our calendars like kids waiting for Christmas, and eagerly await the news…..
    Ah, those were the days.

    Sadly this is Cook’s Apple now.
    Everyone is gearing up to be disappointed after a string of lackluster presentations.
    Sad really.

    1. I am tired of this Jobs nostalgia. There is no doubt that he was a much superior presenter and showman. But Jobs did not pull an iPhone out of the hat every year. There were many years of incremental OS and hardware upgrades. Remember the G3, G4, and G5 stagnation?

      Things would definitely be different were Steve Jobs still alive and Apple CEO, and I sincerely wish that were the case. But it isn’t, and incessantly bashing Cook won’t bring him back.

      Cook is no Jobs…big surprise.

      1. And I’m tired of people like you accepting mediocrity from Cook.
        Nobody could possibly replace Steve, I know that, but he was not just a superior showman. He actually cared about excellence.
        Tell me what Cook cares about.

        The G3, etc. ‘stagnation’ was nothing of the sort. When things started to lag Jobs pulled the plug and did the unthinkable, moving to Intel. Look at the iMac timeline. G3 to G4 (my fav) and then then “where did the computer go” G5. There was no stagnation in hardware at all.
        Until now.

        Look on the Mac buyer’s guide and give me one good reason why no Apple product is rated a Buy.
        The Mac ‘Pro’ has not seen a single update in 3 years but is still premium priced.
        You think that’s ok??
        I don’t.

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