Now you can write-off Apple TV as a business expense

“When it comes to the Apple TV there’s little doubt the main focus of the product is in your schools and in your den, but it turns out the system also has a future in the enterprise as an interactive meetings and presentations tool,” Jonny Evans writes for “Redbooth for Apple TV is the first enterprise productivity app to realize this ambition.”

“Redbooth is a collaborative app that enables multiple participants to organize their work and manage projects. It displays an optimized version of the the developer’s enterprise-focused project management and collaboration platform, as used by big corporations including Cisco, Starbucks and Coca-Cola,” Evans writes. “Redbooth offers a project management and collaboration platform that also integrates messaging, file sharing, search, task management, voice and video.”

“The solution works with Redbooth’s other apps on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, which means those working together on projects can edit tasks, add comments and stay up-to-date with what the rest of the team is doing,” Evans writes. “When you log into the system all your existing workspaces will be synced with the Apple TV app. This means all members of the team can drill down into each others lists, task lists and task status data… Once everyone is logged in any group of workers looking at the main Redbooth screen will be able to see all kinds of information about ongoing projects, including completed work, and recent changes and what actions are required next.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: The Redbooth app for Apple TV is available in the Apple TV App Store. The Redbooth iOS app is available via the App Store here.


  1. I know businesses get to write off practically anything, but almost NOBODY uses the Apple TV for business. This is one more example of a completely gerrymandered tax code. As much as they whine about the published rate, no company pays more than a fraction of what individual citizens do.

    1. A lot of SOHO setups use many to those same “loopholes”that large corporations do. Or the smart ones do, at any rate.

      Here’s the thing, if we want to get rid of those “loopholes”, deductions, etc., then the tax code not only has to be simplified… tax rates also have to be lowered.

      Not sure if this means a flat tax or not. But… under a flat tax system no progressive tax rates are needed. They’re unnecessary. Anyone making more, automatically pays more.

      If that’s not enough for some people I can only conclude they like to punish success and jealousy rules their petty little lives.

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