“Posting on nowhereelse.fr, renowned leaker, Steve Hemmerstoffer, has obtained photos claiming to show an internal camera module taken from a 4.7in iPhone 7 which reveals the presence of an optical image stabilisation (OIS) module,” Paul Monckton writes for Forbes. “This feature has, until now, only been available in the larger ‘Plus’ models of the iPhone, forcing customers to choose between size and camera quality.”

“Putting this feature in the standard-size model would therefore have made Apple’s best camera quality available to everyone, regardless of the size of their pockets – although it looks like that won’t turn out to be the case this time, thanks to another even more radical camera upgrade the company appears to have up its sleeve,” Monckton writes. “Apple looks set to introduce a radically different, and potentially far superior, dual-camera system in a brand new 5.5in iPhone 7 Plus model. This effectively snatches the best quality camera away from the 4.7in model just as it was about to catch up.”

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