Exclusive new Frank Ocean video album ‘Endless’ only for Apple Music members

“Apple Music has released new and long-awaited music from Grammy award-winning singer Frank Ocean,” The Associated Press reports. “The company tweeted a link to the music video ‘Endless’ by the R&B artist on Thursday night.”

“Media reports say the 45-minute ‘visual album’ is only available to subscribers of Apple’s music streaming service, which quickly drew comparisons to Beyonce’s recent video album ‘Lemonade,'” AP reports.

“Fans have been anxiously awaiting the 28-year-old singer’s first album in four years,” AP reports. “Ocean’s widely acclaimed debut album, ‘Channel Orange,’ was released in 2012. The record featured the hit song, ‘Thinkin bout You,’ and earned him two Grammy awards, including best urban contemporary album.”

Frank Ocean's "Endless" video album is exclusively for Apple Music members
Frank Ocean’s “Endless” video album is exclusively for Apple Music members

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MacDailyNews Take: Only for Apple Music members.

What is he building?!

“Endless” is already the Top Music Video on Apple Music.


  1. If these artists were any good they wouldn’t need Apple’s promotion. Good artists survive on their own good talent. This guy is a flash in the pan generic music maker.
    If this guy can sell out stadiums and other venues world wide after 30 plus years like IRON MAIDEN Then I’ll be proved wrong.

    1. Your statement doesn’t really hold up much. Best selling artists (more popular than Iron Maiden) have had exclusive iTunes, as well as Apple Music promotions. Even the article itself mentions Beyonce and her recent album. We also have Taylor Swift, not to mention U-2 stunt with the free album giveaway of two years ago.

      I don’t know anything about this kid, but based on this article, I see that he had his first album four years ago, and won a couple of Grammies for it. Four years seems to be quite a long time for a “flash in the pan”…

    2. As for selling out stadiums for 30 years, since he is 28 years old, it is obviously mathematically impossible for him to have such a track record. You will have to wait for another 26 years (he’s been doing it for 4 years, apparently), and we’ll see then.

      I hadn’t had a chance to listen to his music. Have you?

      1. From WikiP- can’t say this sounds that interesting to me, personally. Apparently he ain’t no saint, either.

        Christopher Francis “Frank” Ocean (born Christopher Edwin Breaux;[6] October 28, 1987), is an American singer, songwriter and rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. Ocean embarked on his musical career as a ghostwriter for several prominent artists, including John Legend, Justin Bieber and Brandy. In 2010, he became a member of alternative hip hop collective Odd Future.

        1. I made an effort over my lunch break to listen to this new video album. The work is truly very interesting. It is difficult to categorise (=pidgeonhole), but if one were to shove it into a genre, it could possibly be urban alternative. There are a few hip-hop passages with some explicit rap lyrics (using the ‘n’ word), but most of it is quite original, innovative and unique. Interestingly enough, very few tracks are danceable; most have rather undefined beat or rhythm. This is definitely not the stuff that I’d normally enjoy listening (I’m more of a Beethoven/Brahms/Mahler/Stravinsky kind of a guy), but generic it clearly is not. I can see how he can be quite popular among his generation.

            1. Finally got a chance to hear it.

              Not my stuff either, this one, and I know very little about the American country (musical style), but this one seems somewhere there (country / blues, with a light dose of parody and humor). I am sure he has a devoted audience.

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