“Apple is a secretive and protectionist beast most of the year but around September leaks and ‘pre-announcements’ appear to kick up the September launch cycle. Recently coming under fire for several years of ‘evolution’ rather than revolution, this September is an important one for Apple as pressure is on them to wow the world with big changes and updates for both the Apple Watch and iPhone,” Paul Armstrong writes for Forbes. “If Bloomberg is correct there will also be a social (Snapchat-esque) play being made sooner rather than later. My problem with this? People don’t need another Snapchat.”

“Despite only just getting a significant competitor with Instagram Stories, Snapchat remains king (at least for now) with the daily ‘this is my life’ social update arena,” Armstrong writes. “Apple is again late to a popular game (remember ‘News’) and unlikely to dislodge either Instagram or Snapchat soon unless significant interference is run (App store promo, marketing) or the product is just superior in ways most have yet to identify. Apple is wasting an opportunity here to make some bold moves with relatively little effort instead favouring to copy again.”

Armstrong writes, “Apple need to buy the augmented reality and discovery bods at a company like BlippAR.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Putting aside whether Apple needs to do either, what’s to preclude them from doing both concurrently?

Apple said to be creating its own Snapchat in social networking push – August 25, 2016