Apple needs to forget chasing Snapchat and go after the Augmented Reality industry

“Apple is a secretive and protectionist beast most of the year but around September leaks and ‘pre-announcements’ appear to kick up the September launch cycle. Recently coming under fire for several years of ‘evolution’ rather than revolution, this September is an important one for Apple as pressure is on them to wow the world with big changes and updates for both the Apple Watch and iPhone,” Paul Armstrong writes for Forbes. “If Bloomberg is correct there will also be a social (Snapchat-esque) play being made sooner rather than later. My problem with this? People don’t need another Snapchat.”

“Despite only just getting a significant competitor with Instagram Stories, Snapchat remains king (at least for now) with the daily ‘this is my life’ social update arena,” Armstrong writes. “Apple is again late to a popular game (remember ‘News’) and unlikely to dislodge either Instagram or Snapchat soon unless significant interference is run (App store promo, marketing) or the product is just superior in ways most have yet to identify. Apple is wasting an opportunity here to make some bold moves with relatively little effort instead favouring to copy again.”

Armstrong writes, “Apple need to buy the augmented reality and discovery bods at a company like BlippAR.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Putting aside whether Apple needs to do either, what’s to preclude them from doing both concurrently?

Apple said to be creating its own Snapchat in social networking push – August 25, 2016


  1. No, it doesn’t. AR/VR needs a lot of work and thought put into it before before anything beyond a narrow gaming application can bear fruit and take the world by storm. Eventually someone (the next billionaire) will come up with a mind blowing killer app idea that will seem obvious to everyone after the fact. But right now AR/VR has limited application in the real world.

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  2. Never mind all that. What Apple REALLY needs to do is face up to the truth — they are a company that make fashionable gadgets and toys.

    Apple computers have long been described as toys by tech experts, and Apple designers already copied Fisher-Price’s colours, so they have a flying start in the race against Hasbro (NASDAQ:HAS) and Mattell (NASDAQ:MAT).

    The toy market is ripe for disruption. Dolls, meh.

    Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) needs to make green plastic squirt guns because…

    (1) Apple’s recently proposed green squirt gun emoji generated more MDN comments than any other single topic, indicating profound interest by both general public and cognoscenti.

    (2) Emoji are exploding as a vehicle of expression, and are poised to dominate social media, particularly for the semi-literate, a large demographic.

    (3) The Pokémon Go phenomenon has spurred sales of Pokémon merchandise, demonstrating a marketing correlation between reality and augmented reality.

    (4) Along with a real squirt gun, 3D versions of Apple’s other emoji, like action figures and squeeze toys, could flesh out a full product line. Wall Street approves of diversification.

    (5) Apple’s emoji are bigger and brighter and animated in their OS upgrades coming very soon. A fresh merchandise tie-in could jump-start a historic marketing blitz — a green+yellow squirt gun BOGO promotion would be killer.

    (6) Knowing Apple, one would expect them to announce a high-end smart squirt gun with an exquisitely chamfered grip. The expected upsell would raise the ASP to as much as $4.50 or even $5.00.

    Why not?

      1. What?! — I still expect an onslaught of venture capitalists eager to mine my brain for insights about how to transcend or defeat Apple!!! I keep waiting… Surely they understand the dictum “Think Different?” Alas, no. It will be as it ever was, an obsession with the past, a blindness to the future, and a criminal neglect of the present.

  3. One thing to point out: Microsoft’s wrongly named ‘Hololens’ (it involves NO actual holography) has turned out to be only a half-hearted attempt at AR. It’s as if they have a laziness disease vector over there.

    I was ready to champion Hololens, a rare bout of enthusiasm for anything Microsoft on my part. But it’s just more Microshite. Shame.

    1. Typo. It’s (conceptually) hollow-lens.

      Actually, to their credit, MS are trying to put together an end-to-end concept and kick off the 4th gen PC. The problem is that Hololens gets nothing right which isn’t surprising as Apple designed the last two PC generations (UI & touch)

  4. BTW: For all the ‘mourning’ over Apple’s evolution, rather than revolution, WHO in the tech world right now is revolutionary about anything? Why does Apple have to be THE ONE that’s revolutionary?

    As we all know here, Tesla is the new THE ONE in tech. However, they have to actually make a reliable profit in order to have an Applesque future. Meanwhile, Apple continues to make a more than reliable profit, remaining the #1 company on the planet.

    1. Simple, the bleaters need to push Apple to design new products so the usual clueless copiers can steal those designs and throw a range of cheap fakes out. Then those bleaters can buy the cosmetic elements of Apples designs for less. Otherwise they wait forever for Samsung et al to come up with anything remote viable.

      1. You prod me to suspect that Apple buries their most earth shattering projects deep in their dungeons where no one can snoop and steal. That would certainly be a Jobsian thing to do. I hope that’s still the case. Therefore, the cry babies who wish Apple as still inventing everything new may wish to quiet down and wait until the soup is ready for public consumption. Meanwhile, go hassle some other companies to invent something new for a change. (Tesla, you’re exempt). I often enjoy pointing out General Electric, the Samsung of the USA. My head would explode if they invented something new… that worked.

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