Worldwide Q3 tablet shipments to increase over 16% YOY

“Global tablet shipments will bounce back 16.3% sequentially to reach nearly 47 million units in the third quarter, but the volume will still be down over 10% compared to the same quarter a year ago, showing the market is still in no condition of recovering, according to Digitimes Research,” Jim Hsiao reports for DigiTimes.

“Despite the absence of new models for the second half of 2016, Apple will see its tablet shipment dip only slightly on year to 9.5 million units in the third quarter thanks to steady demand for 9.7-inch iPad Pro,” Hsiao reports. “However, shipments by white-box tablet makers are expected to increase significantly to 18.5 million units in the third quarter on growing shipments to retail shops in the US and Europe and an easing in the supply of some key parts and components.”

“Samsung Electronics will see its shipment momentum fade during the peak season as its new entry-level and mid-range models will face increasing competition from China brands,” Hsiao reports. “Amazon will see its shipments decline in the third quarter due to product shifts in the quarter.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With iOS 10 right around the corner, Apple’s iPad is poised to return to unit sales growth.

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    1. I’m waiting for better multitasking. The long list of apps on the right is not useful. It’d be better if you could pin certain apps or dare I say a widget or two eg Twitter feed, weather, world clocks, timers etc.

      At the moment it just seems all that screen real isn’t being properly utilised.

  1. There’s a very good reason Cook stopped including sales and other figures at WWDC.
    Under Jobs the new iMac was big news, and Apple was happy to report stellar growth. That faded a bit and the iPod came along, and so on.
    With Cook, innovation has ground to a near halt, so there is nothing to talk about.
    New Mac “Pro”? Silence from Apple on sales.
    Apple Watch? Same. Analysts have to resort to guesswork.

    The Mac Pro tanked for the same reason a bad movie tanks at the box office. Word gets around that it’s rubbish and sales run off a cliff. Wifey likes her Watch but it sits awkwardly on her wrist as you’d expect a centemetre thick slab to do and is far too fiddly to be worth the absurd asking price.
    It’s very doubtful that iPad sales will go back up on the strength of iOS 10.

  2. Lies damn lies and statistics…

    Apple is doing much better than you think, if you only compare tablets priced $225 and above. That price is essentially the threshold where other OEMs could sell for theoretical zero profit but match Apple’s quality. It’s probably more like $250 or $275, but giving Android OEMs benefit of doubt (which they don’t deserve) just to illustrate a point.

    $50 tablets and even $150 tablets are worthless children’s toys, and by children i mean 4 years and under, bc even a 5 yr old will stop using a cruddy tablet in frustration.

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