Nike+ Running app update suggests Apple Watch 2 will sport GPS

“Following an update to the Nike+ app, which saw it expanded with new shopping features, the Nike+ Running app comes renovated with new features and functionality too,” PhoneArena reports.

“As of version 5.0, Nike+ Running becomes Nike+ Run Club and promises to deliver ‘everything you need to run better,'” PhoneArena reports. “The app tracks and stores users’ pace, distance, elevation, heart rate, and mile splits. It also integrates with the Apple Watch tightly to accomplish sourcing all this data.”

“Another interesting part is a hint in the app’s description pointing towards the release of a GPS-enabled Apple Watch,” PhoneArena reports. “The notes say that users can leave their phones at home and run with just the wearable.””

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait to take this app out for a run – especially with GPS-capable next-gen Apple Watches on our wrists!

More info and App Store download link for Nike+ Run Club here.


  1. Unfortunately, this is really just doing what other Apps like Runkeeeper and iSmoothRun already do – which is track your runs, heart rate and so on – minus GPS without the phone. Or you can choose to run with your phone if you want mapping and so on.

    Apps have been able to run independently of the Watch since 2.0 or a little after I think.

    (I just tried this too for a second to make sure and I was right)

  2. I hope AW2 will feature GPS/GLONASS chip, but I think it should be turned off by default (with easiy way to turn it on) since it kills the battery pretty quickly, as well as cellular chip. Reviews of smartwatches that have those features are complementary for the dreadful battery life those devices have.

  3. I always have my iPhone with me anyway so I don’t see the value of a battery killer GPS capable WATCH 2. As long as the GPS can be disabled it’s ok. Wonder what other features will be in the GPS WATCH 2 model that will make it more attractive than the non GPS model? 😕

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