Jim Cramer: Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘gets very little credit’

“Tim Cook is celebrating five years as the CEO of Apple this week,” Kaya Yurieff reports for TheStreet.

MacDailyNews Note: Steve Jobs resigned five years ago tomorrow.

“‘He gets very little credit for what he’s accomplished, I believe,’ TheStreet‘s Jim Cramer said on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street this morning,” Yurieff reports. “Cook ‘has a service stream revenue that’s going to be north of $28 billion next year… that people say he backed into,’ Cramer added. ‘Even something good, they say ‘well he didn’t intend on that.’ Hello is the guy not cerebral?’ Cramer asked… ‘I think that there’s opportunity. I think the service stream is a very lucrative earnings per share service stream, great margins.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last October:

Too many people do not realize how lucky we are that Tim Cook is CEO of Apple Inc. No matter what else Cook does, as long as he holds his ground on this issue [strong encryption], he’s one of the greatest CEOs in history. We need and are lucky to have a man with a strong backbone to stand up to this constant pressure from misguided government spies who’re hell bent on running roughshod over the U.S. Constitution and U.S. citizens’ rights.

If we have to wait a bit too long for too many Macs, endure counterproductive iPhone naming, perpetually half-baked Apple TVs, etcetera, we’ll do it because of the above (while prodding Cook to do better in those areas).

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    1. Mac (ironic name)

      So who would replace TC? Who Exactly?

      You have no right to bitch if you don’t have a viable solution. And by the looks of it…… You are an empty shell.

      …. By the way Apple products and services are purchased in insanely large quantities every minute of every day worldwide…….

      What have you built, or run, where you can say the same?

  1. As a Apple watcher since their earliest days. I don’t feel lucky. In fact these days I feel the company is stagnant for the first time in a very long time. Not saying it is all Tim Cook, but he seems more interested in politics than innovating much.

    The Apple Watch was said to be Tim’s first big product and its not doing that great.

    Cook is NOT the best CEO on the planet! He was a good guy to keep the ship running straight, that got lucky when Jobs left him the company to run!

    1. I’m not sure why everyone is buying into that Samsung-paid line that Apple Watch is doing poorly.

      All the third-party estimates claim that Apple Watch is thoroughly dominating wearable category. It is outselling all of the competition combined, by unit sales, and especially by revenue / profit. I can’t figure out, exactly how many is Apple expected to have sold so far in order for the device to be called a success? No other device on the planet has sold in those numbers for the first weekend and first month; not a Blackberry phone, not a Samsung phone, not a Motorola RAZR (one of the most popular and iconic products of the millennium). Only the iPhone’s various models have outsold Apple Watch in the first month after launch. And even there, the Apple Watch outsold the original iPhone in its first year (by a factor of two!). It took one day for Apple Watch to outsell all Android wearables’ full year of sales (!!).

      Today, it is quite necessary for many of those “analysts” and “tech journalists” (quotation marks intentional) to write critically about Apple, for a fairly logical reason. Apple (AAPL) is now the world’s largest company by market cap, and is clearly most successful, most profitable, incredibly agile. It is no longer the favoured rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-riches underdog story; it is the big Goliath of tech and therefore needs to be taken down by a peg or two. So, if the inherent narrative doesn’t help, you make up a new narrative that fits. Hence, the Apple Watch “flop”.

      But at least those who read these pages should know by now the inherent narrative: Apple Watch was (and still is) a success literally ALL other tech companies in wearables are having wet dreams about.

      1. We also have to remember that the Apple Watch we know, and that by all accounts is selling in huge numbers, was probably designed about three years ago (and we saw it for the first time *two full years ago* this fall). Astonishing.

        What will Apple be able to pack into that form-factor this fall?
        Next fall?
        And again, and again.

        We’ll all be wearing Apple Watches eventually.

  2. What credit? What’s he done? No Mac updates in awhile no Mac Pro updates in years after a stupid trash can looking Mac Pro failed.
    Pushes iPad Pro as the future of computing. Sure for kids and seniors and such but I need power I do video converting and editing. My iMac core i7 3ghz is not fast enough when it comes to hevc encoding. And the latest iMac are not any faster then mine that is 3 years old. What they been doing for the last 3 years????

    Please Steve was million times the ceo Tim cock is.

    1. Steve may have been million times the CEO (although it is quite easy today all the flops during his time: hockey puck mouse, G4 Cube, Mobile.Me…), but that statement still doesn’t say much.

      With respect to the Cook vs. Jobs, one could argue that it was Jobs’s stubbornness on the small-screen iPhone that held Apple back and allowed Samsung to swoop in on the phablet and large phone size. Only after Jobs died, and Cook finally decided to ignore the ‘What would Steve do” philosophy, did we get the record-shattering iPhone 6 / 6+. And it was such a profound record shattering that it actually set Apple up for a first year-over-year decline in sales a year later. And I have a feeling that those who bought 6 / 6+ two years ago are now going to replace it with 7 / 7+, creating another record-breaking quarter.

      Steve Jobs was a most unique (and effective CEO), and any comparison to him is pointless — everyone else loses. Let us see how Cook compares to the rest of the industry. I can’t think of another name that deserves meaningful praise.

      1. And keep in mind that Steve Jobs, despite his genius, had a lot of growing up to do in the early days of Apple. He returned to Apple incredibly wiser and far more amenable to the eternal learning curve. IOW: He wasn’t born that way.

  3. Steve Jobs could have chosen anyone to run his beloved Apple and he chose Tim. Do you really believe anyone posting here knows more about what’s best for Apple than Steve did?

  4. Let’s keep things in perspective. Hasn’t Apple grown something like 5-fold under Cook’s tenure? Their products are still best in class. They’re working on a freaking car.

    What does Samsung offer that Apple doesn’t? A slightly curved screen that serves no purpose, and mild waterproofing ability so you can pour champagne on your phone like an idiot.

    1. So? Jobs implemented iTunes and the App store. After his passing, Cook has been collecting the proceeds. He has primarily taken that money and dumped it into circular offices, Beats, overpaid executives, and stock buybacks. His one grand product introduction has been an ugly watch which remains an accessory, not a necessity.

      Meanwhile, what best-in-class innovations has Apple offered in any of its legacy products? Has software quality and usability improved? Has Apple increased its market share or critical praise on any of them?


      1. Some actually say Tim Cook is doing a better job running Apple than the late Steve Jobs would. Easy to posture & conjecture on what Jobs would have done, but it may not have been better, just different. And Jobs held back on the larger iPhone sizes that led to huge increased sales. Tim did not. It’s the next 5 years that will tell the Cook tale as CEO at Apple, not the ones since Jobs passing.


        1. Keep waiting for a real Mac Pro, Peter.

          You are the one saying “what Jobs would have done”.

          I don’t know what Jobs would have done, there is no use in speculating. What I am saying is that Cook hasn’t delivered new innovative, user-friendly products at the rate the _competition_ is. Apple prices are high, components and performance out of date, and key products abruptly discontinued or degraded. All this despite the fact that Jobs created a monster money-printing machine so Cook has no resource constraints.

          Maybe Cook wants to blow his R&D budget on cars or Jony’s pet projects, fine. Legacy Mac customers will seek their computer hardware with a company that actually cares about delivering best performance and value to their customers.

          1. Yes the Mac Pro, for me, is the only area that effects me personally I find misguided and inadequate. The current Mac Pro is fine for those that can appreciate it’s design advantages (mostly being vewy vewy qwuiet) but a tower option should not have gone by the wayside for differing needs.

            There are other niggling small things but under Jobs even there were always little “niggling things.” The competition has BIG niggling things.

            So tell me pray tell what the competition has delivered that is “new innovative, user-friendly products”? I haven’t seen anything other than variations of what Apple has already done and continues to improve on that are worth a damn. I wish people here would provide evidence and not just specious hearsay that goes nowhere.

            Only my pro needs aren’t being met, everything else is fine. I don’t want to leave the Apple ecosystem even there but a pro’s gotta do what a pro’s gotta do.

            1. An advantage of leaving the Apple ecosystem is RELIEF from corrosive Apple cynicism. A disadvantage will be dealing with system hangs, waiting two years for driver updates, fixing your parents’ computers every week, etc. I’ve driven both sides of the road and have concluded that the digital State of Bliss exists, and always existed, entirely in our defective memory.

    1. Did we run out of people who understand and can write about technology?

      Or is this about slave wage labor in tech journalism? Maybe anyone who actually understands the tech can bet a far better paying job elsewhere.

      Or is this hubris where lots of people ‘claim’ to be tech savvy but aren’t?

      It didn’t used to be this way. Now it’s a sort of rural minefield where ~90% is cow plop. Be happy when you find a place to step that isn’t 🐂💩.

  5. What has Tim Cooke done? He’s got this LONG time Apple user for the first time in my life considering buying a PC. UGHHH!!!!!!!!! He made your Mac not upgradable, soldered memory on the board and continues to be obsessed with thinner, even though people have continually stated they don’t want thinner.

    Really who needs a thin desktop computer they can’t upgrade? Does my desk think thin is working for it?

    He’s made towers so horribly expensive only a professional can afford it.

    Now I don’t even look forward to new product announcements, because there really is no “One more thing” of any excitement.

    He puts out buggy updates and software that Steve would have never allowed out the door. Tim is king of putting out Beta software as retail ready.

    This guy is a nightmare, he had a road map provided by Steve before his death and he drove the train off the rails.

  6. Cook is horrible. Sure the iPhone big screens but for all we know Steve Had it in the works I don’t know.
    I hate that I have to buy a 27in iMac in order to upgrade it. Mac Pro is out if most people’s leagues. Mac mini no longer can be upgraded.

    He has turned apple into a iOS company and left the computer behind. And oh the Apple TV 4. Big deal Amazon had the fire tv with voice search what 2 years before the Apple TV 4?

    Granted the Apple TV has s few things but in reality they were late to the game. And from reviews Siri still needs work.

    That and Tim would rather go out promoting Clinton and gay pride then get his ass to work on new macs that don’t need a dozen cables carried with them in order to do more then power it.

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