How to find something good to watch on Apple TV

“Apple is working to create a fantastic programming guide for Apple TV, but this isn’t available just yet,” Jonny Evans writes for “I took a look at three currently available Apple TV apps that are designed to help you find good things to watch.”

“Researchers claim we already spend 4.9 days each year looking for something to watch on our TV. This can only get to be a greater challenge as more apps and more channels appear, if the future of TV is apps, does it mean we have to spend even more time looking for good things to watch?” Evans writes. “Here we take a glance at three apps that may help you find better movies faster: Celluloid, Gyde and Stories.”

Evans writes, “There are pros and cons to all three services at present, but between them they clearly show the way to a more community based sharing culture in which anything should be available to anyone, anywhere and at any time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Content discovery is one of the most vexing problems with “TV” today. We have a lot further to go. Hopefully Apple is primed to take us there soon!

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  1. i got an apple tv in january, have no more cable tv. i really like it a lot but like you say, i’ve find it to be so difficult to overview large bundles of content the way you would scan a written page before reading. you’re too zoomed in ..i see some trees but no forest. also, i’ve realized after dropping tw cable tv that i really used it a lot like a babysitter. on a lot but not really watching. now, my watching is more deliberate and i think my life is better served because of it.

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